EPHS-Chapter 242 Death

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Boom! The ground trembled as the controlled Samurai Giant, Tenraku’s creation, clashed with the colossal Fenrir.

Their clash of blades stirred up a tempest, with the Samurai Giant wielding its purple greatsword, determined to slay the vicious demonic wolf. Fenrir, agile and evasive, awaited the opportune moment to strike a deadly blow.

Sila… The purple sword cut through the air as the Giant took a step forward, bringing down another strike. This time, Fenrir didn’t dodge. It leaped into the air, pouncing directly onto the giant sword.

Clang!!! The clash of weapons resounded as Fenrir sunk its sharp “God-slaying Fangs” into the purple greatsword! Capable of slaying gods and demons, Fenrir’s bite rendered any defense useless. With a powerful exertion of force, the greatsword shattered into countless pieces!

“Hahaha… Before Fenrir’s ‘God-slaying Fangs,’ your Sacred Gears are nothing more than toys! Continue, Fenrir! Kill them! Kill them all” Loki’s laughter echoed in the surroundings, his voice filled with arrogance. Fenrir, beneath him, grinned with a savage, almost human-like expression on its face.

Thump thump thump… Fenrir’s limbs moved in unison as it charged forward, poised to deliver a fatal blow to the Giant Samurai.

“You won’t succeed!” Tenraku controlled the Giant Samurai construct, making it continuously retreat. Raynare and Rossweisse launched attacks, but neither the cursed light spear nor the powerful magic arrows could stop Fenrir’s advance. It was about to pounce and kill!

“Water… Roar!” With a subtle movement of her rosy lips, the Undine Queen atop the Giant Samurai opened her eyes and a massive magic formation materialized in the air, followed by a torrential outpouring of water.

“Hoooouuu…” The torrential water wave was violent and was capable of engulfing anything and the gigantic Fenrir was also swept away, tumbling backward, and Loki, perched atop its head, appeared disheveled and enraged.

“Damn woman! Fenrir, attack that brat! I’ll deal with those interfering women!” Loki, seething with fury, commanded Fenrir before swiftly ascending into the air.

With a gleam in his eyes and a slight smirk on his lips, Tenraku’s plan aligned perfectly with Loki’s actions!

“Raynare, Rossweisse, Undine, keep Loki occupied. I’ll focus on Fenrir!”

“Yes!” Acknowledging Tenraku’s orders, the three women ascended into the sky, encircling Loki from different angles.

Tenraku smirked coldly as he activated his Spirit Power. With a flicker of light, another purple greatsword materialized in the Giant Samurai’s hand.

“Come on, Fenrir. Let’s continue our battle!”

“Hoooouuu…” Sköll, the demonic wolf, bellowed in anger. As a noble descendant of Fenrir, it possessed a combative nature, thirsting for blood and reveling in cruelty. It had no qualms about tearing through the throats of angels and gods, just like its formidable father.

Yet today, it found itself besieged by a group of cunning female devils. These shameless devils relied on surprise attacks and encirclement tactics, which made them unworthy opponents in Sköll’s eyes. Baring its teeth and panting heavily, the deep wounds across its body only fueled its ferocity.

Sköll sensed its own power waning, its life force dwindling. If this continued, these female devils would undoubtedly drag it to its demise. As a worthy descendant of its brave wolf warrior father, it held no fear of death.

But it refused to accept it! Even if it meant taking down just one of them, Sköll was determined to sink its teeth into these despicable female devils and fight to the bitter end.

“Xenovia, Irina!”

“Understood!” In Sköll’s eyes, the two sword-wielding female devils leaped into the air, their blades poised to strike. Sköll almost felt a surge of joy. Finally, these cowardly devils dared to engage in direct combat with it?!

It would tear them apart! This time, it would surely tear them apart!

Sköll, fueled by its desire to tear the two female devils apart, was abruptly overwhelmed by a deep sense of impending danger.



The Holy Swords, raised high, radiated with divine light. In Sköll’s horrified gaze, the two colossal Spirit Qi/Energy Swords descended upon it, aiming for a fatal strike.


Agony engulfed Sköll’s being. It felt as if its formidable body was being torn apart, its ferocity reaching its peak. Just as Sköll braced itself for a fight to the death, another female devil hurled a Scarlet energy ball at it.


A thunderous explosion reverberated and Sköll’s body crumbled inch by inch. This was the final consciousness of the demonic wolf Sköll.

Lài lài… Hōng hōng!!

On the other side of the battlefield, the demonic wolf Hāti unleashed a barrage of magic spheres from its blood-stained maw. Yura Tsubasa and Meguri Tomoe, already heavily injured, had withdrawn to receive treatment from Asia.

Shinra Tsubaki, Kusaka Reya, Nimura Ruruko, and Hanakai Momo, who had returned to the fray, persisted in their fight. However, the odds were stacked against them.

Yet, their fighting spirit remained unyielding.

Their King stood tall, and hope burned within their hearts!

Sona Sitri, adorned in silver-white battle armor that accentuated her graceful figure, floated in the air, observing the battle between her peerage and the demonic wolf Hāti below. She remained still with a composed demeanor.

“Sona Sitri, the energy has accumulated sufficiently.” Albion’s voice resounded, and a flicker of anticipation appeared in Sona’s cold gaze.

“Thank you, Albion.” Expressing her gratitude, Sona issued a command to her loyal peerage:

“Everyone, retreat!” Without hesitation, the girls swiftly obeyed the order. Shinra Tsubaki and her companions, except for Sona Sitri, evacuated the battlefield in an instant.

Wearing a resolute expression on her face, Sona raised her hands towards the sky, channeling the stored energy from Albion. Then, with determined resolve, she descended forcefully, targeting the demonic wolf below.



A piercing scream of agony echoed through the air. Even the formidable Hāti couldn’t withstand such overwhelming energy. In a cataclysmic explosion, its entire body was reduced to ashes.

“Sona Sama!”

Sona Sitri landed on the ground with a pale look on her face and Shinra Tsubaki and the girls crowded around her, brimming with excitement.

She is truly worthy of being their King, their beloved Sona Sama!

“Quickly restore your magical power and go support the others.”

“Yes, Sona Sama!”

To be continued…


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