EPHS-Chapter 254: Compensate

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In the early morning, Tenraku rubbed his eyes and let out a yawn, waking up from his sleep. Asia and Raynare had already awakened, with Asia kneeling beside him in prayer. As for Raynare…

Well, she was prostrated underneath, giving her master a morning bite…

On one side was the pure Saintess, and on the other side was the wicked demoness. Although the scene seemed strange, Tenraku had become accustomed to it.

It actually feels quite nice…

After lingering for a while, Tenraku, Asia, and Raynare walked out of the room. Kiryuu Aika and the others had been waiting for them for a while.

Since the Kendo Club didn’t need to participate in activities with other classes, Tenraku didn’t rush. After having breakfast with the girls, they leisurely started their day’s activities.

According to the school’s schedule, they were supposed to visit Kiyomizu Temple, Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion), and Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion)— which were some of the most famous temples here. Tenraku accompanied the girls as they visited each one.

The girls looked here and there in the temples, taking pictures, and the atmosphere was lively. Since the girls were used to regular training, they didn’t need as much rest as others after visiting a place.

By late morning, Tenraku and the girls had already covered all the places on their sightseeing itinerary.

“Club President-Sama, another Yōkai has appeared!”

Just as Tenraku was thinking about the next destination, a Kendo Club girl ran over and spoke with an anxious expression on her face.

The surrounding pedestrians fell to the ground, asleep and Tenraku naturally noticed the presence of a Yōkai. But when he saw Rossweisse walking alongside the Yōkai, he knew that there wouldn’t be any trouble this time.

Assuring the girl not to worry, Tenraku turned to Rossweisse and asked, “Rossweisse, is everything resolved?”

“Yes, the misunderstanding has been cleared up through negotiations with Serafall-Sama. The Yōkai princess who attacked you yesterday also wants to apologize to you.”

“Serafall-Sama and Azazel-Sensei are already waiting over there. I came to invite you you all.” Rossweisse nodded, and then the beautiful woman with fox ears who had appeared with her spoke up.

“I am a kitsune who serves the Ruler of Yokai. I apologize for what happened yesterday. Our princess wishes to apologize to all of you, so please come with us.”

“Where are we going, to the Yōkai’s stronghold?” Tenraku asked.

“Yes, to Rinochi, where the Kyoto Yōkai resides. The Demon King and the Governor General of the Fallen Angels are already waiting there.” Knowing Tenraku’s identity, the kitsune woman replied with a respectful expression on her face.

Tenraku felt a slight interest in this Rinochi, but he hesitated about whether to take his club members with him. After all, it was filled with Yōkai, and it might frighten the girls. But when he turned around and saw the excited and curious expressions on the girls’ faces, Tenraku realized he had been overthinking.

“Very well, lead the way.”

“Yes, please follow me.”

Led by the kitsune woman, Tenraku and the girls passed through a barrier gate and entered Rinochi, where the Kyoto Yōkai resided.

In the Rinochi, the sky was dim, the buildings were ancient, and the streets crisscrossed with each other, making one feel as if they had traveled back to the distant Edo period.

There were all kinds of Yokai here. There was a One-eyed Yōkai, Kappa with plates on their heads, and Tanuki walking upright… the streets and the buildings on both sides were filled with strange and bizarre creatures, causing the girls to exclaim in surprise.

“Oops!” Kiryuu Aika, who was looking around, stepped on a stone, and the stone let out a miserable cry, startling her.

“A s-stone monster!” Surprised to see a stone with eyes, a nose, and even a mouth, Kiryuu Aika exclaimed while Murayama and the other girls curiously gathered around her and the stone monster.

“You, a human, injured me with your step!” The stone monster glared angrily at Kiryuu Aika and spoke.

“But you’re a Yōkai. How could you get injured from just a step?”

“When I say I’m injured, I’m injured! You must compensate me!”

Kiryuu Aika couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the audacity of the stone monster, who was demanding compensation from her.

“How do you expect me to compensate you?”

“Give me your panties! I want panties!”

“P-Panties? Why do you want my panties?”

Kiryuu Aika held onto her skirt, and she and the other girls wore astonished expressions. Were Yōkai now turning into perverts?

“I want to eat them!”

“All of you, as her accomplices, must give me your panties to eat. Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!”

Jumping around on the ground, the stone Yōkai arrogantly shouted.

Okay, this wasn’t just a pervert, but a grand pervert Yokai with an ego!

“Get lost, you perverted Yōkai!”

Kiryuu Aika kicked the stone monster away with a dark expression on her face.

“You dared take advantage of me? You really don’t want to live!” The stone Yokai spoke with an angry expression on its face but his running away exposed his true feelings.

“Red Dragon Emperor-Sama, these Yōkai like to play pranks. Please don’t mind them.” Feeling a little embarrassed, the kitsune woman who was leading the way spoke to Tenraku.

“It’s alright; they’re just interesting little fellows…” Tenraku smiled nonchalantly while seeing all of this. Led by the kitsune woman, Tenraku and the girls soon arrived at a very spacious and ancient residence.

“Oh, you’ve arrived.”

“Oh, everyone!”

In the solemn and spacious hall, Azazel and Serafall, sitting in guest seats, greeted everyone. Yura Tsubasa, Meguri Tomoe, Kusaka Reya, and Hanakai Momo were also seated nearby.

On the main seat above the hall sat the young Yōkai girl who had attacked Tenraku and the girls yesterday. However, today she was not wearing the Miko outfit but had changed into a princess-style kimono with a Sengoku Era design, giving off an elegant and stunning vibe.

“Princess-Sama, I have brought Red Dragon Emperor-Sama and the others,” said the kitsune woman, bowing to the princess.

“You’ve worked hard. You may leave now,” The princess replied with a nod.

“Yes.” With a loud bang, the kitsune woman transformed into a ball of foxfire and disappeared.

Under the gaze of everyone, the fox girl descended from the main seat and stood in front of Tenraku.

“Hello, Red Dragon Emperor-Sama. I am Kunou, the daughter of Yasaka, the ruler of the Kyoto Yōkai who resides in the surface and underworld,” The girl introduced herself.

“I deeply apologize for my actions yesterday. I attacked you all without understanding the situation. Please forgive me,” She bowed deeply, her voice filled with sincere remorse. However, instead of directly answering, Tenraku looked behind him at the girls.

“Princess-Sama has already apologized. What is your response?” He asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? We forgive her, of course! Princess Sama is super adorable!” Kiryuu Aika exclaimed.

“Yes, yes, a true princess. It’s my first time seeing one,” Murayama added.

The girls exchanged words, their eyes sparkling. It was clear that, like Tenraku, they were also judging the girl in front of them based on her cute appearance.

To be continued……

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