EPHS-Chapter 295 Knight Battle (Part 1)

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A gentle breeze rustled through the vast grassland, leaving no trace behind as it did so. With a flash of light, the Knights from both sides appeared on the battlefield.

Karlamine and Siris became focused as they watched the two men across from them with vigilance.

Sairaorg’s two Knights were a golden-haired handsome guy clad in light armor with a sword at his side, and a younger boy in thick armor who also held a helmet and rode a steed emitting blue-white flames.

“We are Knights in service to Lord Sairaorg—”

“Liban Crocell.”

“Beluga Furcas.”

With a hand pressed to their chests, the golden-haired handsome guy and the young Knight introduced themselves.

“We are Knights in service to Tenraku-Sama—”



With a calm demeanor, Karlamine and Siris also courteously announced their names.

“It’s an honor for us to fight against two beautiful misses. However, for the sake of our lord’s victory, we won’t hold back later.” With a smile on his face, the golden-haired handsome guy named Liban Crocell spoke.

“That works just fine!” Giving a cold smile in return, Karlamine and Siris exuded confidence as they spoke.

If the opponents underestimated them because they were women, they would make them pay the price for that!

“Oh, the momentum is quite impressive.”

“Both sides’ Knights, get ready. Now, I declare that the match officially begins!”

As the host’s announcement echoed, the viewing audience erupted into massive cheers. In the separate dimension, the Knights from both sides began to move—

“Beluga, let’s go!”

“Got it!”

The golden-haired handsome guy drew his sword, and the young boy named Beluga put on his helmet. Then, the two of them charged toward their opponents.

Locking eyes, Karlamine and Siris conjured Demonic Swords and Holy Swords in their hands. Simultaneously, they thrust the swords into the ground beneath their feet:

“Demonic Sword Creation – Sword Birth!”

“Holy Sword Creation – Blade Blacksmith!”

Blinding light emanated as sharp Demonic Swords and Holy Swords emerged from the ground, forming a dense barrier in front of the two women. Liban Crocell and Beluga Furcas charging towards them immediately found themselves in a perilous situation.


Although Liban Crocell had tried his best to dodge, he was caught off guard and was scratched by the Holy Sword and Demonic Sword. Meanwhile, Beluga, who was about to be attacked, saw his steed beneath him transform into a blur and take to the air, protecting its master.

“Impressive! Tenraku-Sama’s Knights have unleashed their powerful moves right at the start!”

“Oh, oh, both sides have quite the momentum. Governor General Azazel, could you explain this?”

“They’re using the abilities of 【Holy Sword Creation – Blade Blacksmith】 and 【Demonic Sword Creation – Sword Birth】. I didn’t expect Tenraku to provide these two Sacred Gears to his Knights. Sairaorg’s Knights are in trouble now.”

As the host and Azazel exchanged explanations, the entire arena buzzed with excitement at the thrilling start.

“Karlamine, Siris, defeat them! Defeat them!”

“Karlamine Onee Sama, Siris Onee Sama, Gooo!”

From the VIP seats, Ravel and Kunou shouted loudly, while in a separate dimension, Karlamine and Siris moved once again.

“Siris, I’ll handle the Knight from House of Furcas. You take care of the one from House of Crocell.”


Focusing on their respective opponents, Karlamine took to the air with a step, while Siris brandished her Holy Sword and charged toward her adversary…

Clang, Clang! Clang, Clang, Clang!

In the sky, two blurred figures clashed at extreme speed.

The clash of swords rang out, sparks flew, and then there was another collision before the figures of Karlamine, who was slightly out of breath, and Beluga, who is still mounted on his steed, appeared.

“Haha… Not bad at all, the Knight from Tenraku-Sama Peerage is indeed impressive. Let’s go again!” With hearty laughter, Beluga whipped the reins, and his steed transformed into a blur again as he charged towards Karlamine.

Zi, Zi, Zi…

Going sideways and wielding her sword horizontally, Karlamine narrowly avoided the charging attack. Utilizing the 【Knight】’s extreme speed, she quickly distanced herself from her opponent. However, in the blink of an eye, Beluga, astride his magical steed, pursued her again!

“Both sides are incredibly fast. If you’re not careful, you won’t be able to follow their movements.”

“The attribute of a 【Knight】 is speed, so their fast movement is only natural.”

“Beluga’s Knight’s steed seems unique, not only is it burning with blue-white flames but also moving swiftly and nimbly. Knight Karlamine’s is in for a tough fight.”

“That’s the ‘Pale Horse’ living in the depths of Hell named Altobrau. It’s often used as a mount by some high-class Devils and Reapers. It’s an advanced Demonic Beast known as Death and the Horse that Shatters,” Explained the host.

“The Pale Horse has a volatile temperament. It can burn or kick its own master if displeased. It’s difficult to control. However, Furcas happens to be the family that governs horses. The young man named Beluga is obviously a genius in horse riding. His coordination with his mount is nearly perfect. It won’t be easy for Karlamine to defeat their combination,” Added one of the judges, describing the situation in the arena.

In the skies above the arena, the host and three guest judges discussed the battle.

And as they mentioned, Karlamine had indeed fallen into a fierce struggle!

As a Knight of Sairaorg, Beluga possessed exceptional swordsmanship skills. Moreover, his mount, the Pale Horse, was highly formidable. Its speed, agility, and strength far exceeded Karlamine’s capabilities as a Knight.

Attempts were made by Karlamine to eliminate the challenging magical steed first, but each time Karlamine tried to attack the Pale Horse, Beluga intercepted her. Beluga had achieved a unity between man and horse, making it a daunting task to defeat his combination.

Karlamine was indeed in a tough battle. Though the outcome was uncertain for the moment, on the other side, the duel between Siris and Liban Crocell was turning intense—

Liban Crocell, who had sustained injuries from the beginning, was bombarded by Siris’ relentless attacks. With his aversion to the Holy Sword as a Devil, the unfortunate golden-haired handsome guy found himself retreating in the face of Siris’ onslaught.

“It’s over!” Leaping into the air, Siris raised her Holy Sword high, preparing to deliver the final blow to Liban Crocell.

However, despite being cornered, Liban Crocell wasn’t panicked. Instead, a glimmer of relief flashed across his eyes and a strange light flickered in his eyes and in the next moment:

“Ah!” With a cry of pain, Siris suddenly crashed to the ground. The space around her seemed to distort slightly, causing the ground beneath her to continuously sink.

“What…?” Although she hadn’t sustained any injuries, Siris’ expression showed the strain as she struggled to stand up while supporting her sword.

Despite her disbelief, the gravity around her suddenly surged several times over.

To be continued…

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