EPHS-Chapter 269 Demonic Words of an Angel

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The mist in the air gradually dispersed, and the members of the Hero Faction had already retreated. Raynare, Rossweisse, and the women of Katerea had gathered around Tenraku.

“Master, how should we handle these prisoners?” Katerea asked as she dragged over a dozen women dressed in uniforms.

“If you deliberately left them behind, then you already know what to do, don’t you? Bring them back and brainwash them.”

Tenraku lifted Katerea’s chin, understanding her intentions clearly.


“Yes, my master.”

Katerea smiled seductively and the female magicians bowed to Tenraku before taking the prisoners back to the Saints and Demons Hall.


Just then, the ground trembled, and several loud roars echoed in the distance.

Tenraku and the others looked over and saw that the spiritual energy of the entire Kyoto was still converging into the nine-tailed fox form of Yasaka Princess. Since the Hero Faction had left, the nine-tailed fox had gone completely berserk and was causing destruction everywhere.

“Tenraku-sama, please save Okaa-Sama! Save Okaa-Sama!” Kunou and Asia ran over, and Kunou tearfully pleaded as she clung to Tenraku.

Watching her Okaa-Sama in that frenzied and agonizing state, the young girl’s heart was breaking with pain.

“Don’t worry, Kunou. We will save your Okaa-Sama.” Tenraku comforted Kunou by gently stroking her forehead, then turned to Raynare and Rossweisse who were standing nearby.

“Raynare, Rossweisse, I’ll distract Yasaka Princess. You go and break the magic formation.”

Although the Hero Faction had left, the magic formation that gathered the spiritual energy was still active. If they didn’t break it, Yasaka Princess would likely explode in no time.

“Yes!” Without wasting any time, the two women took off and flew toward the destructive magic formation. Meanwhile, Tenraku activated his ability, 【Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker】 once again.

“Come forth, my Bijū Legion!”

This time, there was no need to hold back the output of Spirit Power and a massive shadow unfolded beneath Tenraku’s feet, and then nine colossal beasts broke free from the shadows with a roar.

Nine-tailed Kurama, eight-tailed Gyuki, seven-tailed Chomei, six-tailed Saiken, five-tailed Kokuo, four-tailed Son Goku, three-tailed Isobu, two-tailed Matatabi, and one-tailed Shukaku!

If the shinobi from a certain group of ninja planes saw this scene, their eyes would surely widen in disbelief. Even Kunou, who was standing beside them, covered her mouth in shock.

So many tails, waving and swaying, it was a dazzling sight!


Tenraku curled his finger, and upon receiving the command, the nine Bijū creatures sprang into action. Opening their massive mouths, they condensed Bijūdama one after another and launched them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A deafening noise and a towering blaze filled the air. Yasaka Princess, in her golden fox form, let out a pained cry as the nine Bijū attacked, one after another.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was a full-on war between monsters, with constant biting and tearing. Despite the ferocity of the rampaging Yasaka Princess, it was impossible for her to contend with nine Bijū creatures that were comparable to Demon Kings. In no time, the pitiful princess was overwhelmed by the gang of bullies.

They grabbed her by the neck and bit her tail, continuously attacking her with acid and fire, causing the giant golden fox to lie helpless on the ground, wailing in agony.

“Wu wu wu… Tenraku-sama, Okaa-Sama is so pitiful. Please make them stop bullying Okaa-Sama.”

Seeing her Okaa-Sama in such a pitiable state, Kunou couldn’t bear it and desperately clung to Tenraku’s arm, pleading.

Rubbing his nose, Tenraku felt a little embarrassed. He thought he might have gone a bit overboard.

Tenraku snapped his fingers, and the nine bullies tormenting the princess finally ceased their actions. They only held Yasaka Princess tightly, preventing her from struggling.

Without wasting much time, Raynare and Rossweisse located the core of the magic formation and destroyed it. Instantly, the convergence of spiritual energy ceased, and the forcibly infused aura within Yasaka Princess flowed back into the earth.

The agonizing cries faded, and the colossal form of Yasaka Princess steadily shrank. Eventually, she returned to her human form and descended from the sky, caught in Tenraku’s embrace.


Looking at the scantily-clad princess in his arms, Tenraku felt a slight awkwardness and quickly averted his gaze. Meanwhile, Kunou, who was beside them, exclaimed and rushed to cling to her own Okaa-Sama.

“Don’t look!”

Blushing, Kunou glared at Tenraku with puffed cheeks.

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Tenraku thought to himself, “I didn’t do it on purpose,” but he couldn’t be bothered to explain and handed Yasaka Princess over to Kunou.

With this, the battle against the Hero Faction came to an end. The Hero Faction retreated, and Yasaka Princess was successfully rescued. After everyone took a moment to regroup, Kunou took the still comatose Yasaka Princess back to the capital city. Tenraku, along with Asia, Rossweisse, and Raynare, returned to their residence in the hotel.

Shortly after Tenraku and the others arrived at the hotel, Azazel also teleported back.

“So, they managed to escape after all…”

From Azazel’s words, Tenraku learned about the subsequent events. Cao Cao had engaged in a fierce battle with Serafall, while the other members of the Hero Faction took advantage of the chaos to flee Kyoto.

Having personally fought against Cao Cao, Tenraku wasn’t particularly surprised by the news of the Hero Faction’s escape.

“These are the two captured Sacred Gears. I promised you before.” Azazel threw the two comatose men in front of Tenraku as he spoke.

“Only two?” Tenraku raised an eyebrow.

“There were a few more initially, but it seems they knew about your abilities. To prevent you from obtaining their Sacred Gears, they chose to take their own lives. These two were the ones we managed to snatch.”

As he spoke, Azazel wore a frustrated expression.


Tenraku couldn’t help but admire those guys from the Hero Faction. They truly embraced death with open arms. Although he felt somewhat disappointed, Tenraku quickly regained his composure. Two Sacred Gears were better than none.

Without hesitation, Tenraku activated the ability of his Sacred Gear, “Sacred Gear Plunder,” and extracted the Sacred Gears from the bodies of the two men. He then integrated the two artifacts into his own body, feeling the surge of new powers and a hint of excitement flashed in Tenraku’s eyes.

The names of these two Sacred Gears were “Infinite Gravity” and “Demonic Words of an Angel.” As their names implied, “Infinite Gravity” was a Sacred Gear that allowed manipulation of gravity. The stronger the user, the wider the range of influence and the greater the gravitational force it could bestow. It was particularly effective when targeting a single entity, making it a formidable Sacred Gear.

However, what intrigued Tenraku, even more, was the “Demonic Words of an Angel.” It turned out to be an extremely rare mental manipulation-type Sacred Gear, capable of influencing the mental state and even hypnotizing its targets. Whether it was for gathering believers or as a tool for training, this was an incredibly convenient Sacred Gear.

However, there were some limitations to this Sacred Gear. It only affected individuals of the opposite sex, with minimal effects on the same sex. Furthermore, it could only hypnotize beings weaker than the host in terms of mental and physical strength.

The latter restriction was somewhat normal, but the former limitation of affecting only the opposite sex left Tenraku speechless. Fortunately, most of his tools and believers were females, so it seemed he would have to continue focusing in that direction!

Speaking of which, the Hero Faction had indeed provided Tenraku with quite a number of Sacred Gears: 【Prank of the Giant – Variant Detonation】, 【Infinite Gravity】, 【Demonic Words of an Angel】 and the precious Longinus-class【Demonic Beast Creation – Annihilation Maker】along with Jeanne D’Arc’s “Creation of Holy Sword.” That reincarnated Saintess was currently held captive in the Saints and Demons Hall. Later on, he would have to seize her Sacred Gear as well!

To be continued…

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