EPHS-Chapter 62-Twisted Soul

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Early in the morning, Tenraku opened his eyes and found Raynare leaning on him and looking at him.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and Tenraku stroked Raynare’s cheek:

“What, are you still not satisfied?”

Endless madness, delicious nostalgia, this beautiful and evil Fallen Angel has been thoroughly tasted by Tenraku——

Just last night!

Without answering, Raynare directly blocked Tenraku’s lips with hers, and both of them greedily plundered each other’s mouth.

After a long time, Tenraku turned over and pressed Raynare down——

“Raynare, your body, your soul, everything about you is mine, use your stupid head to remember it!”

Tenraku’s domineering words ringed themselves on Raynare’s ears, but Raynare didn’t refute anything, instead, an intoxicating smile appeared on her face:

“Ah, I am all yours, my master…”

Behaving obedient and gentle, Raynare only felt that an endless feeling of love had risen in her body, taking revenge on the person who abandoned her.

This wonderful and distorted feeling made her go crazy!


“If you dare to abandon me, I will curse you, and I will take you to hell with me!”

Raynare’s temperament suddenly changed and her voice was filled with darkness and cold, and Raynare’s voice seemed to come from that cold Hell.

She has been abandoned once and betrayed once and she will never allow that to happen again!

Seeing the woman whose darkness distortion has completely collapsed under him, Tenraku grinned and revealed an evil smile on his face——

He really likes this woman more and more!

“Raynare, are you looking for revenge on Azazel?”

Tenraku asked while holding Raynare’s chin.

“Ah, absolutely!”

Raynare replied with a sharp glint flashing in her eyes.

And as that thought came to his mind, the evil Fallen Angel has another intoxicating smile on her face:

“My great master, will you help me?”

Raynare is not the stupid woman she previously was. She has already understood her insignificance very well, and she knows that she will never be able to take her revenge with her own words, but if there is help from the man in front of her…

“I will not.”

Tenraku gave Raynare a negative answer with a bright smile on his face.

The anger and disappointment he had imagined did not appear on Raynare’s face and she only looked at Tenraku with an extremely calm face, but the pair of cold eyes became colder.

However, the next moment, Tenraku’s voice rang again:

“You should take your revenge by yourself and I won’t be helping you but—”

“I will give you the power to take your revenge!”

Raising his hand and flipping it, a black Treasured Jade flashed out, and then under Raynare’s stunning look, Tenraku directly pressed the Treasured Jade into her mouth.

“Ah!!!!!! Ah!!!”

Screams, screams of exhaustion rushed out of Raynare’s mouth as the Black Treasured Jade melted into Raynare’s body little by little.

Originally, there was a more gentle way to share his Sacred Gear, and there would be no pain, but Tenraku knew that this woman who had collapsed did not need him to be gentle with her!

The process of fusing Sacred Gear’s did not last long, but the pain was unforgettable. Raynare felt like she had died again.

However, there was a twisted smile on her face because she felt——

Power, she felt power!

She felt Darkness, Evil, Curses, she felt powerful. It was as if an unparalleled power was flowing in her body!

“This is the Sacred Gear that combines all the souls of the legendary Dragon King Vritra——[Black Evil Dragon King], this is the power I have given you.”

“Use it well, in the future, you will be my tool, my dog, work hard, I will use you forever until death.”

Tenraku’s voice rang in Raynare’s ear, just like Devil’s whisper.

Although the power of Vritra belongs to the weaker category of Dragon King, it is far from what Raynare can compare now, and the diversity and particularity of its skills are the first among all Dragon Kings. Unleashing the cursed karma and spreading out the dark realm, it can be said that it is very suitable for Raynare, a broken and evil woman!

Without any words, Raynare would directly respond with her actions and stay with Tenraku endlessly. But for now, some different types of actions followed.

Unable to refuse, the battle began again and the two mingled frantically and plundered each other, and scenes of evil and depravity were staged in that morning room…

“Master Tenraku, Master Raynare.”

It was almost noon when Tenraku and Raynare came out of the room, Mittelt and Kalawarner were standing respectfully outside, but there were two touching blushes on their faces.

They heard the end from the beginning outside the door…

“It is you guys.”

Raynare looked at the two women while holding Tenraku’s arm.

At the moment when Raynare was looking at them, Mittelt and Kalawarner froze and they instinctively felt endless danger coming towards them. The two women couldn’t help being shocked, the current Raynare in front of them was definitely not the woman they had known before——

She held more darkness and even more coldness.

“Forget the things that had happened in the past, the two of them will still be your subordinates in the future.”

Seeing the reaction of the three women in full view, Tenraku said lightly.

“Yes, My Master…”

Raynare had a fascinating smile on her face, but Mittelt and Kalawarner’s hearts were getting colder.

Falling into the hands of this soul-twisted woman again, their future is looking dark…

Near a certain church in Europe, a man with Devil wings is sitting on the ground, while a golden-haired girl in nun costume is treating a wound on his chest.

If Tenraku sees this Devil man on the ground, he will laugh out loud at this time, because this man is not someone else, it is Diodora·Astaroth whose ‘Leg’ has been cut off by him before!

“It’s alright, Mr. Devil.”

The light in her hands dissipated, and the golden-haired girl wiped her forehead, but she smiled as if she had done something worthy of joy.

“Thank you for your help, Beautiful Miss Saintess, but you have helped a Devil, if anyone else knows…”

Diodora looked worried and apologetic, but his voice sounded like a girlish shrill and nondescript.

“It doesn’t matter, even a Devil has the right to be redeemed by the Lord.”

“Mr. Devil, you should quickly leave, I’m going back too.”

The girl waved her hand and replied indifferently. After another salute, she ran towards the church while holding her skirt.

Looking at the girl’s leaving back, Diodora also stood up and added a successful smile to his lips——

What a delicious prey, I think she will be banished by the church guys soon!

The thought that he would have another plaything soon made Diodora feel happy. Although he could not play with the bodies of these Saintesses because of a damned guy, he could still play with their souls.

And that is the Supreme enjoyment beyond everything!

The sad world will soon have another broken and distorted soul…

To be continued…

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