EPHS-Chapter 64 Stray Devil 2

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“The smell of blood, the degenerate and decadent aura, there really are some Stray guys there.”

Raynare, who had turned into her Fallen Angel Form spoke with a smirk on her face as she looked at the building in front of her.

Looking at the two pairs of dark wings behind Raynare, Rias, Akeno, and Koneko couldn’t help but be secretly surprised, they have only now remembered that Raynare was just a Two-Winged Angel before, which means that she had completed an evolution before they knew it.!

“Now, Master, let me clean them out~ how about removing them?”

“Just like that guy, I can end it in an instant.”

A curse of darkness exuded from her body and Raynare looked eager to try out her new powers.

After evolving into Four-Winged Fallen Angel, her strength has greatly increased, and Tenraku gas also bestowed the power of Sacred Gear【Black Evil Dragon King】upon her. Now Raynare has the power to fight even if she meets a High-Level Devil!

However, Tenraku shook his head and said: “You should stay outside with me. Give this opportunity to Mira and the others, they also need some experience.”

“Mira, Ile, Nel, are you okay?”

His gaze fell on Mira and others and Tenraku looked at them with an encouraging expression on his face

“Yes, Master Tenraku!”

“Hehe, don’t worry and leave it to us, Master Tenraku!”

Ruyi Fine Iron Rod condensed in Mira’s hands, and the girl moved it around without fear. Ile and Nel also took out their magic saws, and two cute little tiger teeth were exposed at the corners of their mouths.

“Master Tenraku, what about me?” Gasper’s voice asked weakly.

“Do you want to go in with them?”

“I don’t want to… I don’t want to…”

“Then stay outside.”


Gasper’s head shook like a wave and Tenraku had a sullen look on his face.

Although Gasper has been training hard with Tenraku for many years but this kid hadn’t had any good results and he is too timed. It is fine to let him play the role of support but he cannot go out and fight on the front line. Tenraku also didn’t plan to let him in with Mira and the other girls.

“Koneko, you go with them and remember to be careful.” Seeing that Tenraku has deployed his people, Rias also spoke to Koneko.

If it was Koneko alone then she would not feel so relieved, but there are some Peerage members from Tenraku, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Yes, Club President.” Toujou Koneko replied in a soft voice.

They looked at each other and then the four girls walked into the building in front of them.

“Akeno, let us begin too, erect the barrier so that the guys inside don’t escape.”

“Yes, Club President.”

Rias and Akeno also acted and they spread layers of barriers to cover the entire neighborhood.

Raynare was bored but not enough for her to help. Tenraku and Gasper didn’t know anything about Magic, so they could only sit idle and wait.

Not long after that, they heard the sound of fighting from the building, Tenraku and Rias’s eyes flashed with different colors——

“It has started!”

Hōng Lóng!!!

With a blast, the entire building collapsed and they don’t need to ask to know that only Toujou Koneko has such a strange power.


Mira’s tender voice also sounded out in the building, and then they saw a huge monster flying out from the top of the elongated Iron Rod, then hit the barrier erected by Rias and Akeno, and the huge monster was blown into fly ash by a series of electric currents.

“Hā Hā Hā…Don’t run, don’t run!”

“Let us dismantle you, stop for a minute!”


The hum of the chainsaw, the laughter of Ile and Nel, and the screams of the mysterious existence.

Both Rias and Akeno cast a weird look at Tenraku, and Tenraku could only helplessly cover his forehead with his hand. They don’t need to look at it to know that the picture inside the building must be terrible…

“Monsters, monsters, you monsters!”

A huge figure rushed out with a look of horror on hits face and it was still shouting monsters, monsters, or something, but no matter how anyone looked at it, they would think that the figure spouting the monster word was the real monster.

His human form can still be vaguely seen so it should be the Stray Devil who escaped to the Human World.

These Stray Devils have lost the restraint of their masters and are obsessed with the enhancement of power, breaking the contract, and devouring human beings. Both their body and their soul have fallen to the lowest pits of hell and they have turned into ugly creatures.

They are the malignant tumors of this world and must be eliminated!

“Ara Ara, what an ugly Mr. Monster.”

“You betrayed your master, you devoured innocent humans, and now you are going to die.” 

Akeno walked forward with a bright smile on her face and she raised her arm towards the sky:

“Thunder Appointment!”


A huge Magic array unfolded, and then Thunder and Lightning shot down one by one. Looking at the screaming monster that was turning into ash in Thunder and Lightning, Akeno’s face turned red and it looked as if she was drunk.

Both Tenraku and Rias a weird expression on their faces. As the ones who knew Akeno best, they naturally knew that Akeno’s ‘Special’ attribute was happening again. After looking at each other, they could see the embarrassment and helplessness in each other’s expressions.

Gasper looked at the scene with admiration, only thinking that Elder Sister named Akeno was awesome. Raynare’s lips curved.

The battle has come to an end. A few Stray Devils are not the rivals of Mira, Koneko, and the other girls. The situation was about to end but at this moment—

“Ahh… You are gonna die with me!”

“Tenraku-sama, be careful!”


Another monster rushed out of the building, and the grinning madness seemed to know that he had no way to survive, and he planned to pull a person with him to death, and the person he chooses was Tenraku!

Mira and the girls anxiously chased after him while Akeno and Rias were also very anxious.

Tenraku hadn’t planned to make a move, but looking at the monster that had rushed closer and wanted to pounce on him, he slightly sighed and was about to chop off the guy who wanted to kill himself, but Gasper’s voice sounded next to him:

“You are not allowed to hurt Master Tenraku!”

A pair of eyes filled with determination appeared on Gasper’s scared face and they shone with an evil light, an invisible field with Gasper as the center spread out, and the monster and girls who fell into his sight were all frozen together—

Evil Eye that Stops the World- Forbidden Balor View!

Akeno and Rias looked surprised as they saw this scene. They didn’t expect that the weak-looking Gasper had such an ability. Even Raynare on one side gave Gasper a surprised look.

“Hoo… this guy isn’t completely useless.”

With an evil smile on her face, Raynare walked out from behind Tenraku, and then condensed a spear of light in her hand and threw it at the hideous monster.

Gasper took back the power of Evil Eye, and the monster looked at the huge hole in his chest with a blank expression on his face, he is completely confused about the current situation, but before it could say anything, a cloud of black fireworks burst out and swallowed it. And even the screams turned into ashes before it could come out.

Tenraku nodded. Sure enough, [Black Evil Dragon King] is very suitable for Raynare, she is able to use the Cursed Karma in just a few days.

“Gasper, you did a good job.” Tenraku patted Gasper on the head, and also praised him.

Although he could have solved it by himself, this kid finally took some action at a critical moment, which deserves encouragement.

“Wū wū wū……Master Tenraku……” With tears in his eyes, Gasper looked moved and cried.

It was not easy but he also got praised by Lord Tenraku!

Mira and the girls also ran back. Although they were in a big battle before, they were still full of energy.

At this point, all Stray Devils have been wiped out, and this mission has ended smoothly…

To be continued…

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