EPHS-Chapter 94 Natural Results

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Boom!! Hōng Hōng Hōng!!!

The Peerage’s battle continued, and the town, which was originally full of tall buildings, was on fire, and there were traces of destruction everywhere from the Peerage’s battle.

“Iron Rod, stretch!”

Lunging forward, Mira gave a soft cry, and the Ruyi Fine Iron Rod in her hand quickly stretched out, and then fiercely stabbed his opponent’s abdomen.

“Ahh ……”

With a miserable scream, the Pawn girl who was fighting with Mira spit out blood and hit a wall, and the entire wall was cracked like a spider web, and then the girl fell back to the ground with a bang.

The Iron Rod in her hand was swept back to its original state and Mira was also panting a little, but her delicate and lovely face was filled with joy and excitement——

Great, Tenraku-Sama, Mira finally won this fight for you!

Looking at Ile and Nel not far away, Mira was going to support them but the battle over there is coming to an end, and her support is no longer needed.

“Hehehe…Two beautiful Elder Sisters, now we are going to disintegrate you!”

“Disintegration! Disintegration! Disintegration!”

Looking condescendingly at the two opponents who were lying on the ground, the two chainsaws Loli had cold and evil smiles on their faces, and then under the horrified look of the enemy Pawn girls, they waved the chainsaw and slashed at them.

There was no imagined bloody picture, the chainsaw stopped an inch in front of the two Pawn girls’ foreheads, but the two girls’ eyes rolled over and they were so scared that they fainted.

“His Royal Highness Diodora’s Three [Pawn], Retire.”


Grayfia’s voice sounded in the different dimension space again, and Ile and Nel also grinned and made a victory gesture towards Mira who was on the side…

“Maliu, Burent, Shuriya, are you all right?”

On a dilapidated building, Ni and Li looked at the three sisters who were sitting on the ground with a concerned expression on their faces.

“Ah, we are fine.”

After some rest, the three girls also stood up. Although they were in a bad condition because of all the injuries but the girls’ faces still showed uncontrollable joy when they looked at the several nuns lying on one side in a pool of blood.

They won!

“His Royal Highness Diodora’s Three [Pawn], Retire.”

The fighting nuns in the pool of blood dissipated as light and dust, and the voice of Grayfia rang in the air again…


Qiāng Qiāng!! Qiāng Qiāng!!!

The entire ground of the huge square was covered with a staggered and crisscrossing sword mark, while four figures were intertwining and colliding against each other in the air at great speed.


At a certain moment, this long-lasting sword showdown finally ended, and four girls appeared in the square with their backs facing each other.

“Hā…Hā…Let’s go.”

“Ah ……”

Gasping for breath, blood-red Sword Marks filled their bodies, but Siris and Karlamine didn’t care.

They put their Swords back in their sheath, and the two women walked in the direction of their companions until the two women disappeared. The enemy’s two Knight girls burst out with countless blood marks and then collapsed to the ground…


Hōng Lóng!!!

After being hit in the abdomen by the enemy Rook girl, Isabela let out a cry, and her body even crashed a building into smithereens like a meteor.

Getting up from the ruins with difficulty, the pain was so intense that Isabela’s face turned pale, but her face, which was half-covered by a mask, was still filled with determination–

She is Tenraku-Sama’s Rook and she could never fall down in such a place!


The enemy Rook girl did not mean to let Isabela go, she smiled coldly and stepped on her foot while swinging her fist and then shot at Isabela again.  

Isabela is very clear of her situation in her heart. She knew that if she gets hit again then she wouldn’t be able to hold on.

However, there was no fear in her eyes!


Just as her opponent was about to hit her, Isabela let out a loud cry and exploded her remaining Magic Power with a single breath, then landed a fierce elbow strike.



With blood spitting out, the enemy Rook girl directly smashed into the ground and created a huge pit tens of meters in size, and instantly lost consciousness…

Collapsing on the ground, Isabela gasped, but there was a big smile on her face–

Tenraku-Sama, Isabela has won for you too!

With a Hōng Lóng sound, Xuelan flew down from the air and threw another Rook from the enemy camp, who was also unconscious, to the ground.

“Isabela, are you okay.”

Helping Isabela up, Xuelan asked with a concerned expression on her face.

“Ah, I can still hold on…”

At the same time, the center of the town–


Gasping for breath, Yubelluna, Tosca, and Mihae turned pale, and suffered various injuries on their bodies, looking quite embarrassed.

However, their opponents are in an even more miserable state!

Collapsing to the ground, Semiria and the two Bishop girls were covered in blood, they could no longer fight!

“His Royal Highness Diodora’s Two [Knight], Two [Rook], Retire.”

Listening to Grayfia’s announcement, Semiria who fell to the ground couldn’t help showing a miserable smile on her face:

“I lost, I really completely lost…”

Even Semiria could not help but feel deep frustration and shame that her sisters had been wiped out while the opponent’s Peerage was unharmed, but…

It was only natural that this should be the result!

They were used to be famous Nuns or Saintesses. They would never lose to any Peerage member in terms of their aptitude and talent, but after being captured by Diodora, they were tortured by him every day, using their painful screams to satisfy his perverted and twisted mind, and they had little time and energy to practice.

And more importantly, the Peerage of the other party has a strong bond. They are loyal to their Master, love their Master, and are willing to do everything for their Master’s victory!

But what about my sister? They had nothing but utter hatred for that Devil!

With the loss of all the troops, that twisted Devil will surely torment her and her sisters even more afterward, but it is slightly gratifying to make him lose face in front of the whole Underworld……

“I really envy you, to be able to follow such a Master and to be able to become that Lord’s Peerage.”

“Sa, give us the final blow, and then present the glory of victory to your Master…”

Giving up the resistance, Semiria smiled relievedly.

“Ah, it was our greatest honor to be Tenraku-sama’s Peerage.”

 “Farewell, unfortunate Saintesses, I hope we won’t be enemies again in the future ……”

As She approached, Yubelluna looked at Semiria and the two Bishop girls on the ground with pity and raised the magic staff in her hand to launch a final blow to them.

However, at this moment–

“Useless trash, all of you die!”

No one when but something flashed over the heads of the girls, and then Diodora’s hideous roar sounded in the whole different Dimension Space.

A huge Magic Formation unfolded, and then thousands of Magic Power Light Arrow swooped down on them under the horrified look of the women ……

To be continued…

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