EPHS-Chapter 28 Hero

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Underworld, Gremory Main Residence——

On the huge training ground, a maiden with wings on her back is floating in the air.

The long black hair is tied into a beautiful ponytail. The girl’s face is delicate. At the age of thirteen or fourteen, a red and white witch’s long skirt is fluttering in the air——

It is Akeno who got separated from Tenraku a few years ago!

At a certain moment, Akeno slowly raised one of her jade hands and then suddenly opened her eyes:

“Thunder and Lightning!”

Crackling …

A huge Magic array was displayed above Akeno’s head, and then a series of silver-colored Thunder and Lightning shot down, hitting the ground below with a burst of roar.

The dust billowed and the electric light rushed up. When everything calmed down, the once-solid and huge site was devastated, and all around were the ruins destroyed by Thunder and Lightning!

As she landed slowly to the ground, Akeno also gasped slightly, but looking at the power shown by her attack, her eyes were full of joy that couldn’t be concealed.

After countless efforts, she has finally become stronger!

Pa pa pa …

A burst of applause sounded, and two more figures came over—

A Red-Haired Princess and a Silver-Haired girl.

“That’s my Queen, Akeno, your Thunder and Lightning attacks are getting stronger and stronger.”

The Red-Haired Princess, Rias Gremory, applauded while applauding.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help,” Akeno said modestly while shaking her head.

Although she inherited the ability of Thunder and Lightning from her mother, it would have been impossible for her to grow to this stage in such a short time without the vigorous training of the Gremory family. Akeno deeply understood this and she is also very grateful to the Rias and Gremory family who helped her.

“Akeno, towel.”

A small hand gently pulled Akeno and passed a towel. It was the Silver-Haired girl who appeared with Rias.

“Thank you, Koneko Chan.”

Rubbing the girl’s forehead lovingly, Akeno also took the towel with a smile.

Toujou Shirone, the girl’s name, Koneko is just an alias that Rias has giver her and she is also another of Rias Peerage just like Akeno.

Looking at her two Peerages members, Rias sighed for a while.

She will not mention Koneko for the time being but Agrippa has rated Akeno as having excellent potential. Sure enough, Akeno is getting stronger every day after coming to Gremory’s house. Akeno’s rapid growth has even amazed Rias, who has always been a visionary.

Despite the stress of being the owner, Rias is not jealous.

Akeno is a member of her Peerage, she is her Queen, her companion, she is also happy as she witnessed Akeno’s continuous growth.

“Oh, Rias, has there been any news of Tenraku?”

Thinking of something, Akeno suddenly asked, and Rias, who was still smiling, became stiff.

“Tenraku Tenraku, Akeno ask about Tenraku every day.”

Like a little angry child, Rias hugged his hands in front of her and pouted.

“Ah, ah, Rias, are you jealous?”

Leaning to Rias’ ear, Akeno smiled playfully.

“No, I am… be jealous … who is jealous? I don’t have any jealous!”

The pure Rias is simply not Akeno’s opponent and she shuttered.

“Rias is blushing.”

“Woo … I am not!”

“You are!”


At each other’s words, the fight soon developed into a arms and legs war, they tore at each other’s clothes and it took a long time before they could even settle down and they did when Koneko pulled them apart.

“Hā … Hā … Rias, can you tell me Tenraku news now.”

Her skirts were pulled apart by the fierce evil princess but she won the fight by an inch and Akeno smiled as she breathed.

Looking at Akeno’s proud look, Rias gritted her teeth. 

Although she was unhappy, Rias finally said:

“That guy’s been hiding somewhere lately, and I haven’t heard anything from Gremory’s house about him.”


Not thinking that Rias would deceive herself, Akeno’s eyes looked sad.

She hasn’t heard from Tenraku in a long time …

“Come on, he is also a descendant of Phenex Clan, he will be fine.”

Looking at Akeno’s sad face, Rias couldn’t take it anymore and quickly comforted.

Nodding her head, Akeno also believed that Tenraku would be fine, but her thoughts not only did not fade over time, but became more intense…

“Akeno, that Tenraku, is he an important person?”

Not knowing how many times she had heard of this name from Akeno’s mouth, Koneko asked with her head tilted up, curiosity shimmering in her gem-like eyes.

Gently touching Koneko’s forehead, Akeno looked at the sky in the distance and spoke:

“Ah, he is my most important person and he is my Hero …”

Romania, Vampire field-

After the chaos two years ago, the castle where the Half-Breeds were confined was strictly guarded. Layers of barriers enveloped the huge building, people outside could go in, but people inside could never come out again.

Instead of the old days, all the little vampires gathered in the courtyard of the castle and looked at the man in the middle of the courtyard who had trampled one of their companions on the ground. Their eyes were full of fear.

“Now, my lovely younger sister, show me your power, your cursed powers from Gods.”

A Longsword pierced the man’s throat under his feet and he kept stirring it back and forth and smiled darkly.

Her face was white and her lips were clenched. Facing the sudden appearance of this man who claimed to be her older brother, Valerie felt nothing but fear. But watching the little Vampire on the ground screaming and pleading, Valerie finally walked over.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and the man stopped his movements and pulled out Longsword to one side.

“Tenraku Sama, I am sorry I disobeyed your orders …”

Recalling Tenraku’s warning, Valerie regretted her actions.

As Lord Tenraku said, she has a Sacred Gear called [Holy Grail of the Secluded World-Sephiroth Graal], and she awakened Sacred Gear’s power not long ago.

Lord Tenraku warned her not to use that power, but a few days ago, an injured bird fell on her and she originally intended to ignore it, but in the end, she still used the power of Sacred Gear’s to save it. But the result was accidentally seen by others, so it has now come to this…

Anxious and nervous, under everyone’s gaze, Valerie could only lean down and put her hands on the wound in front of Little Vampire.

Seeing a holy ray of light from Valerie’s hand, the bleeding wound in front of the little Vampire healed quickly, and it only took a few seconds for him to recover completly.

Such a powerful healing ability was unheard of and everyone was stunned with an unbelievable expression on their face. The male Vampire, who was not far away, stared at Valerie, and a pair of crimson eyes burst out with a surprise light.

“It really is it! It really is it!”

“HāHāHāHāHā …”

As if he knew something, the man started to laugh crazily, everyone was abashed, and Valerie was so scared that she just stood there without even moving.

She didn’t know what she should do, and what fate would have her face next …

To be continued …

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