EPHS-Chapter 333 Rias Declares War

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“Stop, Lucy, don’t run!”

“Damn it, we’ll catch you!”

In the hall, Tenraku was teaching Ophis how to play video games. Meanwhile, Ile and Nel, the two mischievous little girls, were chasing after an adorable little Pink Dragon.

“Wū Wū…”

Unable to escape, the little Pink Dragon panicked and rushed into Ophis’s arms, curling up its small head tightly.

This little Pink Dragon was Lucy, the Familiar that Tenraku captured for Asia back in the Forest of Familiars. Asia named her Lucy. Although they had formed a contract, it was essential to nurture a bond with one’s Familiar, so Asia occasionally summoned Lucy to play.

However, since Asia was currently in the kitchen preparing dinner for everyone, it was Ile and Nel who were playing with Lucy.

Unlike the gentle Asia, these two mischievous girls treated Lucy like a toy. The poor little Pink Dragon couldn’t withstand their rough play and fled in a panic, ultimately seeking refuge in Ophis’s embrace.

Perhaps sensing a kinship from Ophis, the pitiful little Pink Dragon only felt safe in her presence.

“Hey, Ophis-Chan, can you give Lucy to us?”

Approaching Ophis, Ile and Nel pleaded, trying to be endearing.

After spending these days together, the members of the household were no longer afraid of Ophis, but they still held a basic reverence for the Dragon God-Sama.


Glancing at the pitiable little Pink Dragon and then at Ile and Nel, Ophis replied.

“Ophis-Chan, how about we trade this with you?”

Their eyes darting around, Ile and Nel then produced an extra-large lollipop to tempt Ophis.

These two little Lolitas were already very familiar with these tactics. When they wanted Ophis to help with something, they only needed to present some snacks and treats to entice her.

Expressionless, but there was a clear hint of wavering in Ophis’s eyes. However, as she looked at the pitiful little Pink Dragon, she hesitated. In her small head, the lollipop and the little Pink Dragon were constantly tipping the scales back and forth.

“You two have had enough. Asia’s Familiar is not your plaything!”

Tapping Ile and Nel’s little heads impatiently, Tenraku also confiscated the lollipops they intended to use to bribe Ophis and then handed them directly to her.

“Wū Wū Wū… Master Tenraku is so biased.”

Holding their small heads, Ile and Nel suddenly teared up, looking very wronged.

Not only did they fail to get the little Pink Dragon, but their cherished lollipops were also confiscated. They were at a loss now.

“You say I’m biased? Alright then, let me show you just how much.”

Grinning widely, Tenraku wore an evil expression. Ile and Nel knew that they were in trouble and they turned around to flee, but he swiftly caught them, one in each hand.

“HāHāHā… It’s so… ticklish, so ticklish!”

“W-We’re sorry, Master Tenraku!”

“N-No, stop, HāHāHā…”

At the dining table, Tenraku and Rias’s group were enjoying a sumptuous dinner. Even the little Pink Dragon Lucy was happily tasting the delicious food in her own dish.

“Tenraku, I’ve already applied to my older brother for it. The next Rating Game will be a duel between you and me.”

Setting down her utensils, Rias suddenly spoke up.

The entire hall fell silent, and even Tenraku couldn’t help but look surprised.

“Rias, are you serious?”

“Do you think I’m joking?”

Looking at Rias’s serious expression, Tenraku knew she was indeed serious. However, that was exactly why he found it somewhat troublesome.

“Rias, we really don’t need to fight. If it’s just a matter of the schedule, I can simply forfeit.”

“Tenraku, are you underestimating us?!” Her tone got lowered, and Rias seemed a bit angry.

“Rias, you should know that I’ve never underestimated you. I’ve always respected you,” Tenraku replied with a sigh.

“Then fight me!”

“We agreed on this from the beginning. We’ll have a fair and square duel. I’ve been working hard for this day!” Rias stood up, her excitement apparent on her face.

She knew she couldn’t match Tenraku, but Rias still wanted to have a battle with him. Even if she ended up losing, she wanted to prove herself to Tenraku.

“AraAra, I’m very eager to have a battle with Tenraku as well.”

“Yeah, me too! Bad guy Tenraku, don’t think you’ve already won against us!”

“After losing to Holy Lord-sama last time, I’ve been itching for a rematch! This time, I’ll wipe away the shame!”

“Senior Tenraku…”

“To have a battle with the Red Dragon Emperor, it seems quite interesting, meow.”

With one comment after another, Akeno, Irina, and the others were all eager to participate. It was clear they were looking forward to the upcoming match.

Understanding the determination of the girls, Tenraku patted his forehead. Then, his eyes gleamed with determination.

“Rias, since you’ve all made up your minds, then let’s battle!”

“I’ll give it my all, so don’t cry if you lose.”

“Hmph, Tenraku, you better not feel embarrassed if you lose to us.”

Smiles played across the lips of Tenraku, Rias, Akeno, and Yubelluna. Their eyes were filled with a fierce determination.

Turning comrades into opponents, they were all intimately familiar with each other. This duel promised to be highly anticipated.

“Oh, I also suggested something to my older brother. There will be some special rules for this match.”

Seemingly inspired by something, Rias suddenly announced.

“Special rules?” Tenraku raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, unprecedented special rules. I can’t reveal them to you just yet, but they’ll surely give you a huge surprise!” Rias’s eyes sparkled as she spoke with a sly smile on her face.

“Hehe, that does sound quite exciting.”

Since Rias promised it would be a surprise, Tenraku didn’t press further. He would eagerly await it.

Although the match between the two had been decided, the specific time was still being arranged in the Underworld. Both Tenraku and Rias were prominent figures among the new generation Devils, and with their wedded relationship, there was no shortage of people eagerly watching this match.

Some were looking forward to it, others were excited. However, what none of them knew at this moment was that a massive upheaval was quietly descending in the darkness…

To be continued…

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