GGS-Chapter 18 Unknown Species

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In the backyard, Su Jing covered the garbage with black plastic to avoid being seen by Old Zhang and his construction workers.

To Su Jing, there are some regrets and some luck. The whirlpool did not appear in the early morning today and there was no garbage falling down. Unfortunately, he was not able to get more garbage. Fortunately, it was because of the fear that too much garbage could not be hidden by itself, which will lead to the discovery of anomalies by Old Zhang and others.

Su Jing opened the corner of the black plastic and searched in the garbage heap. In fact, Su Jing has roughly turned over this pile of garbage. There was almost nothing invisible, even if it was lit up, but in case of any omission, it would be better to cover it up. If he had guessed it correctly, then this pile of garbage should come from the world of One Piece. The hot shell is a unique item in the world of One Piece and other garbage is also consistent with the world of One Piece.

Su Jing first picked out a large number of wooden boards and moved them all into the kitchen, which reduced the whole pile of garbage by more than three-quarters. Su Jing checked that the boards were rotten to such an extent that even purple Sandalwood was worthless. Moreover, these were not precious timber. Normal ships could not use precious timber, so they could only be used as firewood.

Su Jing rummaged through the rest of the garbage, piling up the rusty iron sheets and so on for selling them later. Although there is super-high technology in the world of One Piece, there are only a few such technologies. In fact, the overall technology development is low and the smelting technology of iron is not as good as that of the earth. These pieces of broken iron that Su Jing collected does not have much value.

Su Jing picked up what looked like a long gun during the Anti-Japanese War. It should be the weapon used by the Navy in the One Piece World. He wanted to see if it can be used. If it can be used as a shotgun then its good. The gun actually broke into two pieces directly from a rusty position. Su Jing was speechless and could only separate the iron and wood parts and part of the scrap iron was burnt.

Su Jing carefully looked through it over and over again and then found that, in addition to the hot shell that was picked before, the remaining garbage is not as valuable. This garbage was real garbage.

“Eh, what is this?”

Su Jing suddenly noticed that there was a stone on the ground just after turning over the garbage dump.

It is as big as loquat core, dark green, half of which are trapped in the soil, a white green bud is exposed outside, it seems vigorous.

“What kind of seed is this? Pipa? Litchi? It doesn’t look like it.”

Su Jing compared all the fruit trees in the yard, all of them were not right, even with all the seeds he had seen, the seed he was seeing was not familiar.

Su Jing can’t help but jump, is this seed from the world of One Piece?

“Let’s Cultivate it first and when it grows up, I will naturally know what it is.”

Su Jing dug a hole in the ground, buried the seeds, only revealing the buds and then found a tattered basket, which covered the seeds upside down, and nailed four pillars around the basket to firmly hold the basket. This is to protect the seeds, to avoid accidental stepping on, or being hit by things, or being eaten by birds, there are a lot of holes in the basket for ventilation and sunshine.

After doing this, Su Jing carefully examined all the garbage again and once again confirmed that there was nothing of value, so he called people to collect the scrap iron, then threw away the rags, weeds and so on and clean up the backyard.

Seven days later.

The yard wall has been built to a height of six meters and the old house has been completely repaired and renewed.

It has to be said that Old Zhang’s group is really efficient. Of course, there is no lack of money temptation. Su Jing said that if they could shorten the time by half, he would pay double their wages, shorten the time by two third and he will increase it to three times, so the group was desperately accelerating. In the end, Su Jing did pay them three times their wages. Of course, the vast majority of the expenses were on building materials, which totaled 150,000 yuan. Old Zhang and others left happily. They also said that he must find them again for anything he wants to build in the future and that they will give him a 10% discount.

But to Su Jing’s dismay, the courtyard was completely built and the whirlpool never appeared again, He wondered if something was wrong.

These days, Su Jing has eaten Magical Beast meat every day and cooked it with the hot shell. His appetite has increased. He exercises every day and his body is getting stronger and stronger. Now he can easily do 300 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, 100 pull-ups, and go up every day. The muscular lines of his body are becoming more symmetrical and coordinated and his height has also increased from 1.72 to 1.73 meters.

In addition, Su Jing would go to the seaside every day to catch some fish with the Magical Beast meat as bait and would cook several dishes to invigorate Great Seafood Restaurant and take care of uncle’s home business, so Su Jing earned about 10,000 yuan a day.

“Come for dinner.”

Su Jing took a large basin of fish and went to the yard and shouted.

Suddenly, two Dragon Li Cat, one golden eagle, three parrots, two puppies, several birds…and many small animals came running.

Many of them were attracted by the fragrance when Su Jing cooked Magical Beast meat. After they came, Su Jing did not make them leave and took them all, but not all of them were fed Magical Beast meat. Small Dragon Li Cat and Golden Eagle were fed more, others were fed less and more often he would feed them with fish.

Su Jing threw out some little barracuda. The two Dragon Li Cats sniffed it and looked at Su Jing slightly dissatisfied, but they bowed their heads and ate it. The parrots and puppies also ate it, but apparently, they were not happy. The Golden Eagle glanced at Su Jing and did not eat at all. He flew down to Su Jing’s shoulder and stared at Su Jing.

After these days of domestication, Su Jing has become the owner of The Golden eagle and it had become very dependent upon Su Jing and its body has grown a lot, Su Jing measured the wingspan from 0.9 meters to 1.2 meters and its eyes are brighter and sharper and its hair is even brighter. It makes people love it at first sight.

“Well, why does it seem that there is another bird missing?”

Su Jing adopted a flock of birds, but it felt like one or two birds were missing every day for two or three days.

These birds, after eating Magical Beast meat, should be reluctant to leave. Did they get eaten by Cats and Dogs or golden eagles?

“Did you eat the birds?”?

Su Jing asked pointing at the animals, but of course, there was no answer.

Su Jing also had no intention of being a detective for a few birds. Maybe the bird just flew away. He took a shower and walked to the basket and filled it with water. He sprinkled some water on the newly grown bud which has reached the height of one meter. It drilled out from the hole in the basket. At first glance, it looked like a vine, but it did not need to attach itself to anything. It stood upright, green and waved in the wind.

Su Jing checked the Internet, but could not find the corresponding plant. He was worried that he would be investigated if he posted a picture of the plant online.

Su Jing sprinkles some water on the vines. This is what he must do every day. Su Jing suddenly moved his nose and smelled something. He looked around. When his sight fell into the basket, he was stunned.