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Kuoh Academy, Student Council Room——

“You want Kamiya Tenraku to be your Club President?”

Looking at Tenraku with Murayama, Katase, and Kiryu Aika standing behind him, Sona asked with a rather strange expression on her face.

“Yes, President-Sama, please!”

Murayama and Katase bent down and their faces had pleading expressions on them.

“What about your decision, Kamiya Tenraku?” Sona asked while looking at Tenraku.

“When asked by a group of girls who love kendo, one can’t just refuse it casually.”

“I will do it for a while and become their Club President,” Tenraku replied while looking helpless.

Although it feels a little troublesome, there is nothing for him to do in school anyway, and it seems pretty good to teach these girls Swordsmanship.

Hearing Tenraku’s reply, Murayama and Katase looked pleased, and Sona also pushed her glasses up while the corners of her mouths curled up–

This guy, unexpectedly, has such a gentle side…

“Although the Club President of Kendo Club must be inspected by the Student Council in accordance with the regulations, it is not necessary if it is you.”


“Yes, Sona Sama.”

Sona yelled to Shinra Tsubaki behind her, and the girl also took out several forms and gave them to Tenraku. Filling in the information in the form, and then stamp it with the Student Council seal. According to the regulations, Tenraku will be the Club President of Kendo Club in the next year.

Now that the matter was over, the group didn’t stay any longer, and said goodbye to Sona and Shinra Tsubaki, and left the Student Council room.

“Great, we will go back now and tell everyone the good news!”

After walking out of the Student Council room, Murayama and Katase both looked excited.

“Go back, now that I have become your Club President, I will also take some time every day to guide your Swordsmanship.”

Looking at the happy faces of the two women, Tenraku smiled as he spoke.

“Yes, Senior Tenraku… No, Club President!”

Bowing to Tenraku, the excited two girls ran back to Kendo Club to tell everyone the news, and Tenraku turned his attention to Kiryu Aika who was still standing aside:

“Kiryu, aren’t you going back?”

“It’s almost time for me to go back, so I will see you tomorrow, Club President-Sama!”

“Club President?”

“Hehe… I have already filled out the entry application form just now, and I will be a member of the Kendo Club in the future.”

“Please take care of me, our handsome Club President!”


Akeno and Rias naturally knew about Tenraku becoming Kendo Club President. Akeno teased Tenraku a few times, and Rias curled her lips and said nothing.

Although Rias also thought about inviting Tenraku to join her Occult Research Club, but since he has become the Club President of Kendo Club, then forget it, and her Occult Research Club is mainly to gather her own Peerage to facilitate action, and letting others join is not appropriate…

“Master Tenraku!”

After school, Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the other girls came to the junior high school. Ile and Nel ran out of the classroom and hugged Tenraku happily.

“Let’s go home.”

Holding their hands in his, Tenraku rubbed the cheeks of the two girls.

As usual, Tenraku was going to take the girls home, but just not far from the school, a girl suddenly came out and stood in front of Tenraku and the girls.

The girl has a delicate and lovely face, and she looked very quiet and innocent. She is wearing some other school uniform and she has a schoolbag in her hand.

The moment Tenraku saw the girl, he was taken aback and then his expression became weird…

“Hey, woman, you are blocking our way!”

Suddenly being blocked by someone, Ile and Nel became a little upset and they spoke with a fierce expression on their faces.

“Woo…I’m sorry, I…I…”

She seemed to be frightened by the two ferocious Little Loli and the girl had a panic expression on her face.

“Ile, Nel, don’t be rude.”

“This classmate, what’s the matter with you?”

Tenraku asked after he pulled Ile and Nel back.

“That, that, are you Kamiya Tenraku of Kuoh Academy?”

“Ah, I am. What about you, what’s your name?”

“I, my name is Amano Yuuma.”

After hearing the girl’s name, Tenraku’s mouth twitched. Although he was a little skeptical the moment he saw the other party just now, he didn’t expect it to be this one.

Fallen Angel Raynare!

Hyoudou Issei was attacked and killed by her because she wanted to take his Sacred Gear for herself, and Tenraku had already ignored this one, but he did not expect that she would still appear and even found himself.

“Yuuma, is there anything you want?”

Tenraku didn’t reveal anything and asked with a smile as usual.

With a shy look on her face, as if made up with great determination, Raynare, who was transformed into Amano Yuuma, bent down and said loudly:

“Senior Tenraku, I admire you very much, please become my girlfriend!”

Ile and Nel gritted their teeth with fierce expressions on their faces, Yubelluna and the other girls frowned slightly and their expressions becoming a little unsightly.

Seeing the girl’s nervous and sincere expression, Tenraku couldn’t help but sigh. As expected, she is a fallen Angel woman. As expected, all of them are similar to fairies, all of them are great actors——

Even he was almost deceived!

Although it is not clear what Raynare’s purpose is, but now it would be too glamorous to reveal her intentions and Tenraku wanted to know what she is going to do and then said:

“Yes, I also like Yuuma very much. Let’s start dating in the future.”

After hearing Tenraku’s words, Ile and Nel opened their mouths wide, and the expression of the girls also changed slightly.

Although the women felt something suspicious when Tenraku easily agreed to associate with this girl, it felt a bit wrong, but as his Peerage, they had no right to interrogate their Master’s decision.


“Senior Tenraku, let’s go on a Date tomorrow!”

“Ok, it happens to be my day off tomorrow. Let’s meet in the park tomorrow morning.”

“Well, see you tomorrow, Senior Tenraku!”

Looking very happy, Raynare and Tenraku agreed on a time, and then she bowed and bounced off.

“Tenraku-sama, why are you…”

“Master Tenraku, we also want to Date, we also want to Date!”

“Ni and Li want too, meow.”

After seeing the girl who claimed to be Amano Yuuma left, the girls finally couldn’t help it. Yubelluna looked puzzled, Ile and Nel were also arguing for a Date, even the two cat demon girls Ni and Li were unwilling to leave Tenraku to that unknown girl.

“Mihae, did you find anything?”

After finally breaking free from the siege of several girls, Tenraku saw Mihae among the girls looking thoughtful and asked.

“Master Tenraku, that girl… is a fallen Angel.”

After hesitating a little, Mihae’s voice made the girls quiet instantly.

A glimmer of appreciation flashed in his eyes and Tenraku stroked the girl’s forehead:

“As expected of my Bishop, Mihae, you did a good job.”

Although Mihae does not have much combat power, she is good at all kinds of auxiliary magic, and detection magic is one of them.

Regardless of whether it is Angel or Devil, if they don’t use power and try to hide their aura, it is usually difficult to distinguish between them. Just like Raynare just now, except for Tenraku, only Mihae found a clue.

After receiving Tenraku’s compliment, Mihae looked shy, but she was also very happy, and after a brief astonishment for the girls, each of them looked gloomy, and their eyes flashed with cold killing intent.

A Fallen Angel even disguised herself as a human being to approach their master, there is no need to think about it, she is up to nothing good!

“Master Tenraku, we are going to destroy the Fallen Angel now!”

The Magic Power surged and Yubelluna only waited for Tenraku to give an order and was ready to chase down the damn Angel, but Tenraku shook his head—

“No, I have some other plans.”

Although it is not a problem to win against Raynare with Yubelluna’s strength, that scenario would be too boring.

Looking at the direction Raynare was leaving, Tenraku had an expectant smile on his face.

He doesn’t know what kind of surprise Raynare, who killed Hyoudou Issei in the original book, will bring him, but he would hope that she doesn’t let him down…

To be continued…

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