EPHS-Chapter 69 Perverted Trio

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“Try it out, how does it feel.”

Looking at the young girl who was still a little dazed, Tenraku laughed.

Spirit Qi has the effect of strengthening and repairing the body. Although it can’t keep up with the special healing Magic in terms of treatment, it is still easy for it to repair some minor injuries.

“Okay, okay, my hand feels better…”

After moving around and finding that her arm, which was in immense pain just now, was now free of any abnormalities, Katase opened her mouth and looked and Tenraku with an unbelievable expression on her face.

“So, so powerful!”

“Club President-sama, is this Magic?”

Coming back from the shock, the entire Kendo Club’s young girls were excited. Even though it was just an ordinary use of Spirit Qi, it was an incredible miracle to them!

Seeing the excited and curious gazes of the girls, Tenraku laughed lightly and picked up a wooden sword from the side.

“This is Qi, a power hidden in each of our bodies, and as long as you follow what I have taught you and practice Swordsmanship with the frequency of your breathing, you would be able to do the same.”

After covering the wooden sword with a trace of Spirit Qi, Tenraku slashed the air and a blade of Qi shot out, flying far in the air before dissipating, causing the girls to exclaim.

Qi is not very demanding for practitioners, as long as they are willing to work hard, everyone can learn it. 

For early practitioners, they would naturally be able to generate Qi as long as they exercise their body with the frequency of breathing, although there are various kinds of way to enhance Qi in later stages, but these are still too far away for the girls.

Although the girls are still a little confused and puzzled, it does not prevent them from looking at Tenraku and admiring him more and more in their hearts.

Handsome, powerful, gentle, and magical, this is their Club President!

After looking at the time, Tenraku was ready to let the girls finish their training and go home but suddenly a sharp light flashed in his eyes and he looked outside Dojo.

“Club President-Sama, what’s the matter?” Murayama, who was standing next to Tenraku, asked curiously.

“It’s nothing, just a few rats…” Tenraku replied with a chuckle while squinting his eyes.

At the same time, outside the Kendo Club–

“What a great place, Female Kendo Club…”

“Ohhh …… saw it, I saw it, the delicious and tempting girl’s body under the armor, I saw it!”

“Damn it, Matsuda, Motohama, let me take a look too!!!”

The three of them, Hyoudou Issei and his two best friends, the perverted trio that is famous even in the whole school, were huddled in front of a small hole peeking at the girls in the Kendo Club and occasionally making a few lewd noises.

“Hey, Motohama, why do I feel a little chill on my back?”

 “I feel it too, there’s, there’s a murderous aura!”

 “Matsu, Matsuda, Motohama, you guys look behind ……”

Looking at the Kendo Club girls led by Murayama, Katase, and Kiryu Aika who had surrounded the three of them at some point, Hyoudou Issei broke out in a cold sweat and pulled the clothes off the two.

There was also a cold sweat on their back and the two turned their heads tremblingly. When they saw the sullen and murderous expressions of the girls——

“Ah, we deserve to die, forgive us!”

“It was Hyoudou who instigated us, it has nothing to do with us!”

Matsuda and Motohama fell straight to the ground, looking at these two bastards who had no sense of decency and even threw dirt on him, Hyoudou Issei had the urge to cut them to death.

“Matsuda, Motohama, I really misjudged you!”

“Issei, it’s better for one person to die than for everyone to die, so just admit it!”

“Yes, yes, Issei, you encouraged us all, you have to take the responsibility!”

“Bastard, it was you two who dragged me along!”


You say one thing and I say another, looking at these three perverts, the look on the faces of Murayama and the girls are more and more gloomy –

“Damn Lecher, none of you would escape!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……”

The angry shouts and screams merged into a tragic symphony. When the girls vented their anger and stopped their hands, the three perverts were already on the verge of dying.

“Everyone, today’s training ends here. Go home first and leave the rest to me.”

Walking over with Raynare, Tenraku clapped his hands and said.

“Yes, Club President-Sama.”

The girls, who admired and worshipped Tenraku, naturally did not object to Tenraku’s words, so they bowed to Tenraku, organized their things, and left the Kendo Club.

In no time at all, the entire Kendo Club was left with Tenraku, Raynare, and the perverted trio.

“Master, what should we do with these three guys?”

Raynare asked while looking at Hyoudou and the other two, who were still grunting on the ground.

Tenraku glanced at Raynare unexpectedly. If it had been in the past, she would definitely ask whether to kill them or not. It seems that after being taught by him, this woman has also made some progress!

“Raynare, you should be able to use some curses, right?” Tenraku asked while touching his chin.

Vritra is known for being good at all kinds of curses, and Raynare was given the Sacred Gear of [Black Evil Dragon King], so she should have mastered some curse skills as well.

“Hoo… what kind of curse does Master want me to put on them?”

Raynare asked evilly as a different color flashed in her eyes.

“What kind of curse? …… Just curse them to never like girls again in the future, but only interested in boys.”

“How about it, can it be done?”

The corners of his mouth floated up in a Devil-like arc as Tenraku asked this question.

Hyoudou Issei and his two-loss friends are perverts of the perverts, a perverted trio that was loathed by all the girls in the school, but in Tenraku’s opinion, perverting was just in their nature as boys and they could not yet be called perverted.

The so-called perverted trio is a bit of a misnomer, which is a shame, so he would just let them become real Perverted people worthy of the name!

“Hē Hē Hē…yes, My Evil Master.” Raynare really admires her evil master more and more!

Speaking no-nonsense, Raynare pointed her finger, and immediately three gray auras shot into the bodies of Hyoudou Issei and the other two.

Unsurprisingly, they will all be cursed by Vritra’s power and will never like girls again, only boys.

They would become veritable perverts!

Nodding his head, Tenraku looked forward to what the real perverted trio would look like when they appeared at school.

Throwing them out of Kendo Club, although they don’t need to worry about them coming to peep on them in the future, but without the perverted trio, maybe there will be other perverted quartets and quintuplets, so Tenraku simply let Raynare erect a barrier and placed it around the Kendo Club. 

In the future, apart from him, only girls would be able to enter the Kendo Club to avoid future problems.

Everything has been resolved and Tenraku took Raynare to Yubelluna’s office, they will be going home after Xuelan and their club activities are over…

To be continued…

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