EPHS-Chapter 41 All Parties Respond

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Although he has decided to go to Kuoh Academy, Tenraku is not in any hurry. After leaving for many years, he plans to stay at the Phenex’s house for a few days.

Riser suffered heavy losses in the duel, but he quickly recovered through his Phoenix’s ability. Although his body has no problems, the wounds of the soul are not so easy to heal.

He lost the duel in front of his father and Great Satan, and he especially lost to his younger brother Tenraku, who had been regarded as a blemish and waste since he was a child. Such a blow was fatal to the always proud Riser.

Riser shut himself in the room all day and never saw anyone again, and no one was allowed to mention anything about Tenraku in front of him. Although Ravel and their mother were worried about him and wanted to talk to him, they had no effect and were turned away.

Tenraku also wondered whether to meet Riser, but the thought of meeting him now would definitely only arouse greater disgust and rebellion from Riser, so he finally dispelled the idea.

Tenraku decided to let the situation develop for the time being. If Riser doesn’t undergo a transformation, he will never grow. If he can figure it out then it would be best for him. If he doesn’t understand it then Tenraku will think of a way.

In the next few days, in addition to completing his daily training, Tenraku spent most of the time with Ravel, Yubelluna, and the other girls.

Needless to say, Yubelluna and the other girls, as Tenraku Peerage will be the right arm of Tenraku from now on. Although Tenraku had a good relationship with them when he was a child, it was not enough. For the girls to fight with him in the future journey, they need a deeper bond.

However, these things cannot be done overnight, they need countless hours of accumulation, as long as they pay attention to themselves, everything will be fine.

Ravel was very attached to Tenraku when he was a child. Although the relationship between her and Tenraku has been completely returned to the state of childhood and it is even higher than that after two days of getting along.

Tenraku didn’t know if it was his own illusion but he found that every time Ravel looks at him, there seems to be something different in her gaze. It’s not the feeling that Younger Sister was attached to Elder Brother when he was a child, but more like…

While Tenraku was still staying in Phenex’s territory, it was because of him that there was a big storm outside.

The fourth son of the Phenex family returned and won a duel with the pure-blooded older brother Riser. 

His strong strength was a blockbuster. Together with the House of Bael, he washed away the name of Underworld Double Waste, and under the leadership of Lord Phenex and Great Satan Lucifer, he signed a marriage contract with Princess Rias of the Gremory family. This was a big news!

What’s more, Tenraku used a lot of Sacred Gears in the duel, which was also seen by many interested people. Not long after that, all the information about Tenraku appeared in the hands of many heads of families and powers.

Although staying in the main residence of Phenex’s house, Tenraku naturally heard about these things, but he did not care about it and shrugged with a smile on his face.

Tenraku would have never stupidly exposed himself in front of everyone before, but now it doesn’t matter anymore, because—

He is ready!

Grigori, Fallen Angel headquarters——

“Yeah, yeah, I didn’t expect the Plunderer to be a kid who snatched so many Sacred Gears from us. Young people nowadays, they are really incredible.”

Holding a glass of red wine and looking at the information in his hand, Azazel gave out a smile.

As if thinking of something, Azazel turned his gaze to the Silver-Haired youth standing beside him and spoke with a mischievous smile on his face:

 Vali, you have to be careful in the future, don’t let that kid take your [Light Wings of the White Dragon Sovereign-Divine Dividing].”

After hearing Azazel’s words, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the Silver-Haired youth, and a burst of violent aura burst out of his body:

“Hmph, if he has that ability, he just needs to come here!”

Europe, Grand Duke Church——


An old man wearing a golden crown slapped the table with a gloomy expression:

“Damn it!! That [Sacred Gear Plunder], it turned out to be the evil child of the Phenex clan!”

Underworld, Demonic Beast Forest——

A huge Demonic Beast crawled on the ground and wailed constantly, while on top of the Demonic Beast stood a majestic black-haired youth.

At a certain moment, it seemed that the black-haired youth had discovered something as he raised his hand, and then a gleaming butterfly came and fell into the young man’s hand and turned into a scroll.

Reading the content on the scroll, the black-haired young man was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed up to the sky:

“HāHāHāHāHā… it turned out to be the guy with the same name as me, interesting!”

At the same time, there are many other places where similar scenes are being staged…

A few days later, Phenex Main Residence——

“Are you going back to the Human World?”

On the high seat, Duke Phenex looked at Tenraku who was standing below.

“Well, I plan to stay at Kuoh Academy for a while.” Tenraku nodded and replied.

The clock of destiny has begun to pull. Kuoh Academy can be said to be the center of the whole story of “High School DxD”, and everything starts from there.

Calculating the time, it is almost to the beginning of the plot, Tenraku naturally does not want to miss the next wonderful event, and there are several powerful Sacred Gear waiting for him, he should also collect them.

“He just entered into a marriage contract with the little princess of Gremory’s family, so little Tenraku can’t help it.”

“Come on, don’t let other people snatch that little princess away.”

Madam Phenex’s voice came out as she spoke with a smile on her face.

“Mother, it’s not whatever you are thinking.”

A big drop of sweat fell on his forehead, and Tenraku was speechless by this turn of events.

“Ohh, I don’t believe it, but Tenraku sometimes doesn’t confess so I will accept it.”

Madam Phenex likes listening to Tenraku call her Mother, but she has a joking smile on her face and doesn’t believe Tenraku’s explanation at all.

Feeling speechless, Tenraku didn’t bother to explain, but Madam Phenex’s face had a more smile, apparently taking this as Tenraku’s default…

“Onii-chan, after I finish the etiquette training, I will come to the Human World and I will go to school together with Onii-chan.”

Ravel hugged Tenraku one arm and spoke.

Ravel is not too young now, and will often represent the family at various noble gatherings in the future, so recently, she is being taught some etiquette by her mother, otherwise, the girl would have gone to go to Human World with Tenraku now.

“Ah, of course, Ravel, we will be waiting for you in the Human World.”

Tenraku smiled while stroking the girl’s forehead.

The time was almost up, Tenraku nodded to Yubelluna behind him, knowing Yubelluna’s magic, and suddenly a huge magic array unfolded, enveloping Tenraku, Gasper and all the girls.

“Father, Mother, Ravel, we are going, please take care of yourself.”

Saying goodbye, the magic array exudes a dazzling brilliance, and then under the gaze of the Duke Phenex, Tenraku disappears in a flash…

To be continued…

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