GGS-Chapter 17 Restoration

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After lunch, Shi-Qing took Zhou Xian and his disciples to other places for sightseeing.

Su Jing stopped steamed fish because he was tired. He just tried to cook to see how effective the hot shell was. But he didn’t want to be a cook all the time. After his initial curiosity, he was not interested.

“A’Jing, here’s your money.” Su Zhenhong stuffed a stack of 100 pieces into Su Jing’s hand.

“So much?” Su Jing is stunned. Although there are not many, it is estimated that there should be about 10,000 yuan.

“Oh, you deserve it. The fish and shrimp you sent are worth thousands of yuan. In addition, your signature dishes are selling very well. They indirectly drive the business in the store. Strictly speaking, I also took advantage of them. We also made a lot of money.” Su Zhenhong laughed and said in a good mood. In addition to giving Su Jing more than 10,000 yuan, they also earned thousands of yuan. Although today’s situation is rather special and they may not make such a good profit in the future, it’s still a good start.

“Then I’ll take it, uncle, aunt, and sister-in-law. I’ll go first.” Su Jing stuffed the large stack of money into his trousers pocket and was stopped by Su Liang and Su Xiaolin as soon as he walked out of the seafood store.

“A’Jing, let’s go fishing together, let us borrow your good fortune.” Su Liang said bitterly that they had a very small harvest today. After deducting fuel and some wastage, there was not much left. Carefully calculating, everyone’s labor costs were pitifully low.

“Er… I can’t be lucky every time. Su Jing is a little speechless.

“If you can catch another tuna, it will not only make a lot of money but also block the mouth of some doubters. Once the news is spread, it will make our tourism industry develop better.” Su Liang said.

“I’m not going. You think tuna can be caught if you say it’s caught.” After the last tuna incident, Su Jing did not dare to mess up with the Magical Beast meat anymore. Instead, Su Jing was being extra careful in using it. Imagine if Magical Beast meat attracted sharks or even a large group of killer whales, everyone would die. As for some people’s doubts, Su Jing is not so foolish to go all out for the doubts of these outsiders.

“Moreover, even if we catch tuna, it can only cause a short-term tourist population increase, it is not a long-term solution. We have some overfishing on the seashore, so it will gradually dry up. One or two harvests will not change the overall situation. Have you considered these? Su Jing said.

“…” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin were silent for a while, wondering where they could manage so much.

“If you want to make money and grow in the long run, I have an idea.” Su Jing glanced at Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others.

“A’Jing, what’s your idea?” Su Liang’s eyes lit up as he thought that Su Jing had more ideas than they had ever had.

“I want to build a mariculture farm, even a large fishing farm. The quality and ecological environment of our seawater is very good, and it is suitable for the survival of all kinds of fish. Of course, it needs a lot of money. It can only start at a very young age. You can invest together, and then we will share the money proportionally. Or I can invest on my own, and I’ll give you a fixed salary.” Su Jing said lightly.

“A’Jing, are you real?” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin are a bit dumbfounded. How much would it cost to make a fish farm? What if they lose money? In their minds, they have to get fixed wages. They really don’t want to take risks and invest. They prefer not to do it. After all, there are old people and young people in their family. If they lose all their money, how can they support their families?

“It’s only a plan for the time being, but it shouldn’t be long before I can put it into effect. Let’s think about it first.”  Su Jing left Su Liang and others who are still stunned and went home. In fact, yesterday he came up with the idea of building a mariculture farm, but unlike ordinary farms, he will use the Magical Beast meat to attract various fishes. He is really sorry that he didn’t make full use of the Magical Beast meat. When the fishing ground is built, it will make up for the shortcomings of insufficient manpower and the danger of going to sea. Su Jing can capture a lot of fishes. Not only can Su Jing make a lot of money, but he can also drive the economy of the whole village.

Of course, Su Jing can’t carry out the plan now. Although he has earned more than 100,000 yuan in these two days and it may look like a lot but after rebuilding the old house and yard, he estimated that there will be nothing left. How can he build farms in that condition?

Upon returning to his house, he saw a strong middle-aged man standing at the door. Su Jing recognized that he was Old Zhang that Uncle Ying mentioned. He lived in the Zhang Family Village. He was a very famous architect in the vicinity and a first-class designer. He also had first-class wall-building skills and was a contractor.

“Hello, Uncle Zhang.” Su Jing shouted enthusiastically.

“You are A’Jing.” Old Zhang laughed.

“Yes, Uncle Zhang, please.” Su Jing took Old Zhang into the room and made him a cup of tea.

“A’Jing, listen to Old Ying saying that you want to rebuild this old house and a yard, I come over, how do you want to fix it?” Old Zhang asked.

“The house needs only simple construction, that is, replacing several rotten pillars, repairing the roof, and brushing the walls inside and outside. As for the courtyard, I just want to raise the wall. Su Jing said.

“These are all easy to handle. I’ll take a closer look and estimate the price carefully. Now the preliminary estimate is that the house will cost about 30,000. As for the backyard, it depends on how high of a wall you want, two meters or three meters?” Old Zhang said.

“Well…” Su Jing estimated the height of the vortex in midair and said, “Six meters.”

“Six meters?” Old Zhang was dumbfounded. Don’t talk about the country. Even in the city, nobody built the fence six meters high, right? This is not a prison wall, nor an ancient city wall. Why is it so high?

“Can’t you build it?” Su Jing asked.

“It’s not impossible, but building a six-meter high wall will require a greater foundation and the pillars can’t be sloppy as compared to the walls of two meters or so, the price is more than three times as simple. Your courtyard is very big. This circle of six-meter wall is built, I’m afraid it’s not lower than the price of building a house. Are you sure you want to build it so high?” Old Zhang couldn’t understand Su Jing’s idea at all. He was afraid that Su Jing would regret it when it was finished.

“Sure, I just think it will look more prestigious to build a higher wall. You can estimate the price. I’ll pay you the down payment now.” Su Jing also understood Old Zhang’s concerns and offered to pay the down payment in advance.

“Well, let’s see.” Old Zhang first examined the old house carefully, then took out a ruler to measure the yard size, calculated it on paper for a while, and then said, “Preliminary estimate is 150,000 yuan, then we have to look at the material and labor costs.”

“…” Su Jing is dumbfounded, He wants so much. It’s only in the countryside. However, carefully calculating the circle of walls that will be built, the need for bricks and other material and the length itself is estimated to be more than 100 square meters, so the calculation seems similar. Besides, Old Zhang has a good reputation in this area. He was introduced by Uncle Ying, so he should not fool him.

“150,000 is 150,000, lets build it. I only have one request. I have only one requirement. Build the courtyard first. It’s faster. If we can finish the work as soon as possible, I don’t mind adding more money.” Su Jing immediately finalized the deal with Old Zhang and paid him the first 50,000 yuan.

The next day Uncle Ying brought in a lot of bricks, cement, sand, and other materials. Old Zhang, with a group of people, began to build fences quickly

As for Su Jing, He is sorting the garbage from the One Piece World.