EPHS-Chapter 98 Reward

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Although there were a few surprises, the engagement ceremony between Tenraku and Rias was ultimately a success.

The guests and the hosts were happy, and the representatives of each family left one after another as the ceremony ended.

“Kamiya Tenraku, I look forward to the day when I will compete with you.”

“Ah, me too.”

“Hā Hā Hā Hā Hā……”

With a high fighting spirit, Tenraku and Sairaorg laughed at the same time.

“You are indeed the miracle of the Phenex family, Kamiya Tenraku, the House of Agares welcomes you at any time. If you have time, come and enjoy yourself in our territory.”

“Ah, definitely…”

After shaking his hand, Seekvaira did not hide her admiration for Tenraku.

It was getting late and Sairaorg and Seekvaira said goodbyes, and then walked into the Teleporting Formation with their respective Peerages.

“President Sona, we don’t need to say anything more, right? See you at school.”

Looking at Sona and her Peerages at the end, Tenraku smiled towards them as he spoke.

With a smile on her lips, Sona gave Tenraku and Rias, who were holding hands, an ambiguous glance and left the Gremory house with her Peerage without saying anything.

When all the guests were finally sent away, Tenraku and Rias looked at each other and both let out a long breath with a feeling of exhaustion, entertaining guests is simply more tiring than a real battle.

“Rias, from now on you will be my true betrothed and wife.”

Tenraku smiled as he spoke to Rias while holding her cheek.

Rias’s cheek turned slightly red when she heard Tenraku’s words, but there was also a hint of sweetness in her heart.

Life is really fickle and full of accidents. Obviously, the two of them had agreed upon that before but there would be a Rating Game between them. But now, they agree to be married without any conditions.

However, this seems to be also good……

“Mihae, how are you feeling?”

Tenraku asked as he walked into the room and looked at Mihae who was being taken care of by the Yubelluna and the other girls.

“I’m okay, so don’t worry, Tenraku-Sama.”

With her face still a little pale, the young girl hurriedly stood up and bowed to Tenraku.

Although she has recovered from her physical injuries, the Magic Power in her body has been exhausted and she is still feeling a little weak, and Tenraku takes the girl into his arms when he saw her figure faltering.

“Ah, you made me worry.”

“You put yourself in danger without my permission. You are not qualified to be my Peerage.”

“Tenraku-sama, Mihae…”

Tenraku spoke with a serious expression on his face and Yubelluna and Tosca who heard his words anxiously wanted to intercede for Mihae, but they were stopped by Tenraku’s cold eye.

“Tenraku-Sama, I…I…”

Biting her lips, Mihae fell into Tenraku’s arms with a look of shame.

The atmosphere was tense and just when Yubelluna and the other girls thought that Mihae would be punished, Tenraku suddenly smiled at her:

“However, you saved Yubelluna and Tosca and you did a good job.”

Tenraku gently stroked the girl’s hair and he was affectionate in his actions.

Mihae could have teleported herself when they were attacked by Diodora, but she chose to save her sisters. 

Although Tenraku was a little upset that Mihae put herself in danger, but if he really blamed this girl who ignored her own safety for the sake of her sisters then it would be a problem with him as a King!


The sudden change in Tenraku’s expression made the girl stunned, but after feeling the gentle emotions in his eyes, Mihae couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Yubelluna, Tosca, and the other girls on one side also breathed out a long sigh of relief but they were confused. They had thought that Tenraku-Sama was really angry, and now they can’t help but laugh at themselves.

“Mihae, what reward do you want?”

He has never been stingy with his Peerage and Mihae did a very good job this time. So, Tenraku decided to reward her, but the girl shook her head and said that she didn’t need any reward.

“That’s not good, since you don’t say anything, I will decide for you…”

With the corners of his mouth slightly raised and behaving in an extremely domineering manner, Tenraku lowered his head and kissed the girl’s pink lips.

With her beautiful eyes getting wide and a red face, Mihae thought that Tenraku-Sama’s reward was too shameful, but there was a touch of sweetness in her heart, and she responded instinctively.

Yubelluna and the other girls smiled at each other and quietly exited the room, leaving space for them.

“Mihae, when we return to Human World, you will come to bed with Yubelluna and others.”

Tenraku let go of the girl after a long time, and then leaned over to the girl’s ear and whispered.

Mihae looked at her domineering master obsessively with a drunken expression on her face:

“Yes, Tenraku-Sama…”

“How about it, Venelana, our little Tenraku is not bad, right?”

Elegantly sipping black tea, the Phenex Madam said with a chuckle, and she couldn’t help but show a trace of pride on her beautiful face when Tenraku was mentioned.

“He is indeed a nice little guy, he is barely worthy of our Rias.”

Her beautiful eyes flashed as the Gremory Madam nodded and turned back.

“I can’t behave that I didn’t hear what you said just now. Is our excellent little Tenraku just barely worthy of the Gremory princess?”

“That’s natural, our Rias is the best.”

“Oh… but I think our little Tenraku is the one who is best.”

“Rias is.”

“Little Tenraku is.”

“Rias is.”

“Little Tenraku is.”

The two noble duke madams are bickering against each other like little childrens. They don’t even care if they are heard by anyone. Although they are smiling at each other, they are all-powerful. 

The maids standing on both sides are cold and sweaty and nervous. They are scared of what would happen if these two noble madams fight.

The two women looked at each other with fierce expressions on their faces, the whole room was terribly quiet, until after a long time, the two madams lost their momentum and they laughed at the same time——

“Hē Hē Hē hehe…”

“As expected of the former ‘Madame of Extinction’, Venelana, you are still so strong.”

“You are not the same. Tenraku is obviously not your own child, but you still protect him like this.”

“Tamako entrusted little Tenraku to me, he is just like my own child.”

“Tamako… I miss you a little bit…”

“But having said that, your little princess and little Tenraku seem to have an agreement, right?”

“Ah… They are all rebellious little guys, but they have captured each other’s hearts before the agreement is completed. Afterward, I could see an interesting expression on Rias’s face.”

“Ara Ara, even your own daughter is playing tricks on you, Venelana, you are getting worse and worse.”

“Occasionally letting my daughter make fun of her mother, isn’t this also my duty as a mother?”

“Oh… after you said that, I want to try it a little bit…”

“Hē Hē Hē hehe…”

Tenraku and Rias thought that they were perfectly hiding their conversations. In fact, their little secrets have long been known, and the two boring mothers are still discussing with great interest how to open them…

To be continued…

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