EPHS-Chapter 309 Rias’ Alertness

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Tenraku felt a slight sense of melancholy as he had been flirted with by a woman! Even though the woman was undeniably beautiful and enticing, and according to Rias, held significant power and status, he still couldn’t help but feel a bit displeased.

Roygun Belphegor didn’t hide her desire to possess and conquer Tenraku. Her gaze toward him was akin to a hungry wolf eyeing a tender lamb. This challenged Tenraku’s sense of male dignity.

He had always been the wolf, not the lamb! He wasn’t going to be anyone’s prey!

However, before Tenraku could say anything, Rias interjected, blocking his way.

“Lord Roygun, Tenraku is my fiance!”

Rias stood in front of Tenraku, her tone slightly irritated. Though she respected and even admired the woman before her, she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was trying to take Tenraku away from her.

“Heh… Rias seems quite concerned about him.”

“Then let’s make a deal, Rias. If you hand over Kamiya Tenraku to me, I can satisfy any condition you have.”

With an interested gaze, Roygun looked at both Tenraku and Rias before making her proposal.

“There’s no need for that!” Rias rejected the offer without hesitation. She had entrusted her heart and soul to Tenraku. In her world, nothing else held the same value as he did.

“What a stubborn little princess you are. And you, Kamiya Tenraku, would you come to my side?”

“If you join me, I can offer you unprecedented satisfaction and joy…”

Seeing that Rias was unmovable, Roygun shifted her attention back to Tenraku. She teased him while licking her red lips, her intentions clear.

Feeling provoked, Tenraku internally cursed the seductive woman. However, she was underestimating him— Kamiya Tenraku. She seemed to believe he was the type who would lose control at the sight of a woman.

“I’m sorry, Miss Roygun. Although your beauty is indeed tempting, I won’t betray Rias.”

Holding onto Rias’s waist, Tenraku made his stance clear.

Witnessing Tenraku resist even such temptation, Seekvaira’s eyes sparkled with admiration. Rias pretended to huff in indifference, but deep down, she felt warmth and moved by Tenraku’s loyalty.

This wicked man was worth entrusting everything to.

“Little guy, do you know you’re the first man to reject me?”

Touching Tenraku’s cheek, Roygun emitted a powerful queenly aura as she spoke. Her beautiful eyes gleamed with a dangerous light.

“I’m honored, Miss Roygun. I didn’t expect to be your first.”

“And I’m curious, what happened to the men who didn’t reject you?”

Unfazed, Tenraku smiled back.

This woman dared to be so domineering in his presence. Tenraku didn’t mind playing along and teasing her.

Akeno and Yubelluna blushed. Rias shot a less-than-amused look at someone. Meanwhile, Roygun Belphegor next to them playfully touched her own red lips and laughed coquettishly.

“Hehehe… Kamiya Tenraku, you’re truly an interesting guy. I’m growing more fond of you!”

“I simply discarded those who were only after my beauty and status. Why would I let them stay to disgust me?” With a strong queenly presence, Roygun coldly responded.

Tenraku finally understood. If he had agreed earlier, he might have been the next one discarded!

Heh heh, what an intriguing woman!

“We still need to visit Sairaorg. Let’s end it here.”

“Rias, keep a close eye on your man. Don’t let other women take him away.”

“Kamiya Tenraku, I will make you mine eventually. Looking forward to seeing you again.”

Heh heh heh… With a seductive sway of her hips, Roygun waved and departed with her Peerage. Seekvaira also gave Tenraku and Rias a nod of apology before leaving with her Peerage as well.

Both Tenraku and the girls from Rias’ peerage were left speechless. On one hand, Roygun Belphegor advised Rias to watch over Tenraku and not let other bad women snatch him away, but on the other hand, Roygun herself played the role of the bad woman by declaring her intention to make Tenraku hers. She was indeed a contradictory individual.

“Getting the attention of Lady Roygun, are you feeling pretty proud?” Rias quipped, looking at Tenraku with a touch of sourness.

Roygun Belphegor wasn’t just the current family lord of House Belphegor; she was a woman of both beauty and power. Her pursuers in the Underworld were as numerous as fish in the sea. For a moment, Rias worried that Tenraku might not be able to resist such temptation.

“What’s wrong, Rias? Do you lack confidence in me?” Tenraku touched Rias’ cheek affectionately and grinned.

“Wh-who lacks confidence?” Blushing, Rias turned her head away, clearly flustered.

It wasn’t her fault either. Roygun was a woman who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Serafall and Grayfia. Even Rias felt the pressure when facing someone of her caliber.

After this incident, Rias became more alert. With Tenraku’s fame growing, more women were setting their sights on him. It seemed she needed to take action.

She wouldn’t allow those seductive women to steal her Tenraku!

Hmm, as for the most direct way to capture Tenraku’s body and heart…

“No, I can’t take it anymore… I can’t…”

With a dazed expression on her face, Rias pleaded while gazing at Tenraku who was moving atop her.

Beside Rias were Akeno, Xenovia, Irina, Asia, and Yubelluna, but each one of them had become incapacitated and couldn’t help the poor Rias.


As Tenraku held her legs over his shoulders, Rias trembled uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled back, and she passed out from the sensation.

“Rias, next time, cheer on properly…”

Bending down to her ear, Tenraku whispered with a mischievous tone. Then he tucked the girls under the covers and put on a robe before leaving the room.

In the luxurious and spacious bath, the mist veiled the surroundings. As Tenraku entered, several female figures were already waiting inside. It was Marion, Burent, and Shuriya.

“Lord Tenraku!”

With anticipation and shyness, the three girls quickly stepped forward to greet him.

“Shuriya, dance for me.”

Holding Marion’s hand, Tenraku entered the bath and instructed Shuriya, who was nearby.

“Yes, Lord Tenraku.”

Shuriya, known for her dancing skills, was adept at various styles. Occasionally, Tenraku would have her perform for him and the others at home. Following Tenraku’s command, she immediately began dancing, displaying her graceful figure and elegant dance moves for her master.

Marion and Burent gently washed Tenraku’s body. They enjoyed their duties while watching Shuriya’s dance. Tenraku wore a contented smile on his face.

Within Tenraku’s peerage, except for Mira, Ile, and Nel, who still needed a few more years to mature, most of the girls had already been ‘consumed’ by Tenraku. Now, only Marion, Burent, and Shuriya remained.

Tonight was the moment Tenraku intended to pamper them.

He knew well what was going to happen, and while the girls felt shy yet excited, Marion took the initiative and pressed her soft lips to his. Burent, meanwhile, offered a special service underwater.

The sound of flowing water filled the air. Shuriya noticed what was transpiring and, despite her blushing cheeks, danced even more energetically to entertain her master and sisters.



Before long, Shuriya couldn’t hold back any longer. Pulled by an invisible force, she joined in as well…

To be continued…

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