EPHS-Chapter 33 Will Not Lose

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“Woo…Tosca, there are so many people here.”

Hiding behind Tosca, feeling that someone was looking at him from time to time, Gasper cried out.

Glancing at Gasper faintly, Tosca didn’t bother to pay attention to this guy who didn’t have any guts, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at the projection of the sky closely——

“Master Tenraku, you are invincible and you will never lose to anyone!”

“Come on, let me see what you have learned outside these years.”

Looking at Tenraku with a cold look on his face, Riser said proudly, making no secret of his disdain for Tenraku.

Shaking his head, Tenraku felt a little unspeakable subtlety in his heart.

Riser is indeed a genius, this is an undeniable fact, but his weaknesses are also very obvious. If he was not so arrogant and conceited, perhaps he would not have lost to that Hyoudo in the original book.

However, this is a duel that will only conclude after a Winner and Loser have been made and there are no rules, so Tenraku did not intend to remind him.

A sharp light flashed in his eyes, and the ability of [Demonic Sword Creation] was instantly activated, and an ice-blue gorgeous Longsword suddenly appeared in Tenraku’s hands. There was a bit of cold air around the Longsword, instantly freezing the surrounding ground.

“That’s…the Demonic Sword Diradax!”

Someone seemed to recognize the Demonic Sword in Tenraku’s hand at the venue outside the separate space, and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Diradax, a demonic sword that possesses extremely cold freezing power, the legendary powerful Demonic Sword!

“No, the aura of the sword is a bit different, that’s not the real Diradax…”

With great eyesight, Sirzechs on the high seat saw the anomaly, but he couldn’t help being surprised.

Although it is just an imitation of Diradax, the power it exudes is not far from the original one!

A touch of brilliance also appeared on Grayfia’s face next to him, but it was lost in a flash. She took a step forward and announced in that cold and awe-inspiring voice:

“Now, I announce that the duel begins!”

The whole venue cheered, and at the same time, Tenraku and Riser in the different space also started to move and rushed towards each other.

Lailai! ! Click…

With a staggered body, Tenraku bowed and held his sword while Riser had a painful look on his face, and then his entire figure was frozen into an ice sculpture!

Everyone stared fiercely at the battle projection in the air, and the entire venue was so silent that one would be able to hear a needle fall.

Was the Phenex family brothers’ duel so fast that the winner was decided, and the genius brother was killed by the younger brother who was a Waste?

No, not so!


A fire wave soared and the ice sculpture shattered, and the unscathed Riser appeared again!

There was a huge cheer from the entire venue, and many people were shouting Riser’s name.

“If you are at only this level then you can’t beat me, my incompetent younger brother.”

Riser spoke to Tenraku in a ridiculously disdainful voice.

“No, I will win.”

Tenraku answered calmly even as he heard Riser’s words.

The color in his eyes was like electricity, and it was useless to say more, and the two moved again.

The cry of a phoenix bird, the duel of ice and fire, at the moment when the two met, a shocking explosion sounded in the entire space…

Boom! ! Hōng Hōng Hōng!!!

Sword energy crisscrossed, fire waves rolled, and the battle between Tenraku and Riser in a different space was going on fiercely.

Tenraku waved the Demonic Sword in his hand, and Riser was the firework that controlled the phoenix. The two attacked each other without mercy. The fierce battle was so exciting that people shouted out, and the venue outside the space was full of exciting cheers.


At a certain moment, Riser was barely swept by Tenraku’s legs, and he shot out like a meteor and then hit the ground making a huge hole in it.

But the next moment there was another high bird cry and the fire wave rushed into the sky, and the Riser with its wings on its back appeared in the air.


Panting, Riser at this time has no longer the elegant and noble appearance as he did before, and his whole body is covered with slashed sword marks all over his body. His appearance looked extremely embarrassed. On the other hand, Tenraku is not injured at all and he looked the same as he did before.

Everyone was in an uproar. In the previous battle, the genius brother was actually suppressed by the younger Waste brother!

“Master Tenraku…so amazing! So amazing!”

“Master Tenraku, come on!”

With fiery light shining in the pupils, the twin girls named Ile and Nel cheered loudly.

Karlamine was excited, Isabela was surprised, Xuelan, Shuriya, Burent, Siris… even Yubelluna, who was standing in the front, had her beautiful purple lips slightly widened at this time, and her charming face was full of incredible emotions.

Lord Riser was actually suppressed by His Highness Tenraku…

How is this possible!

The figure of the young man who used to wield the wooden sword alone could not help but appear in her mind, small but persistent, Yubelluna couldn’t help but raise a thought in her heart, maybe he can really create a miracle.

Thinking of this, Yubelluna’s heart trembled and she came back to her senses if it really becomes like that…

“How vulgar, how ugly, like a beast!”

The flames burned, and the scars on his body healed quickly, and Riser in the air looked angry and ferocious.

Although he has also practiced some fighting skills, it is far from the Swordsmanship that Tenraku has honed from countless life and death battles. In the previous close combat, he was basically suppressed by Tenraku.

Although these injuries are nothing to Riser, they are regarded as a great shame by him. In front of his father and Great Satan Lucifer, in front of the many Underworld nobles, he, who was favored by the phoenix was actually suppressed, he couldn’t even have imagined this kind of thing!

“Riser, go ahead.”

“Whether it is vulgar or ugly, today I will show you what is truly powerful!”

With a proud and fearless pose, Tenraku is no longer willing to say anything, he will use facts and the sword in his hand to let Riser understand!

“Die, you bastard!”

With an angry expression on his face, Magic Power surged in Riser’s body, and immediately, hundreds of fireballs were condensed by him, he raised his hand and threw them towards Tenraku below.

Hōng Hōng Hōng Boom Boom! ! ! ! !

The flame of the Phoenix is ​​so powerful that even Tenraku would not stupidly choose to confront it in a head-on collision. His body flashed as he dodged the fireballs constantly, and for those he couldn’t dodge, he cut them with his Demonic Sword.


With a leap, Tenraku threw out several icy blue sword auras, but because of the long-distance, they were all easily avoided by the Riser in the air.

“HāHāHāHāHā… Die, Die!”

With a mad laugh, Riser launched an increasingly fierce attack, and endless flames whizzed towards Tenraku.

Although Tenraku was still able to resist at first, he finally couldn’t resist. With a loud bang, Tenraku was drowned in endless flames!

“Tenraku Onii-chan!”

Ravel exclaimed, and the guests watching the game were also in an uproar.

With such a fierce attack, even those present here might not be able to come out alive, not to mention that the Phenex family Fourth Son who was a Waste.

Not even looking at Tenraku’s situation, everyone looked at Riser with a hint of respect. This is a world where strength is respected. Although Riser has just grown up, he has inherited the Bloodline of the Phoenix, and he possesses great strength and is an out-and-out genius.

There would be a place for him in the future of this world!

“Akeno, your sweetheart is in danger.”

On the high seat, Rias chuckled.

Since that guy appeared, Akeno has looked like she was unwilling to even stay here, and Rias couldn’t help feeling a little sour in her heart. At this moment, seeing Tenraku falling into a dangerous situation, Rias was extremely happy, and for a single second, even Riser’s arrogant face was also pleasing to the eye.

“No, he will win.”

Shaking her head, Akeno had a firm expression on her face.

From the moment she saw Tenraku, she knew that her Tenraku would never lose to anyone!

Just because she was worried that someone would take away her good sister when he came back, Rias didn’t look down on Tenraku, and she didn’t say anything.

Dropping her gaze into the battle projection in the air, the girl’s pair of blue eyes also flickered with faint brilliance.

She couldn’t help but think of the figure who asked him to take Akeno away, Rias also looked forward to it a little—

“Kamiya Tenraku, let me see how you create a miracle!”

To be continued…

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