EPHS-Chapter 4 Waste Of Phoenix House

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Three days later, Tenraku saw off Shidou and Irina’s family at the airport.

“Tenraku, I will be back and I will beat you next time when we meet!”

With her little fist in her hand, Irina had a fierce face, but her eyes were full of intense reluctance.

“Ah, I’ll wait for you, but I’ll be stronger too. You’ll never win against me.”

Tenraku’s fingers were gently on the girl’s forehead, but Tenraku’s face returned expectantly without any expectations.

“Work hard, boy. Only by becoming a real strong man can we appreciate the wonders of the world.”

“Little Tenraku, take good care of yourself in the future. If someone bullies you, call your uncle and aunt.”

Mr. and Mrs. Shidou told Tenraku’s a lot, and Tenraku’s listened carefully. They won’t see each other anymore and they will meets years from now.

Uncle Shidou, Aunt Shidou, Irina, have a good journey, please take care of yourself.

Though reluctant to part, the moment of departure finally arrived. Under Tenraku’s eyes, the family waved goodbye and boarded the plane.

Sighing a little, Tenraku’s turned and left, but there was a glimmer of determination in his eyes.

Although he is still very weak now, one day he will become a real powerhouse, and then he will realize his ambition and appreciate the wonderful world!


Back home, Tenraku began to pack his luggage. Mr. and Mrs. Shidou and Irina have left, so he’s about to start his own journey.

Yeah, Tenraku’s was ready long ago. He’s going to walk around the corners of the world, hone his practice, and look for powerful Sacred Gears!

However, before he can travel, he has to go back to the Underworld.

After sorting out his luggage, Tenraku took a piece of paper from the draw. On the piece of paper is a complex magic square, and in the middle of the magic square there is a winged flame bird.

After a little meditation, Tenraku mobilizes his poor magic power and enters it into the magic square.

The next moment, with great light, the magic square flew out of the paper, and then, under Tenraku’s gaze, a figure came out of the square.

“His Highness Tenraku.”

Graceful and tall, a beautiful woman with magic staff in hand came out of the magic square.

The woman has long purple hair and a beautiful face which is quite charming, but what is more interesting is the arrogance and pride on her face!

“Yubelluna, take me back to the Underworld.”

Quietly removing his eyes from her, Tenraku said.


Nor did she say much. The woman named Yubelluna put her hand on Tenraku’s shoulder. At the same time, the magic staff in her hand suddenly spread out into a magic square. With a flash of light, the two disappeared.


Underworld, where devil, corrupt angels and many ghosts live, is the same size as Human World-Earth.

In the jungles of the mountains and rivers, In addition to the purple sky, there is little difference between Underworld and Human World.

Phenex, as one of the seventy-two pillars of the upper devil society, has a vast territory, even comparable to a small country of Human World. At the center of the Phenex territory stands a magnificent castle, the main residence of the Phenex clan.

At the same time, with the flash of brilliance, Tenraku and Eubelula appeared in the castle.

“Tenraku onii-chan!”

Just after being transferred, a tiny figure fell on Tenraku.

The girl of about seven or eight years old wearing a beautiful princess dress, although young, she is very beautiful and cute. Especially the pair of blonde drills which is even more cute.

Ravel Phenex, the girl’s name, is also Tenraku’s younger half-sister, the noblest little princess in the Phenex family.

“Ravel, did you miss me?”

Holding Ravel up, Tenraku smiled.

“Well, I miss you very much, Tenraku onii-chan.”

“Gift, my gift, onii-chan?”

She nodded her head forcefully and looked at Tenraku with big, watery eyes expectantly.

“hai hai, the gift for my cutest younger sister Ravel, I will definitely never forget it.”

Tenraku took out various little gifts that have been prepared for a long time. Although they are not very precious things, they make the little princess in his arms filled with joy, and the big beautiful eyes bend into lovely crescents.

In addition to Ravel, there are several other girls who have appeared together.

A girl in armor, cheongsam girls with sandbag heads, twin girls with lovely beastly ears, kuangye girls with huge swords, maids in the combat department, kimono girls like Yamato Nadeshiko with half of their faces covered by masks. At first glance, many would think that they are a strange group of girls!

“Long time no see, Karlamine, Xuelan, Isabela, and everyone.”

Smiling, nodding to the girls, Tenraku greeting.

“Long time no see, Your Highness Tenraku.”

With different looks, the girls also saluted back.

Including Yubelluna, they are all the girls collected by Phenex family from all over the world with excellent qualifications, they will work as both family ministers and chess pieces, in the future as peerage to serve the successor of the Phenex family.

Although Tenraku lives in Human World most of the time, he also returns to Underworld once in a while. He is familiar with these girls and has a good relationship with them.

“Well, the bastard son, the waste that humiliates the immortal birds, what are you doing back here?”

A sarcastic voice sounded, which made the original good atmosphere stagnant.

Tenraku and all the girls looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw a handsome blonde teenager leaning against the wall not far away, just holding hands and looking cold with a look that said, I am powerful don’t provoke me.

Riser Phenex, one of the three men of the Phenex family and brother to Tenraku and Ravel!

“Oh, Riser, I’m really sorry to have humiliated the immortal bird. You must have been laughed at by other nobles outside with junk like younger brother like me.”

For better or for worse, Tenraku’s will naturally not be offended by such a little irony. Not only was there no anger, Tenraku even laughed.

Looking at his half-brother, Tenraku was in a slightly delicate mood, because this brother was robbed of his engagement by Hyoudou Issei in the original book, and lost a duel in front of the Devil King and various powerful men, which made him stagnant, he is one tragic and hard-pressed fellow.

And after hearing Tenraku’s teasing, Raiser, who was a little unhappy looked even worse. As Tenraku’s said, because of his waste of younger brother, he was laughed at outside by other nobles.

Just as Riser was ready to sneer at Tenraku, it was Ravel’s crying voice that rang out:

“Tenraku onii-chan, Riser onii-chan, don’t quarrel…”

There was still some anger to break out, but Riser could not help feeling soft when he saw his younger sister pleading, but he still could not put his face on the concession, snorting coldly:

“Hump, I won’t quarrel with a waste.”

“Father summoned you, don’t waste his time.”

Throwing a cold sentence, Riser turned around and left.

Tenraku said nothing more. He comforted the little princess in his arms and walked into the castle with Ravel in his arms.

To be continued…