EPHS-Chapter 86 Gremory

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In the middle of the room, a Magic square expanded, emitting a gorgeous soft light.

“Big Miss, Your Highness Tenraku, the Transmission Formation is ready, please come with me to Underworld.”

The beautiful Silver-Haired Maid Grayfia, whose appearance and temperament was perfect, said with a flawless tone.

A few days had passed since Sirzechs’ last communication, and it was said that Underworld was ready for Tenraku and Rias’ engagement ceremony, and Grayfia had been ordered by Sirzechs to come to Human World to get them.

As Rias’s Peerage, Akeno and Koneko will naturally also go together with her. Tenraku also brought Asia, Gasper, Yubelluna, and the other girls.

Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarner were left at home by Tenraku. Currently, Devils and Fallen Angels are still in a hostile state. Bringing the three women to Devil’s territory will cause unnecessary trouble.

In addition to the three, his and Yubelluna’s Familiar also stayed. When Tenraku went to Underworld, the Familiars would continue to secretly hand out the Devil flyers with [Gods and Demons Scripture] hidden to recruit believers for Tenraku.

“When you meet Otou-Sama and Okaa-Sama later, don’t talk nonsense.”

Seemingly worried that Tenraku would say something misleading, Rias blushed slightly and warned.

Tenraku nodded while touching his nose and feeling funny. He would never get tired of seeing the shy and nervous look of Gremory’s princess no matter how many times he sees it.

“Tenraku, don’t worry, Lord Duke and Madam are very easy-going.”

Thinking that Tenraku was also a little nervous, Akeno said softly while holding Tenraku’s hand.

Isn’t it just to meeting with his future In-Laws? Tenraku is not nervous and signaled to Akeno that he is okay. Then Tenraku walked into the Transmission Formation together with the girls.

Nodding slightly, Grayfia also walked in, and then the Magic Circle flashed and everyone disappeared…

Underworld, Gremory Main Residence——

As one of the 72 Pillars and the Main Family of the current Great Satan Lucifer, the Gremory Family has a high reputation and power in the Underworld.

They are rich and prosperous, with tall buildings and luxurious furnishings, servants in uniforms come and go in the castle in an orderly manner, all showing the honor of the master here.

A light flashed and Tenraku, Rias, and the others also came out of the Transmission Formation.

“Master, Madam, and Sirzechs-sama are waiting in the living room. Please come with me.”

Pushing open the door of the castle, Grayfia made a gesture of inviting them in.

“Welcome back, Miss Rias.”

With neat and loud voices, hundreds of waiters and maids stood side by side, saluting and welcoming the return of their noble princess.

Rias nodded and led the crowd inside, then a figure appeared on the other side of the aisle and darted toward the crowd:

“Rias Onee-Sama, welcome back!”

“Hē Hē Hē…I’m back, Millicas,  it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, you have grown up a lot.”

It was a Red-Haired boy who ran over and hugged Rias happily, and Rias rubbed the boy’s forehead lovingly.

“Rias, who is this kid?”

Although he had already guessed the identity of this boy, Tenraku still asked.

“He Sirzechs’s Oni-Sama’s Child, Millicas.”

“Millicas, say hello to everyone, too.”

Rias said while introducing the teenager to the crowd.

“I’m Millicas Gremory. Please take care of me.”

After saluting the crowd nicely and politely, Millicas then looked back to Tenraku.

“I have also heard about Elder Brother Tenraku of the Phenex family. I admire you very much. In the future, I will become a truly powerful Devil like Elder Brother.”

His eyes were scorching, and that face that was still very immature was pure and firm, which made people love it.

“If it is you then it would be possible, Millicas.”

Stroking Millicas’ forehead, Tenraku replied with a smile on his face, but there was a slight difference in his eyes.

After seeing Millicas, the [Gods and Demons Scripture] in his body has been constantly trembling and buzzing. Although Tenraku is also a little unclear about that, there is no doubt that this son of Satan is a bit different!

“Everyone, please go inside.”

Grayfia’s voice came from the front and Tenraku and the girls no longer delayed and walked into the large and gorgeous living room with Millicas.

“Tenraku-kun, Rias, you are finally here.”

Sirzechs, who had already been waiting in the living room said.



Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the other girls called out respectively while Rias stared at her older brother angrily.

For her marriage contract, this Older Brother of hers is really doing his best!

While laughing awkwardly, Sirzechs pretended not to see Rias’s angry look, and there were two other figures standing beside Sirzechs.

They were a Red-Haired Middle-Aged Man, a Noble and Beautiful Mature Woman, Tenraku didn’t need to ask anyone to know the identity of the two —

They are Rias’s parents!

“Hello, Uncle and Aunt, I am Kamiya Tenraku, the fourth son of the Phenex family.”

He also politely introduced himself to Rias’ parents.

Looking at Tenraku, who is neither humble nor overbearing, the Gremory Couple nodded secretly.

“You don’t need to be so polite, you are the child of Sir Phenex and that human woman, I didn’t expect you to grow so big in the blink of an eye.”

“I have heard about you, you are very good.”

Despite being the Duke and the Head of the family, Rias’s father was not as dignified as Tenraku had imagined, and he seemed to admire Tenraku and spoke with a gentle smile on his face.

“Hello everyone, I’m Rias’ Mother, Venelana Gremory.”

Rias’s mother walked out while introducing herself.

With carefully combed short flax hair, Rias’s mother and Rias have almost the same faces. Standing together, the two will only make people think that they are sisters and it would be hard to find anyone who would classify them as a Mother and her Daughter.

However, unlike Rias’s bold personality, Venelana is noble with a touch of sternness, and her mature femininity cannot be matched by Rias for now.

“You are the Phenex family’s little Tenraku, right? Madam Phenex has often told me about you, saying how excellent her little Tenraku is.”

“Well, you really didn’t disappoint me. You are very good, and you also match well with my Rias.”

With a smile at the corner of her mouth, Venelana looked back and forth at Tenraku, then nodded with a satisfied look on her face.

Tenraku still hadn’t understood why these Mother-Level Characters like to call him little Tenraku, and his Mother still praised him to high heavens in front of his Mother-in-Law, which makes Tenraku feel embarrassed and a little moved.

“Ahem, Aunt is too good…”


After a dry cough, Tenraku humbly replied, while Rias shouted and stared at her mother with a blushing face.

“Hē Hē Hē…”

To be continued…

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