EPHS-Chapter 95 Diodora’s Revenge

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There was no way to hide, absolutely no way to hide, no matter if it was Yubelluna or the other defeated girls, all of them looked pale.


At the critical moment, Mihae clasped her hands together and desperately urged the Magic Power in her body, she then pushed her palms away and aimed in the direction of Yubelluna and Tosca. The Magic Power was transferred and transmitted, and the figures of the two women disappeared in a flash.

Seeing the Magic Power Light Arrow shooting down densely, Mihae showed a relieved smile on her face——

As long as her sisters are safe…


Hōng Hōng Hōng Boom Boom!!!!!

In the next moment, Mihae, Semiria, and two Bishop girls were all submerged in the torrent of Magic Powered Light Arrows…


Outside the other dimension, looking at Diodora’s hideous laughing appearance in the projection, the whole venue was in an agitated uproar.

 “How, how this, even their own Peerage ……”


“Diodora that Bastard!”

Gasper had an unbelievable look on his face while Asia covered her lips with her hand and there were tears in her eyes, and Rias on one side stood up with fury in her beautiful eyes.

The other girls also had ugly looks on their faces. As the King, Diodora launched a sneak attack on the enemy Peerage but he even included his own peerage in that attack ad he didn’t even care about them. Although Diodora’s actions did not violate any rules, they were quite despicable.!

Seekvaira, Sona, and Shinra Tsubaki who were watching the match were all looking at the screen with a disgusted expression on their faces, and even Sairaorg, who was next to them, clenched his fists, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

It is so sad that such a guy can become the next head of the Astaroth family, and become a noble that is admired and worshipped by the people of Underworld.

Although he had the urge to teach Diodora a lesson, the corner of Sairaorg’s mouth raised slightly, and he felt that he shouldn’t need to do that for someone would be doing just that in a short time…

In the different Dimension Space, as the dust and smoke dissipated, the picture became clear again.

Semiria and the two Bishop girls have disappeared. They should have been teleported out after being hit hard, and another figure appeared in the place where Mihae was originally located——

It is Tenraku!

Tenraku gently stroked the girl’s hair, while Mihae was lying bloodied in Tenraku’s arms.

“Tenraku-Sama, I…I…”

With a look of shame, Mihae wanted to say something, but it was Tenraku who blocked her lips with his finger.

“You have done well, Mihae.”

“Go out and get some rest, I’ll make him pay you back a hundred times over ……”

Tenraku leaned in the girl’s ear and whispered a few words, and a smile of relief appeared on Mihae’s face, then her figure turned into light dust as she was teleported out.

Lài Lài Lài…

Karlamine and Xuelan also appeared one after another, and Yubelluna and Tosca, who had been teleported by Mihae in an emergency, also rushed back, and the women gathered behind Tenraku, all looking at Diodora in the air with immense anger in their heart.

“Yubelluna, you guys can go out too, just leave it to me.”

Slowly standing up, Tenraku calmly said.

They have followed Tenraku for a long time, and all the girls know that Tenraku is angry. Although Tenraku did not show anything on his face at this time, the invisible aura made the girls shiver involuntarily.

“Hai, Tenraku-Sama.”

Absolutely obeying Tenraku’s orders, Yubelluna’s Magic Staff started the teleporting Magic, and all the girls disappeared without a trace in a flash.

Although it is a pity that they could not retaliate against Diodora, their Master will take their share together from him!

The breeze blew up the dust, Tenraku also raised his head to look at Diodora in the air, and his dark eyes flashed with light-like sharpness.

“Kamiya Tenraku!!!”

Filled with bitterness and hatred, Diodora’s eyes flashed with anger.

Whether it was the matter of the bet or the matter of him letting his Peerage leave, Tenraku’s actions were a deep insult to him. It was as if Tenraku did not put him in his eyes at all!

Although this is indeed the case…

“You know, Diodora, you are guilty.”

“This time, I won’t let you off easily…”

Looking at Diodora, Tenraku said calmly.

“Won’t let me off easily?”


As if he had heard a big joke, Diodora laughed upward, then looked at Tenraku with endless hideousness in his eyes:

“Kamiya Tenraku, I have cursed you and hated you every single day, and I have waited for this day for too long!”

“It’s not that you won’t let me go today, it’s that I won’t let you go!!!”

Thinking of the shame that the other party had brought to him, thinking of the thing that the other party took away from him, Diodora’s hatred is rising every moment.

He just wants to do one thing to Tenraku, Get Revenge! Revenge!! Revenge!!!

“A mere defeated general dares to speak out.”

With a sneer, Tenraku’s eyes flashed with a light of Evil Eye, and the Sacred Gear’s power was instantly activated——

Evil Eye that Stops the World- Forbidden Balor View!

However, the next moment–


Diodora laughed sarcastically and maniacally in the air, while Tenraku frowned.

Evil Eye’s ability activated normally, and Diodora’s time was frozen to a halt, but to Tenraku’s surprise, his own time had just been frozen to a halt as well!

“Kamiya Tenraku, did you really think that the same move would still work on me?!”

“Obviously, you are still that same trash that couldn’t even awaken his Bloodline, but you have that powerful Sacred Gear. You hid so deeply, how unfair destiny is!”

“I know every single Sacred Gear you’ve taken over the years, and I know every ability you have!”

To be continued…

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