EPHS-Chapter 47 Suspect

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After coming out of the Student Council room, Yubelluna was taken away by the person who reacted according to Sona’s arrangement, and it seemed that she was going to handle some teacher entry matters.

Ile and Nel are too young to be assigned to junior high school. Mira is not very big either and was assigned to the first grade of high school. The remaining girls, Karlamine and Mihae were assigned to the third grade of high school together with Tenraku, in the same class as Rias and Akeno.

The two Sisters, Ile and Nel would be first sent to the junior high school, and then everyone would come to the first grade where Mira was assigned. Rias was at the door, and then a girl walked out of the classroom.

The girl had short silver hair, she was petite and had a cute face without any superfluous expressions, she is just another Peerage of Rias——

Toujou Shirone!

“Koneko, Mira is from Tenraku Peerage, she will be in the same class with you from now on, help her out.”

Touching the girl’s forehead affectionately, Rias said.

“I see, Club President.”

With a soft and pleasant voice, Koneko nodded and replied obediently. Glancing at Mira next to her, her gaze finally fell on Tenraku.

“You’re Koneko Chan, I’ve heard about you, so please help Mira.”

Looking at the girl, Tenraku smiled gently.

If he remembers it correctly then Toujou Koneko is a survivor of the strongest clan in Nekomata, the last descendant of the advanced Yōkai who can use Sage Arts. Although the Ni and Li in Tenraku Peerage also belong to the Nekomata clan, their Bloodline and talent are surpassed by Toujou Koneko too much!

“Yes, Senior Tenraku.”

Not really the talkative type, Toujou Koneko simply replied.

Because of Akeno’s relationship with Tenraku, she paid more attention to him. After the first meeting and a few simple conversations, the girl already had an impression of Tenraku in her heart——

Not annoying…

It was almost time for class, so everyone didn’t stop there. After entrusting Mira to Koneko, they went to the class where Rias and Akeno were.

The arrival of Tenraku and the girls caused a commotion in the class, even though Rias couldn’t help showing off a little. But it seems that Tenraku is more popular than the number one idol in the school, especially among the girls.

Looking at the girls with red eyes, Tenraku smiled and said hello. He intends to enjoy the next period of campus life…

In the evening, Kamiya Family——

“That, excuse me, I’m Hyoudou Issei.”

After hesitating for a long time, Hyoudou Issei finally knocked on the door of the Kamiya Family house.

Originally, Hyoudou Issei didn’t want to come, although he didn’t understand why, but there is an intuition that he shouldn’t get too close to Tenraku, but when he thought of those beautiful and cute girls, Hyoudou Issei finally could not hold back.

That guy is so handsome and his family is rich, but can he take care of all these girls? For those lovely beautiful girls, for the Oppai Elder Sisters, even if it is the Dragon’s Lair, Hyoudou Issei would dare to break in!


Not long after, the door of Kamiya Family Residence was opened, and then two women, Burent and Maliu, dressed as maids, appeared in front of Hyoudou Issei.

“Master Issei, welcome, our Master has been waiting for a long time.”

It was completely different from the coldness they had shown in the morning. At this time, the two women had bright smiles on their faces and their attitude towards Hyoudou Issei was extremely warm and friendly.

Staring fiercely at the two women Burent and Maliu, Hyoudou Issei’s eyes are almost staring out——

“Girls, Maid!!!”

Hyoudou Issei doubted if he had been having hallucinations, he actually saw a maid, not in the comics, nor in the imagination, but the real maid! ! !

“Hello, we are the maids of Tenraku-sama.”

Looking at the surprised Hyoudou Issei, Burent and Maliu replied with a smile on their faces, but there was a flash of sneer and disdain in their eyes——

A soil bun is a soil bun, even if this has the kind of powerful Longinus-Tools that Destroy God, in the end, it is not enough for them to care about him past a certain limit!

“Master Issei, please come in with us quickly.”

Thinking of their master’s affairs, the two girls no longer delayed, and they invited Hyoudou Issei in with great enthusiasm.

Issei was feeling a little dizzy. Looking at the two beautiful and charming maid girls and the luxurious architectural furnishings of the Kamiya Family, Hyoudou Issei couldn’t help but sigh in his heart:

I hate handsome guys! I hate winners in life! ! I hate this world!!!!!

“Issei-san, you are finally here.”

In the living room, Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the girls were talking about something, and when he saw Hyoudou Issei come in, he stood up and greeted him.

“Good evening, Tenraku-Kun, and everyone.”

“Hā…HāHā… this is a small housewarming gift.”

Smiling with an embarrassed expression on his face, Hyoudou Issei took out the small gift he had prepared.

Although he himself feels very shabby, it doesn’t matter to him.

“Issei-san is too polite, Maliu, accept Issei San’s gift.”

“Yes, Master Tenraku.”

“You arrived at the right time. We are about to start dinner. Please take a seat.”

Hyoudou Issei feels uncomfortable after seeing Tenraku’s smile, and he is not here to eat, but for the beautiful girl!

His eyes lingered on the bodies of Yubelluna and the girls. Although his heart was having crooked thoughts, Hyoudou Issei agreed, and everyone sat down.

Soon, Maliu and Burent, who were the maids, took out the tableware, and the whole table was filled with rich and luxurious dishes.

Hyoudou Issei fiddled with the tableware like everyone, and then fed an unknown dish into his mouth.

At first, he didn’t care much, but the next moment he stayed all over—

Delicious, too delicious!

Each dish has a different taste, but it is also the ultimate delicious. And there is that unknown red wine, just like the legendary celestial dew!

Tenraku and the girls all enjoyed their dinner elegantly, but Hyoudou Issei gobbled up the food. Ile and Nel laughed at him fiercely. However, Hyoudou Issei has the thickest skin, and it didn’t matter to him at all.

It was exactly what they had expected, the women did not expect such a guy to understand the etiquette of nobles. Everyone talked and laughed and occasionally interjected, and the atmosphere of the whole meal was pretty good.

Although Hyoudou Issei was a little surprised that everyone was so warm and friendly to him, but he quickly left those thoughts behind as he didn’t like to think of difficult things. Isn’t this exactly what he wanted, as long as he can get closer to these beautiful girls then everything would be just fine!

The dinner lasted almost an hour. After the dinner, Maliu and Burent removed the tableware and put the dessert again, while Hyoudou Issei was holding his bracing belly and was reluctant to move.

With his eyes closed, his face full of comfort, the company of beautiful women and luxury, the life of the Kamiya Family made Hyoudou Issei suddenly feel suspicious of his life.

If Kamiya Tenraku’s life is what a normal person should have, then what is his previous life, is it that of a dog?

Damn it, winner in life!!!

With a panoramic view of Hyoudou Issei’s reaction, the corners of Tenraku’s mouth raised slightly, and it was almost the time…

To be continued…

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