EPHS-Chapter 337 Dragon God’s End

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In the alternate dimension, Tenraku and Irina’s group were locked in combat with Cao Cao and the members of the Hero faction.

“Burn, Phoenix’s flames!”

Chanting incantations, several flaming birds surged forth from Ravel, colliding with the oncoming enemies.


Screams echoed as the Hero faction members tried to extinguish the flames, but it was in vain. In the end, they were consumed by the flames in agonizing despair.

With a surge of monster power, Kunou conjured a basketball-sized energy sphere that exploded upon impact with her enemies, joining forces with Ravel.

“Ravel-Chan, you’re amazing!”

Ravel had already taken down several enemies while Kunou had only defeated one so Kunou praised her sincerely.

“Hehe, of course. I am a genius of the Phenex family!” With her head held high, Ravel let out a triumphant hum after hearing Kunou’s words.

It wasn’t arrogance; Ravel was indeed a genuine prodigy, surpassing even her older brother Riser. She simply didn’t enjoy battles, which was why she hadn’t displayed her skills much before.

“Ravel-Chan, let’s hurry and defeat the enemies so we can save Ophis-Chan.”

“Alright, after all, that girl is our family’s mascot. I’ll put in a bit more effort.”

They sprang into action once again. Besides Ravel and Kunou, Xenovia, Irina, and Xuelan’s group were also battling their respective opponents.

In the sky, two streaks of light were fiercely colliding.

It was Tenraku and Cao Cao.

“Get out of my way!”

Worried about the situation with Ophis, Tenraku had no intention of tangling with Cao Cao. However, this guy stuck to him like glue, proving to be a persistent nuisance.

“HāHāHā… I won’t let you pass.”

“General Treasure (Parinayakaratana)!”

With hearty laughter, Cao Cao thoroughly enjoyed his battle with Tenraku. Once again, he lunged at Tenraku with the Holy Spear.

Feeling the overwhelming power of the Holy Spear, Tenraku immediately summoned the *Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror* to shield himself. As expected, the sturdy and powerful mirror shattered instantly under the attack of the Holy Spear.

He wouldn’t fall for the same move twice. As *Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror* resisted the Holy Spear, Tenraku had already shifted to the other side.

Beneath his armor, Tenraku’s expression grew serious.

This couldn’t go on. Unless he dealt with Cao Cao, he wouldn’t be able to rescue Ophis.

In that case…

Unfurling his Dragon Wings, Tenraku soared into the sky, conjuring a colossal scarlet energy sphere that he hurled fiercely at Cao Cao.

“Here it comes!”

Unfazed, Cao Cao also thrust with his Holy Spear. The tip of the spear collided with the massive energy sphere. However, the expected explosion didn’t occur.

Instead, the enormous energy sphere pushed against Cao Cao and the Holy Spear, rapidly descending against them. Then, upon hitting the ground, it vanished in a flash, merging into the shadows!

In the sky, beneath his armor, Tenraku revealed a triumphant smile. In that instant just now, he had activated the ability of the *Shield of the Dark Night – Night Reflection*, pushing Cao Cao into the world of shadows.

While he didn’t expect to seal Cao Cao in that world, as long as he could trap him for a while, it would be enough!

Without further delay, Tenraku spread his Dragon Wings and flew towards Ophis’ location. Although many members of the Hero faction tried to stop him, they were no match for Tenraku. Wherever Tenraku passed, a chorus of screams and a mist of blood followed.


Finally arriving at Ophis’s location, Tenraku let out a long roar, then clenched his fist and struck fiercely at Samael. It was this creature that had entrapped Ophis; attacking it was indeed the most effective approach!

“Wū Wū Wū Wū Wū!!!!!”

Although Samael possessed the power to slay dragons, it didn’t mean it was immune to dragon attacks. Struck by Tenraku, Samael let out a pained howl, and murky black blood splattered in all directions.

Some of the blood landed on Tenraku’s armor, emitting a sizzling sound as it corroded the metal. Tenraku couldn’t help but feel a shiver of fear at Samael’s potent venom and quickly dispelled his armor, creating distance between them.

While he hadn’t completely defeated Samael, Tenraku’s earlier strike had an effect. The flesh cocoon encasing Ophis tore open, revealing her figure.


She seemed unharmed, but Tenraku quickly noticed something amiss. Countless energies were pouring out from Ophis.

That Samael was attempting to seize Ophis’ power!

Just as Tenraku was preparing to take action, a flash of light appeared and Cao Cao, wielding the Holy Spear, appeared.


Impressive, indeed. The shadow world could only hold him for so long.

“You played a little trick just now, didn’t you? Using the Sacred Gear you took from my comrade?” Standing in front of Tenraku, Cao Cao clearly knew about the *Shield of the Dark Night – Night Reflection*’s ability.

“Who knows? But you lot have certainly contributed quite a few Sacred Gears to me.” Tenraku smirked as he spoke, neither confirming nor denying anything.

“Cao Cao, Samael is injured.” A mist coalesced, and Georg also appeared by Cao Cao’s side, reporting to him.

“An important tool got injured, Hades will probably throw a fit.”

“Well, whatever about that. How much of Ophis’ power has been absorbed?”

“About three-quarters, I’d say. It’s already more than half. But the connection between Samael and the mortal world can’t be maintained anymore.”

“That’s enough. Send it back!”

Cao Cao snapped his fingers, and the flesh cocoon encasing Ophis dispersed. The tentacle-like appendages retracted back into Samael’s mouth.

“Wū Wū Wū!”

The light from the magic circle dissipated, and Samael gradually receded back into the magic array.

Though furious and resentful, it was just a tool. Its role was done once it had been used up.

“Cao Cao, this was your true purpose, wasn’t it? To seize Ophis’ power and then create a puppet entirely under your control!” Flashing beside Ophis, Tenraku’s expression grew dark as he spoke to Cao Cao.

The other battles also came to a halt. Members of the Hero faction gathered behind Cao Cao, while Rias’ trio, freed from the light sphere, joined Tenraku along with Irina’s group.

“We saw through your plan, Cao Cao!”

Rias, Akeno, and Yubelluna released their magic power. Xenovia and Irina conjured two massive blades of light. The entire space resounded with a deafening explosion, but Cao Cao and his group had already vanished into the mist…

To be continued…

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