EPHS-Chapter 325 The Perfect Tool

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Tenraku’s voice was calm but firm, causing Katerea’s heart to tighten. She thought Tenraku might be punishing her for the previous incident. Katerea didn’t dare to resist and obediently knelt before Tenraku.

A faint smile graced Tenraku’s lips as he gently caressed Katerea’s cheek. She, the final descendant of Leviathan, once a proud woman, was now nothing more than an obedient tool and slave in his eyes.

Tenraku had ordered her to kneel not to humiliate her or as a punishment for their previous encounter. It was simply more convenient for him to touch her face this way.

“Katerea, you truly are a beautiful woman.”

Tenraku’s praise was sincere as he held Katerea’s face in his hands. Despite having enjoyed her body countless times, she still held an irresistible allure for him.

Her beautiful and seductive appearance, her tall and sensual figure— these were the qualities that drew Tenraku to Katerea. He admired and even respected her for her ruthless ambition, which led her to betray her own body and soul for her ambitions.

Katerea, realizing that Tenraku had no intentions of punishing her for her past actions, breathed a sigh of relief and allowed a seductive smile to grace her lips.

“Everything I have belongs to you,” she declared, lowering her head in submission.

Tenraku didn’t pay much attention to the somewhat enigmatic expression on her face. Rather than saying that she submitted to Kamiya Tenraku, it was more accurate to say that she submitted to his power. A woman as proud, ruthless, and ambitious as Katerea would only kneel before strength.

Such women were dangerous, and the weak had no right to touch them. Only true strong individuals deserved to possess them. Because Tenraku possessed absolute power, Katerea submitted to him, becoming an outstanding tool and an exquisite plaything in his hands.

“Do you know what this is?”

Tenraku produced a black jade jewel and held it up for Katerea to see.

Recognizing the aura of a Sacred Gear, Katerea didn’t hesitate but was unsure of Tenraku’s intentions.

“Yes, this is a Sacred Gear, and it’s one of the highest-ranked Longinus—’Tools that Destroy God.’ It’s the ‘Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker’ that I acquired from the Hero Faction last time, a Longinus that can create any Demonic Beast through imagination.”

Upon hearing Tenraku’s explanation, Katerea’s eyes flashed with interest. She was well aware of this Longinus and had even witnessed Tenraku using it in their battle against the Hero Faction. He had created a powerful nine-tailed fox and hundreds of other formidable Demonic Beasts with it.

While it might not match the destructive power of the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing in terms of individual power, its potential for danger far exceeded them. With this Sacred Gear’s ability properly utilized, it could easily destroy a city or even a country.

“Do you want it?”

Seeing the desire in Katerea’s eyes, Tenraku’s smile grew.

“I do!”

Katerea’s response was passionate and without hesitation. She was a smart woman and didn’t see the need to hide her desire at this moment.

Tenraku was pleased with Katerea’s reaction. While he did intend to grant her this Longinus, he wouldn’t do so easily.

“Please me.”

From a position of authority, Tenraku gave his command. The uniformed girl who had been providing a special service with her assets to Tenraku rose shyly, making room for Katerea.

Katerea quickly understood Tenraku’s intentions.

“Yes, my Master.”

Taking a few steps forward, Katerea moistened her lips and then lowered her proud head to please Tenraku.

With closed eyes, Tenraku displayed a contented expression, ready to indulge in the moment.

“Her skills have improved…”

Initially, Tenraku had considered sharing the “Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker” Sacred Gear with his Queen, Yubelluna. However, after considering Yubelluna’s attributes, he decided that the “Longinus” might not be suitable for her. It was only after witnessing Katerea’s return from her injuries that he made the decision to grant it to her.

As an essential tool for recruiting believers for Tenraku, Katerea needed to enhance her strength. Besides, the “Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker” Sacred Gear was quite compatible with her abilities.

Tenraku wasn’t concerned about Katerea rebelling against him. Both her body and soul had already submitted to him. Even if, by some strange chance, she did betray him one day, he could easily retrieve everything he had granted her with a mere thought.

Opening his eyes and observing Katerea diligently pleasing him, Tenraku didn’t go back on his word. He raised his hand and transferred the “Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker” into her body.

Although it wasn’t as dramatic as taking a Sacred Gear by force, fusing with a Sacred Gear still caused some level of pain, especially when it involved a powerful Sacred Gear like the “Longinus.”

Katerea couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan as pain contorted her face. However, despite the agony, this woman, known for her cruelty to others, continued to please Tenraku without interruption.

Truly a perfect tool and plaything, Tenraku closed his eyes, allowing Katerea to fully utilize her abilities.

Several hours later…

“Katerea, once you’ve rested, set off immediately. Cease your activities in Hinduism’s territory and continue recruiting believers elsewhere.”

Tenraku, dressed in his clothes, issued his command to Katerea.

“Yes, Master.”

Prostrate on the ground, Katerea responded dreamily.

The room was littered with fragments of various clothing, and the dozen uniformed girls were scattered around, each covered in the marks of their sins. Some had even fainted from exhaustion.

As Tenraku left, leaving Katerea under his special care, she finally couldn’t hold on any longer and lay down on the ground.

Despite the marks of domination all over her body, Katerea wore an ecstatic expression, feeling the immense power granted to her from within.

She was one step closer, one step closer to her ambition!

Someday, she would reclaim the throne that belonged to her and restore the glory of the Leviathan lineage!

No, by following that man, perhaps she could go even further!

Even though she had betrayed her body and soul, Katerea felt that this was the most correct decision of her life.

She would do everything in her power to please that man!



Unable to contain herself, Katerea’s room echoed with her twisted and maniacal laughter…

To be continued…

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