EPHS-Chapter 61 Abandoned

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Hōng Lóng! !!!!

A huge explosion broke the tranquility under the night sky.

A bewildered figure dashed away, and as the dust dissipated, Azazel’s figure also appeared in the ruins.

Patting the dust on his body and watching Raynare’s escape, Azazel gave a mischievous smile.

After doing such an excessive thing, Raynare must hate him very much…

At the same time, on the other side–

The wind screamed, and Raynare was desperately galloping through the air in a panic.

Her body was severely wounded and her wings were tattered. Finally, her strength was exhausted and Raynare fell from the sky like a meteor.

A huge hole appeared in the ground where Raynara fell. She got up with great difficulty and her eyes held a crazy look in them while a hideous expression appeared on her face——

He abandoned her, that person actually abandoned her!

Obviously, she had admired him so much, loved him so much, and was willing to dedicate everything to him!

But that person abandoned her, and even wanted to wipe her out!

“Azazel! Azazel!! Azazel!!!”

Raising her head towards the sky, Raynara roared Azazel’s name, and the feeling of being betrayed by the person she admired made Raynare completely broken.

She hates it! She hates it! !!

Why should that person betray her, why should the world betray her!

Her resentment rushed into the sky and a savage look appeared on her face making Raynare look like a ghost crawling out of Hell.

No, maybe she is more terrifying than a mere ghost at this moment! She is the Darkness herself but she is also bitter!

“Ah ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh!!!!!”

With her long hairs fluttering in the air, Raynare spread out her dark wings and roared with a hate-filled voice, cursing everything in existence.

Under that extreme hatred and resentment, she actually evolved into a Four Wing Fallen Angel!

Feeling her own power that has skyrocketed several times more than ever, Raynare would definitely be ecstatic if it was before, but at this moment, the only thing she is feeling is endless cold.

Too weak! Too weak! Too weak!!!

Even if she evolved into a Four-Winged Angel, she was still as small as an ant in front of that person!

Stopping the roaring, Raynare stood still and looked at the sky silently with her head up.

After the extreme pain and hatred, she only felt endless sadness.

She was abandoned, like a wild dog…

Angel, Fallen Angel, Church, humans… From now on, there would be no place for her in this whole world.

There would only be darkness, despair, and Hell waiting for her!

She is not reconciled! !!!!

She doesn’t know how much time has passed, but she only woke up from her state when she heard the sound of footsteps and Raynare’s numb face recovered a little.

Looking at Tenraku who was coming towards her, Raynare lost the anger and hatred she once had and was extremely calm.

Compared with Azazel’s betrayal, the humiliation and pain brought to her by this person in front of her are not worth mentioning!

“Raynare, looks like I was right, you were abandoned by Azazel.”

“What a sad woman, homeless, like a wild dog…”

Tenraku gently smiled as he stroked Raynare’s face.

“Are you here to laugh at me?”

Looking at Tenraku with a cold look in her eye, Raynare’s voice seemed to come from Hell itself. There was also a taint of darkness on her body, and she looked like a fierce viper who would pounce at any time.

However, Tenraku didn’t care, and shook his head——

“You are just an abandoned wild dog, you are not qualified to be laughed at by me.”

Feeling at a loss, Raynare has nothing to answer.

Yes, she is just an abandoned wild dog, and she has no right to be laughed at!

This is the reality of this world!!!

The two looked at each other silently, until after a long time–

“Come on, homeless dingo, you will be mine from now on.”

Turning around, Tenraku’s voice seemed to be constantly echoing in the air.

An astonishing light burst out from the cold eyes as Raynare stared at the defenseless back.

If she does her best at this time, even if she can’t kill Tenraku, she can seriously injure him!

However, Raynare did not do that.

Tenraku smirked as he felt the figure following behind him…

“Lord Azazel.”

The light flashed and Yubelluna walked out of the Transmission Formation and bowed to Azazel who was sitting in the ruins.

“Hā… is it finally here, the thing I want?” Azazel stretched his body after standing up.

Without speaking any nonsense, Yubelluna took out a Scarlet Treasured Jade and handed it to Azazel:

“This is Sacred Gear [Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor-Boosted Gear], this is what my Lord promised, you will have three days to study it.”

“Only takes three days, he really is a stingy kid, but it’s barely enough.”

After receiving the Treasured Jade, Azazel’s eyes flashed with blazing heat, but when he thought of something, a trace of a smile appeared on his face–

“Beautiful Miss, your Master has given me such a precious Longinus, don’t you worry that I will not return it to him?”

Although he didn’t release the slightest of his aura, Yubelluna couldn’t keep a calm look on her face as she faced the man who is standing at the top of the Fallen Angel. She replied after calming herself down:

“Master had said that His Excellency Azazel is a trustworthy elder, and he will not do anything that breaches the contract. And—”

“And what?”

“And even if Lord Azazel does not return the Sacred Gear, this Sacred Gear will automatically return to my Master’s hands after three days!”

“Master’s order has been completed, so I will be going now Governor-General.”

Thinking of her Master, Yubelluna’s face also showed a trusting smile. She saluted Azazel and walked into the Transmission Formation.

“Yeah yeah, you really are a capable Queen, that kid.”

Azazel murmured while touching his chin. He looked at the Sacred Gear in his hand and his eyes became hot again.

“Vali is so stingy that he never let me study his Sacred Gear.”

“[Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor-Boosted Gear], please let me take care of you in the next few days. With you, my Fafnir will be even more perfect!”

Looking at the treasured jade in his hand with great joy, Azazel walked into a teleported halo.

Not only had he solved the troublesome little girl Raynare, but he also got what he had always wanted and the only thing he needed to give was some small parts of a Sacred Gear. This is really a happy deal…

To be continued…

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