EPHS-Chapter 44 Sharing

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“Master Tenraku, what is this…”

Feeling surprised and puzzled, Mira didn’t understand why two identical Sacred Gear appeared at the same time.

“The so-called Sacred Gear, you can actually understand it as a summoning Sacred Gear’s ability, usually as long as the host is not dead, no matter how many times the Sacred Gear is destroyed, it can be recondensed.”

“I can share my Sacred Gear with others so that I and others can use Sacred Gear’s power at the same time!”

After hearing Tenraku’s words, the shocked Mira couldn’t help covering her lips. Not to mention Mira, Tenraku himself was taken aback when he developed this ability.

[Sacred Gear Sharing], this is the name Tenraku gave to this ability. He can share every piece of looted Sacred Gear with someone who he designated as the host. Not only the host can use Sacred Gear’s power, but Tenraku can also use Sacred Gear’s power. And the abilities the host developed from Sacred Gear can also be fed back to Tenraku!

Although he has an unparalleled talent for controlling Sacred Gear’s, as more and more Sacred Gears are plundered, Tenraku cannot develop all Sacred Gear’s abilities. Most of the Sacred Gears in Tenraku would become a waste, so Tenraku wondered if he could develop a similar ability to share Sacred Gear with another host, and let those hosts develop and enhance Sacred Gear’s power for him, while he himself only needs to focus on those powerful and special Sacred Gears.

Although at first, he was just thinking about giving it a try, Tenraku succeeded in the end. He developed the ability to share his Sacred Gears with others!

As followers of Tenraku, Gasper and Tosca became the first experimenters. In the beginning, Tenraku captured [Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View] and [Inherent barrier] from these two, but now, not only can Tenraku use these Sacred Gear’s abilities, but he can also allow Gasper and Tosca to use them!

There is no doubt that [Sacred Gear Sharing] has great meaning and value. It allows Tenraku to cultivate a large number of powerful partners, and it also allows him to develop Sacred Gear’s capabilities for himself, saving Tenraku a lot of energy and time.

Of course, this ability is not unlimited. The Sacred Gear shared by Tenraku is in the initial state, and the ability he developed cannot be shared with the host. The Sacred Gear’s host shared by Tenraku can only start from the beginning, but the ability of its development can be fed back to Tenraku.

To some extent, this is not a bad thing, because, with such restrictions, those shared Sacred Gear’s hosts will never have more control over Sacred Gear’s than Tenraku, which also leaves Tenraku without any worries.

Of course, Tenraku is fearless even if there is no such restriction because as long as he has a thought, the shared Sacred Gear can be collected by him at any time.

He is the real owner of these Sacred Gears!

“Mira, can you take it now?”

“Use it well, let me use your power and Sacred Gears power.”

Looking at the girl who was still in shock, Tenraku smiled as he spoke.

“Yes, Master Tenraku!”

Mira finally recovered and stopped being nervous and replied very excitedly.

Seeing the gorgeous and extraordinary iron rod in her hand, the girl loved it, she jumped back into the field, and her hands quickly moved the [Ruyi Fine Iron Rod].

The airflow rioted and stirred the wind and clouds, Mira leaped into the air and the [Ruyi Fine Iron Rod] in her hand stretched rapidly and then fell onto the training ground with a slam.

Dust billowed while the ground vibrated, and almost half of the site was turned into rubble by the girl’s attack!

A brilliance shined and the already set Magic formation quickly repaired the damaged ground, while Mira looked at the [Ruyi Fine Iron Rod] in her hand with an expression of excitement——

This is a Sacred Gear’s power!

The corner of Tenraku’s mouth raised slightly, and he thought that he had really found the right owner for this Sacred Gear. He is looking forward to the kind of interesting abilities that will [Ruyi Fine Iron Rod] develop for Mira in her hands…

“It’s time to go, Master Tenraku.”

After the morning training was over, after breakfast, Yubelluna served Tenraku and changed into a school uniform, and then said softly.

Looking at the girls who were ready to go, Tenraku nodded, but when he looked to the other side—

“Wū wū wū…I don’t want to go to school! I don’t want to go to school!”

Holding the table tightly and refusing to let go, Gasper spoke while crying!

“Master Tenraku, Gasper didn’t even want to go to school, let’s break him up!”

“Okay, okay, let’s attack him!!”

“Woo… don’t attack me!”

Ile and Nel, the two sisters teased Gasper and took out the chainsaw as if they were about to disintegrate him. Gasper, who was so scared that his face was pale, hid directly under the table and refused to come out again.

“Forget it, let him stay at home if he doesn’t want to go.”

The corners of his eyes throbbed and Tenraku said in an angry manner.

Gasper suffered from a serious psychological trauma when he was young, and even now, he has not fully healed from it, for fear that others will watch him, he becomes nervous and afraid whenever he is in a crowded place.

Of course, in Tenraku’s view, if it weren’t for his cute face that is better than a girl’s and a womanish obsession, who would care about him, those wounds would have healed long ago.

Gasper, who did not want to go to school, was left alone to watch the house, while Tenraku and the girls were going to Kuoh Academy.

“No, no, I’m going to be late!”

“Mom and dad, I am going to school!”

Tenraku and the girls have just walked out of the Kamiya Family residence, and a figure just happened to run out of the Hyoudou house next to them.

The figure was carrying a schoolbag, with stray hair, and also wearing Kuoh Academy uniforms——

It is Hyoudou Issei!

The corner of his eye swept towards Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the girls, and Hyoudou Issei was dumbfounded.

Beautiful girl, so many beautiful girls!

Especially when his eyes went on Yubelluna’s body, Hyoudou Issei almost stared out with both eyes——

Those are Two scary weapons!!!

Hyoudou Issei couldn’t help but feel himself float up. He met so many beautiful girls after he went out of his house. When I went out, he met the big Elder Sister with such a weapon. He must be dreaming, he must be dreaming…

Seeing Hyoudou Issei’s full pervert reaction, Yubelluna and Xuelan furrowed their brows, and a look of disgust flashed in their eyes. Maliu raised a jade hand and was about to launch Magic to punish this reckless human, but she was stopped by the look in Tenraku’s eyes.

“Yo, Issei-san, it’s been a long time.”

Raising a hand, Tenraku said hello with a smile on his face.

After regaining his consciousness, Hyoudou Issei quickly wiped his saliva, and finally noticed Tenraku, who had been ignored by his subconscious mind.

“Who… are you?”

Feeling embarrassed, he reluctantly took his gaze back from Yubelluna. Although Hyoudou Issei thought Tenraku was familiar, he couldn’t remember him.

“Why, Issei-san, have you forgotten me? I am Kamiya Tenraku, I used to live at the house next to you.”

Tenraku answered with a smile on his face, and Hyoudou Issei who heard him seemed to finally remember something and couldn’t help but exclaimed:

“You are Tenraku!!!”

To be continued…

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