EPHS-Chapter 39 Reason

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Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the girls just entered the room, and a figure ran over and hugged Tenraku.

“Tenraku, Tenraku, my Tenraku…”

This figure was holding Tenraku tightly, as if afraid of losing him again——

The figure is Akeno!

“I let you wait for so long, Akeno…”

Looking at the tearful girl, Tenraku also hugged her tightly, and his voice was full of apology and thoughts.

The pair of teenagers who wandered around with each other finally met again at this moment after many years of parting.

Obviously, both of them have changed a lot, but they don’t feel the slightest strangeness with each other. Time didn’t dilute their feelings, on the contrary, they became stronger…

“Humph…When will you two let go of each other?”

Rias hummed softly, with a hint of sourness in her tone.

Yubelluna stroked her lips and chuckled, Akeno quickly let go of Tenraku and wiped her tears to control her emotions, but there were still two blushes floating on her cheeks that couldn’t dissipate.

Touching his nose, Tenraku felt a little embarrassed. Not to mention the relationship between Akeno and himself, Rias has just signed a marriage contract with himself, and now the relationship between the three has become a bit delicate.

“Rias, thank you for taking care of Akeno over the years.”

After calming his mind, Tenraku spoke.

Tenraku entrusted Akeno to Rias, and when he first saw Akeno before, Tenraku knew the growth of the girl. The little girl who used to know little of her abilities was not the same now. I’m afraid Rias has spent much time on her in these years.

“Huh, Akeno is my Queen and of my Peerage, I naturally have to take care of her.”

“There was someone who just handed Akeno to me, and then left for so many years at once. He was really irresponsible…”

Thinking of Akeno’s way of thinking about someone day and night over the years, Rias felt even sorer, and she spoke with a hint of irony in her tone.

“Ara Ara, Rias, are you getting jealous again?”

Taking one of Rias’s arms, Akeno squinted and smiled.

Akeno is not a delicate woman, and only in front of Tenraku can she show her weak side. Her Stable emotions returned to their usual appearances, so why would she let go of this opportunity to tease Rias?

“I, I am not!”

A trace of panic flashed in her eyes and Rias turned her head to the side, but if one looked carefully, they would find that the girl’s face also had a light red glow.

“I do owe Akeno too much, and I will use my life to make up for her in the future.”

“But I didn’t hand over Akeno to you casually, I handed her over to you because it was, and the facts have been proven, I didn’t read you wrong.”

Tenraku replied with a chuckle.

Akeno and Rias are destined companions, which is why Tenraku trusted Akeno to Rias at the beginning. However, Tenraku did not notice the ambiguity in his words, and only reacted when he saw the strange look in Akeno, Yubelluna, and others eyes.

Well, he can’t explain this kind of thing…

“You, what are you talking about, you talk as if you know me well.”

“Don’t think that you can fool around in this way. I will naturally have you make up for what Akeno owes you in the future, but even then I will not return Akeno to you again. This is what I said at the beginning!”

Blushing like blood, Rias only felt that she hadn’t encountered so many embarrassing things since childhood. But thinking about Akeno, she immediately said strongly.

Akeno is now her Queen and is her Peerage, she is her most important sister and companion, even Tenraku, who has a deep bond with Akeno, will never be able to take her away from her!

Akeno next to her also put a smile on her face. Rias cared about her so much that she was very moved, but if she was always with Rias, she couldn’t return to Tenraku, which also made the girl’s heart feel very tangled.

But at this moment, Tenraku’s voice rang out again:

“Don’t worry, Rias, I won’t take Akeno, Akeno will always be in your Peerage and be your Queen.”

“You are now studying at Kuoh Academy in the Human World? I should go there too in a few days. I have been training for a long time now, and occasionally, I also want to experience the campus life of ordinary people.”

After hearing Tenraku’s words, Rias secretly breathed out a sigh of relief, and Akeno’s eyes sparkled.

If Tenraku also goes to Kuoh Academy, then wouldn’t it mean that she can see Tenraku often without leaving Rias’s side in the future?

This is really the best of both worlds!


Akeno looked at Rias with a hint of eagerness in her eyes.


“Kuoh Academy is secretly controlled by our Gremory family and the House of Sitri. I will help you arrange for your transfer. Whenever you and your peers want to come to school, you can come directly.”

When it comes to Tenraku, Akeno gives out such a look which makes Rias want to really choke Akeno, but she still relents in the end.

Tenraku also nodded, Akeno’s affairs are good, then it is time to say another thing.

“Rias, what are you going to do about our marriage contract?”

As soon as Tenraku spoke, Rias’s face that had just recovered was instantly red again, and Akeno, Yubelluna, and the other girls also turned their eyes on them.

“It’s only because of my family that I have agreed, don’t think anything else!”

As if for fear of Tenraku’s misunderstanding, Rias anxiously said.

Tenraku also nodded and said:

“It’s the same with me. In that case, let’s break the marriage contract.”

Tenraku’s words were not unbelievable but the whole room descended into silence. The girls, Akeno, and Yubelluna were surprised, even Rias thought she had an auditing hallucination——

What did Tenraku just say, to break the marriage contract with her?!

This is Unbelievable, but Rias, who reacted, burst into endless anger–

“Kamiya Tenraku, are you looking down on me?!”

Rias’s beautiful face was full of anger. As the eldest daughter and next head of the Gremory family, she is an idol pursued by countless people, whether in school or in the Underworld. And now she has been insulted in a way that has never happened before!

“Master Tenraku…”

“Tenraku, you…”

Both Yubelluna and Akeno looked at Tenraku with puzzled looks on their faces. Tenraku did say a little too much just now, the marriage contract between them was created by Great Satan Lucifer and Duke Phenex, it cannot be dismissed so casually.

“I haven’t finished speaking yet, why are you becoming so excited.”

Seeing the reaction of Rias and the girls, Tenraku couldn’t help being speechless for a while.

“Hmph, then I will listen to what else you have to say!”

With a sneer, Rias looked at Tenraku sharply.

She will forgive him if Tenraku can really give a reason today, if he can’t say anything–

She will let him know that the women in Gremory’s family are not so easy to bully!

Under Rias’s fierce gaze, and in the incomprehensible look of the women, Tenraku finally told his reason…

To be continued…

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