EPHS-Chapter 318 Kuroka’s Resolve

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“Kuroka, are you serious?” Narrowing his eyes, Tenraku spoke up.

“Well, of course I’m serious, nyaa. Let me ask again, Red Dragon Emperor, do you want me?”

“I do!”

Kuroka asked with a soft tone, and Tenraku nodded. If this woman was serious, he saw no reason to pretend.

He truly desired her!

“Hehehe… Can you tell me why? And it better not just be because you’re lusting after my beauty, nyaa.” Kuroka inquired with a smile on her lips.

Although Tenraku wasn’t sure what this woman was up to, he didn’t mind sharing his thoughts.

“Of course, physical beauty is an important aspect. Besides that, your strength is impressive, you’re intelligent, and your determination to do anything to protect Koneko-Chan is something I admire. While your personality might have some quirks, I don’t mind them. In fact, your uniqueness is intriguing.”

“Of course, your role as Koneko-Chan’s elder sister is also a significant point.”

“That’s about it. Are you satisfied now?”

Tenraku had laid out his views on Kuroka, and he awaited her response.


“You are really worthy of your name, Red Dragon Emperor!”

“Hehehe… Hahaha…”

Covering her belly, Kuroka laughed heartily, tears almost forming in her eyes.

This guy sure had a direct way of speaking!

“All right, you’ve passed, Red Dragon Emperor. If you dare to have me, then I’m yours.”

Finally regaining her composure, Kuroka declared.

“You’re willing to offer yourself to me… I’d like to hear your reasons too.”

With a glint in his eyes, Tenraku didn’t show much excitement but rather asked for clarification. He couldn’t believe that such a simple deal was being offered.

“Well, I’ve thought it through, nyaa. Regardless of Shirone’s situation, you, the lustful Red Dragon Emperor, aren’t planning to spare any women in the house, are you?”

Kuroka stared at Tenraku intensely, her eyes burning with determination. Tenraku felt a bit embarrassed by her directness.

As Kuroka had said, he had no intentions of sparing any women in the house. Apart from the already corrupted Rias and her girls, he had thoughts of grooming and training younger girls like Ile, Nel, and Kunou.

As for Rossweisse, the drowsy Valkyrie, he had been intentionally getting closer to her, and once the opportunity arose, he planned to conquer her completely.

However, these were not reasons good enough for Kuroka to willingly offer herself to him.

Seeming to understand Tenraku’s doubts, Kuroka continued: “Although you’re a greedy and domineering Red Dragon Emperor, I believe you’re a reliable man. You’re a thousand times better than those scumbags who only use women’s bodies.”

“Of course, as the host of the Two Heavenly Dragons, you have an enormous allure to any woman. That’s an undeniable fact. Even I desire your powerful genes, nyaa.”

As she said this, Kuroka even teased Tenraku by stroking herself with a seductive look, leaving Tenraku cursing her inwardly.


“Tell me, Kuroka, what do you really want? I can’t believe you’d offer yourself just for these reasons.”

“Hehehe… You’ve seen through me, nyaa. Of course, it’s not that simple.”

“Red Dragon Emperor, if you promise to protect Shirone forever, to cherish and never harm her, then I’ll be yours.”

“No, I should say that all of us sisters will be yours!”

Sitting up, Kuroka laid out her conditions.

“Just these conditions?”

Furrowing his brow, Tenraku was somewhat surprised. He had expected much stricter conditions from this seductive woman.

“How’s that? Do you think it’s simple? But for me, it’s the most important thing!”

Staring directly at Tenraku, Kuroka had a serious expression.

“You don’t need to tell me; I would have protected Koneko-Chan forever and never harmed her. But since this is the condition you’ve proposed, I’ll reaffirm it.”

“I, Kamiya Tenraku, will forever protect Koneko-Chan, cherish her, and I will absolutely not harm her!”

“Now, are you satisfied?”

Equally serious, Tenraku made his commitment.

“Red Dragon Emperor, until you break your promise, both Shirone and I belong to you…”

Leaning over to Tenraku’s ear, Kuroka whispered, her voice filled with allure. Then she reclined once more, striking a seductive pose.

“Come on, you’ve been lusting after this body for a long time, haven’t you?”

Her face rapidly turned red, Kuroka’s breath grew heavier, and her demeanor exuded irresistible sensuality.

“You’re in heat?”

Observing Kuroka’s behavior, Tenraku couldn’t help but be surprised.

“We, the adult Nekoshou, can control our estrus period freely. Right now, I want your child; I want your genes.”

“Give it to me!”

With her eyes in a daze, Kuroka’s speech became somewhat slurred.

With a deep sigh, Tenraku couldn’t help but marvel at the wonders of the Nekomata race.

Unable and unwilling to refuse, now in his wolf form, Tenraku pounced!

After a while…

“Tenraku-senior, I… I…”

Koneko-Chan’s voice, which had awakened at some point, was now bright red. It seemed she couldn’t control herself, and she squeezed herself between Tenraku and Kuroka.

“Red… Red Dragon Emperor, Shirone has awakened, please help her!”

Almost exhausted, Kuroka had to exert all her strength to push away Tenraku, who was raging within her.

“Leave it to me.”

With a slight smile, Tenraku held Koneko-Chan in his arms. Koneko-Chan was still young, so Tenraku naturally wouldn’t do anything that could harm her body. However, he gently helped her alleviate her physical desires.

With both his mouth and hands in action, the room soon resumed the wicked scenes once more…

To be continued…

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