EPHS-Chapter 299 Consecutive Victories Part 2

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Isabela shivered, falling silent.

Yes, they were both Tenraku-Sama’s Peerage, bound by life and death as sisters and comrades. What was she still acting coy for?

“I’m sorry, Xuelan, for worrying you.”

“Even though I’m a useless companion, please continue to help me in the future!”

Letting out a sigh, Isabela solemnly spoke.

“Of course!”

Seeing Isabela finally coming to terms with things, a smile appeared on Xuelan’s face.


As the two spoke, Ladora, in her transformed Giant Dragon form, descended from the sky. His enormous body caused the ground to shake incessantly upon impact.

“Xuelan, this one’s formidable. Be cautious.”

“Ah, I know.”

Huddled close together, Isabela and Xuelan kept a vigilant eye on the approaching Giant Dragon.

Though it paled in comparison to the Dual Heavenly Dragons that their Lord Tenraku possessed, a dragon was still a dragon. The pressure emanating from the creature remained incredibly intense for the two young women.

Moreover, at this moment, the Giant Dragon exuded a palpable malevolence, its body covered in various scorched punch marks and ruptured bloodstains. One didn’t need to ask to imagine how brutal Isabela’s previous battle had been.

To fight against such a powerful opponent to this extent, Isabela, you’re definitely not weak at all!

“Isabela, can you still fight?”

“Ah, I can go on for as long as it takes!”

“Hold him off for a moment, then I’ll use the Hundred-Times gravity fist on him.”

“Got it!”

With the battle strategy decided, the two women immediately sprang into action. Isabela took the lead, charging forward with a step.


Shouting out, Isabela unleashed a punch, only for it to be blocked by the Giant Dragon’s front claw.

Without any sign of disappointment, Isabela smirked instead. Sidestepping, she firmly clung to the Giant Dragon’s wrist.

“Lie down for me!”

Feeling bloodthirsty and cold-hearted, Isabela disregarded everything as she channeled the magic power within her, then, amidst the crowd’s gasps, used a technique that seemed akin to a shoulder throw, slamming the massive body of the Giant Dragon onto the ground!

“It’s time, Xuelan!”

Suppressing the Giant Dragon relentlessly, Isabela shouted.

Isabela had created an opportunity at great risk to herself, and Xuelan naturally wouldn’t let it slip. Almost the instant the Giant Dragon toppled, Xuelan sprang into action.

“Hundred-Times—— Gravity fist!”

Appearing in a flash, Xuelan’s fist rained down on the Giant Dragon’s body like torrential rain.


In agony, the Giant Dragon condensed a fireball, intending to attack Xuelan, but Isabela, at its side, would not let it succeed.

“Your opponent is me!” Jumping up, Isabela delivered a fierce punch to the Giant Dragon’s head. Simultaneously, the half-formed fireball detonated in the creature’s mouth!

Boom! Long!

A blaze soared, and the Giant Dragon unleashed another agonizing roar. Isabela, caught in the scorching heat, was flung away by the fiery wave.

“It’s over!”

Thanks to Isabela buying time, Xuelan managed to land a hundred punches on the Giant Dragon. As Isabela leaped back, the crushing force of a hundred times gravity erupted upon the Giant Dragon almost instantaneously.


In a painful wail, the overwhelming gravity caused the ground beneath the Giant Dragon to collapse continuously. The creature struggled to get up but repeatedly fell back down.

Amidst a cacophony of crunching bones, the Giant Dragon’s body shrank, slowly reverting to the form of the tall and thin man it once was, right before everyone’s eyes.

Like Gandoma before, the tall and thin man’s nose and mouth were oozing blood. After a few feeble struggles, he fainted.

“Ohhhhh… ‘Rook’ Sairaorg’s subordinate is leaving the stage. This round of the competition is won by Team Kamiya Tenraku once again!”

As the host’s announcement rang out, Xuelan and Isabela, supporting each other, revealed exhilaration.

“Isabela, we’ve won!”

“Ah, we’ve won!!!”

Though their opponent had been formidable, they had ultimately emerged victorious.

Brilliant light shone as all the Peerage members were teleported from the alternate dimension. Lord Tenraku and the other female members of the team, Yubelluna and her companions, rushed to catch Isabela, who they had been anxiously waiting for.

Xuelan was relatively fine, her magic power consumption could be restored with some rest. However, Isabela’s condition was dire. The fact that she managed to hold on until the end was almost miraculous.

“Isabela, you did well.” Unconcerned by the dirt and bloodstains on the girl’s face, Lord Tenraku embraced her, swiftly tending to her injuries as he whispered into her ear.

Among Lord Tenraku’s Peerage, Isabela’s talents weren’t particularly outstanding, but she was undeniably hardworking— a fact that Lord Tenraku had always known.

“Lord Tenraku…”

A relieved smile appeared on Isabela’s blood-streaked cheeks, then her body went limp, and she fainted.

With this, Team Tenraku had secured two consecutive victories. The value of each 【Rook】 was five points, added to the score earned in the previous Knight battle, the scoreboard above Team Tenraku displayed the number thirteen, while Team Sairaorg remained at zero.

“Sairaorg must be quite anxious by now…”

Having entrusted Isabela’s care to Yubelluna and her group, Lord Tenraku’s lips curved into a slight smile.

The situation had become extremely unfavorable for Team Sairaorg. As Tenraku had anticipated, Sairaorg was currently deeply troubled.

“Indeed, Kamiya Tenraku, worthy of being the man I acknowledge. Even your Peerage is so formidable. This is quite a crisis…” Glancing at the large zero above his head, Sairaorg couldn’t help but rub his forehead.

If they were to lose the next Queen battle, it was likely he wouldn’t even have the chance to take the stage. That would truly be a massive mishap.

Liban Crocell and Beluga Furcas looked embarrassed. Gandoma Balam and Ladora Buné, who had been treated and regained consciousness, wore expressions of shame. Four grown men had lost to four women on the opposing side; they felt rather embarrassed.

“Kuisha, we can’t afford to lose the next battle!”

Sairaorg didn’t blame his Peerage members. Instead, he addressed the woman standing beside him in a serious tone.

Elegant in demeanor, exuding beauty, her golden hair cascading in a long ponytail— this woman was Kuisha Abaddon, Sairaorg’s 【Queen】.

“Don’t worry, Sairaorg. Have I ever let you down before? I’ll bring victory back to you.” Brushing her long hair behind her ear, Kuisha wore a confident smile on her face as she spoke.

The opposing 【Queen】, known as “Bomb Queen,” is a formidable opponent. The two 【Bishops】 were not to be underestimated either. But considering Kuisha’s abilities, Sairaorg felt reassured. In the next battle, they should not lose again.

Well, hopefully…

To be continued…

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