EPHS-Chapter 46 Arrogant

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“Tenraku, is there anything special about that person called Issei?”

Draping herself on Tenraku’s arm, Akeno asked curiously.

Not only Akeno, but Rias, Yubelluna, and the other girls were also puzzled because the previous Tenraku was a bit too “Enthusiastic”.

“Ah, he is a very special person. He is the owner of a Sacred Gear, the legendary Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor- Boosted Gear.”

There was no point in hiding it so Tenraku smiled and replied, and the girls who heard the answer were shocked.

[Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor- Boosted Gear], one of the legendary Longinus-Tools that Destroy God!

Just like that, a guy who looks too ordinary would have a Sacred Gear of that caliber…

It is incredible!

Akeno’s eyes flickered, and Rias’s face couldn’t hide the look of shock on it. Yubelluna and the other girls couldn’t help being extremely excited after a brief surprise.

If their master can get [Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor- Boosted Gear]…

All the beautiful faces showed cold smiles on them, and the clever girls did understand Tenraku’s idea!

“It turned out to be the Sacred Gear that sealed the Heavenly Dragon. That’s incredible…”

Rias looked at Tenraku with a complicated expression on her face. Now Tenraku is already strong enough. If he gets the power of Longinus-Tools that Destroy God, would she be able to really beat him?

As if he knew what the girl was thinking, Tenraku smiled slightly and said:

“Rias, if you like that Sacred Gear’s too, then I will give it to you.”

After hearing Tenraku’s words, all the women present were shocked and even Rias thought that she had heard it wrong:

“What did you say?!”

“Issei, who owns [Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor-Boosted Gear], has unlimited potential. If Rias takes him as a Peerage and trains him well, he will definitely be a big help for you in the future.

“How about it, Rias, are you interested? With the power of that Longinus-Tools that Destroy God, your ability to defeat me in the future will be much higher.”

With a relaxed look on his face, Tenraku looked as if he was just talking about a trivial thing.

Yubelluna and the girls stopped talking, and they all looked at Rias on the side feeling a little jealous. The big Miss from Gremory’s family is nothing more than a fiancee at best, but their Master treats her too kindly.

Despite her arrogance in her heart, Rias is also a normal girl, and she couldn’t help but feel moved. Tenraku is even willing to give her such precious Longinus…

Except for this idiot in front of her, Rias couldn’t think of anyone else in the world who could do such a thing.

However, whether she wants to avoid it or be moved, Akeno is the only woman present who knew Tenraku best, at this time, she is looking at Tenraku with a playful smile on her face, and the corners of her mouths have been pulled upward…

“I don’t need it, that’s a person you found.”

“Although the power of Longinus is very tempting, but I am not so shameless, I will use my real power to compete with you!”

Rias calmed down, but she refused Tenraku’s offer without hesitation.

If it was discovered by her, then Rias would, of course, use that precious power for herself, but since Tenraku discovered it first, Rias would never attack Hyoudou Issei again.

Although the power of Longinus is precious, it can’t change the feeling of pride in Rias!


The corners of his mouth raised slightly and Tenraku didn’t force the issue.

Although Rias did not accept the Sacred Gear, his goal has been achieved…

Yubelluna and the Girls behind him breathed out a sigh of relief, and their gazes at Rias turned into admiration.

She is indeed the princess of the Gremory family, she is really impressive.

“Tenraku, you are getting worse…”

The group continued to walk towards the Student Council room, but Akeno leaned into Tenraku’s ear and chuckled.

“But you still like me, don’t you?”

After scraping the girl’s little nose, Tenraku did not deny anything.

Gently opening her red lips, Akeno’s face also burst into a brighter smile:

“Ah, such a bad Tenraku, you make me even more fascinated…”

Kuoh Academy is an anthropological academy on the surface, but secretly it is controlled by the Devils. In addition to the Gremory house where Rias is located, there is another family that belongs to one of the 72 Pillars of the Underworld.

“You are Rias’s soon to be husband, the miracle child from the Phenex family?”

In the Student Council room, a short-haired girl with a cool temperament and glasses is looking at Tenraku.

Behind the girl stood several other Student Council members, and without exception, they were all Devil!

“I used to be called ‘The waste of the Phenex family’. If there is no one else in the ‘Miracle’ you are talking about then it must be me.” Tenraku replied while touching his nose.

With a faint light flashing in her eyes, the girl stretched out a hand, and then announced her name:

“My name is Sona Sitri. In the Human World, my name is Shitori Sona.”

“Kamiya Tenraku, just call me by my name.”

Clasping his hand with the girls, Tenraku also reported his name.

Yes, the girl standing in front of Tenraku at this time is the head of the Student Council of Kuoh Academy, Younger Sister of on of the Great Satan Leviathan, the proud daughter of House of Sitri and the next family lord——

 Shitori Sona!

“Why are you two holding hands?”

Looking at the two people who clasped their hands and wouldn’t let go, Rias next to them was speechless.

With a chuckle, Tenraku put his hand back, and Sona, who her withdrew, pushed her glasses calmly and said:

“Rias, are you jealous?”

“I, Rias Gremory, will never get jealous!”

The corner of her eye twitched and Rias continued:

“Moreover, he and I are only nominal marriage partners, because our family has to do this, we didn’t agree to it ourselves.”

“However, we have made an agreement. As long as I beat him in a Rating Game, we can terminate the marriage contract.”

If it was someone else, Rias would naturally not say these words, but Sona is her friend, so Rias did not hide anything from her.

For a moment, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and Sona couldn’t help but look at Tenraku and Rias.

“I have really heard something interesting now, Rias, Kamiya Tenraku, I look forward to your game.”

“I have handled your enrollment process for you, but Kamiya Tenraku, your Queen would be a teacher.”

Hearing Sona’s voice, Yubelluna couldn’t help but blush. It is true that with her figure and age, she is not suitable for going to class with everyone and she is indeed more suitable to be a school teacher.

Tenraku didn’t have any objections and nodded to agree with Sona’s proposal.

The few people talked for a few more moments. Rias was also preparing to take Tenraku to their classroom, so they didn’t stay anymore, and said goodbye to Sona and left the Student Council room.

“Master Sona, that Kamiya Tenraku is exuding extremely powerful Sacred Gear fluctuations.”

After seeing Tenraku and the others leave, a girl beside Sona couldn’t help but say.

She has a tall figure and waterfall-like long hair, she is also wearing glasses and having a cool temperament similar to Sona, she is the Queen of Sona’s Peerage——

Shinra Tsubaki!

Pushing her glasses, Sona’s mouth floated with a curve:

“The ‘[Sacred Gear Plunder]’ who caused both Angel and Church to have a headache, the Underworld trash who had the same reputation as the House of Bael, and the soon to be the finance of Rias—”

“I’m looking forward to it, the next campus life…”

To be continued…

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