EPHS-Chapter 89 The Fifth

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“Everyone, thank you for coming to participate in the engagement ceremony of my Younger Sister Rias Gremory and Phenex’s Family Kamiya Tenraku-Kun. Please enjoy yourself.”

On a high platform, Sirzechs delivered a greeting to welcome all the guests who came to the ceremony.

Both the Gremory Family and the Phenex Family are among the highest nobles in the Underworld. Almost all of the nobles of the entire Underworld have sent representatives to participate in the engagement ceremony between Tenraku and Rias.

Tenraku in his dress and Rias in her costume were the brightest jewels of the day, standing in the middle of the venue and receiving praise and blessings from everyone.


A young girl ran over and hugged Tenraku.

This young girl is Ravel·Phenex who is wearing a beautiful princess skirt. 

“Ravel, Okaa-Sama, you are here too.”

Affectionately stroking Ravel’s forehead, Tenraku smiled as he looked at the Madam Phenex who was also coming along from behind.

“Well, Tenraku Onii-chan, Sister-in-Law Rias, Congratulations.”

“We can’t miss Tenraku’s Engagement Ceremony. You need to treat Rias well in the future.”

Ravel nodded her head and congratulated the two of them, and Madam Phenex also looked back and forth at Tenraku and Rias with a smile on her face.

“I will……”

“Thank you for your blessings, Miss Ravel, Madam Phenex.”

Tenraku was a little embarrassed, and Rias was extremely shy, but the two still expressed their gratitude as to not show any rudeness.

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Madam Phenex went to greet her friends who were also Noble Women, while Ravel stayed behind to accompany Tenraku, the young girl that looked into Tenraku’s eyes with waves of light and no one knew what she was thinking ……

“Rias, Kamiya Tenraku, congratulations to both of you.”

“I wish you a happy marriage and a hundred years of good fortune.”

Sona also brought her Peerage over here and then congratulated them unsmilingly.

“What, damn you Sona, even you!”

“President Sona, did you just came here to make fun of us ……”

Rias glared at Sona in anger while Tenraku also touched his nose with a helpless look on his face.

Sona’s Peerages in the back let out a few silver bell-like laughs, and Sona pushed her glasses up with a narrow smile on her face.

“This kind of opportunity is rare, I can’t help but want to try it.”

“Rias, Kamiya Tenraku, regardless of your future choices, today is your engagement ceremony, so enjoy it.”

Sona chuckled as she knew the agreement between Tenraku and Rias. Tenraku and Rias couldn’t help but look at each other, but the two immediately turned their heads back when their eyes met.

With a panoramic view of the two people’s actions, the smile on Sona’s face also increased…

At this moment, there was a sudden turmoil in the venue, and the crowd gave way to someone and two young Devils, a man and a woman, walked towards Tenraku and Rias.

“HāHāHā…Rias, I heard that you are engaged to the Son of Phenex family, congratulations.”

A burst of hearty laughter came before the two people could arrive in front of Rian and Tenraku.

The young man has short black hair, and his uncharacteristically handsome cheeks reveal a kind of fortitude far beyond ordinary people. His eyes are clear and bright, as sharp as a lion. It is clear at a glance that this is the body of a true warrior who has experienced many battles!

“Sairaorg, even you are here ……”

Stroking her forehead, Rias was already unable to complain.

 The fact is that for the sake of her engagement ceremony, her elder brother really invited all the big and small famous noblemen of Underworld, Rias did not know whether she should be touched or depressed.

“Isn’t this a matter of course, whether it’s being your cousin or being the next head of House of Bael, I must attend your engagement ceremony!”

“So, are you Kamiya Tenraku, Rias’s Fiance?”

Sairaorg smiled and asked as his gaze fell on Tenraku.

“Yes, I am Kamiya Tenraku, and you are the Sairaorg?”

 “Yeah, I’m Sairaorg.”

Tenraku and Sairaorg both stared at each other with a shining light in their eyes, and then both of them simultaneously attacked each other with a punch under the stunned looks of the Rias and the other women at the side.

Hōng Lóng!!!

Although the two did not even use a fraction of their true power but the loud blasting sound still startled the surrounding guests, and the eyes of the entire venue also coincidentally looked this way.

“I’ve heard about you, the former Waste of the Underworld, Kamiya Tenraku!”

Sairaorg laughed playfully as he stared at Tenraku.

“Likewise, Sairaorg!”

Tenraku replied unceremoniously while squinting his eyes.

The atmosphere was tense, and just when the others thought the two were about to fight over something at the drop of a hat –


Tenraku and Sairaorg retracted their fists and laughed at the same time.

“As expected of the guy who is as famous as me, Kamiya Tenraku, you are so funny!”

“You are not so bad yourself, Sairaorg!”

“Let’s have a man-to-man match if you have the chance, and see which one of the Underworld Wastes is better.”

“Ah, there will be a chance…”

It was clear that the arrows were still raging a moment before, and in the end, there was another expression of sympathy. Rias and the other women on the side let out a long sigh of relief and then stared at the two of them with an ill-tempered expression on their faces.

“I am Seekvaira of the House of Agares. This is the first time we are meeting, Kamiya Tenraku. On behalf of the House of Agares, I congratulate you on your marriage with Rias.”

The girl who came with Sairaorg finally spoke while introduced herself, and extended a hand to congratulate Tenraku and Rias.

The girl who claims to be Seekvaira is tall, beautiful, and has long pale hair. She wears glasses like Sona, and she exudes a confident and noble air.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Miss Seekvaira, one of the Four Rookies of the Underworld.”

Recalling the information about the girl in front of him in his mind, Tenraku also stretched out a hand and held the girl’s hand in his.

“No, it is now one of the Five Rookies of the Underworld.”

Seekvaira replied with a smile on her face.

“Five Rookies of the Underworld?” Tenraku couldn’t help but frown when he heard this.

“This guy, you haven’t even heard of this yet, right?”

“HāHāHā…Kamiya Tenraku, the Fifth Rookie is you!”

Rias looked conflicted, while Sairaorg next to him laughed and spoke.

For a moment, Tenraku couldn’t help feeling amused. He didn’t expect himself to become the Fifth Young King or Rookie in the Underworld’s New Generation.

Although it was a bit unexpected, Tenraku didn’t take it very seriously.

Tenraku and Sairaorg were in sympathy with each other, and Rias was talking with Sona and Seekvaira, and the five of them were standing together as one of the most beautiful scenes in the venue. 

Even Ravel next to them couldn’t help but show her admiration, the five of them are the most dazzling pride of Underworld’s New Generation!

While talking speculatively with Sairaorg, Tenraku suddenly felt some ill-intent directed at him and he couldn’t help but look over, only to see a familiar figure standing in the crowd.

For a moment, Tenraku couldn’t help but feel happy.

Heh, isn’t that Diodora!

To be continued…

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