EPHS-Chapter 240: Giants and Maidens

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Although Loki was arrogant and full of pride, it had to be said that he had the capital to back it up. As a well-known Northern European deity, Loki’s strength was undeniable. He ranked among the top tier even among the gods. Moreover, Loki excelled at creating and summoning various powerful demonic beings.

The notorious demonic wolf, Fenrir, and the Gigantis Dragon, one of the Five Dragon Kings, were all creations of Loki’s hands, as told in legends. Without a doubt, the enemy Tenraku and the others were facing this time was more terrifying than any they had encountered before.

Taking a glance at the girls behind him, Tenraku quickly assessed the strength of both sides. While they still had the numerical advantage, their overall strength was not much better than the enemy’s.

Loki, not to mention the demonic wolf Fenrir, was comparable to the fully empowered Heavenly Dragons. Though the demonic wolves Sköll and Hati were relatively weaker than their parent Fenrir, they still possessed the power of Demon Kings. Especially dangerous were their “God-slaying Fangs,” which could ignore any defense.

In addition, the five mass-produced Gigantis Dragons were not to be underestimated either. The enemy’s strength far exceeded expectations, and even Tenraku couldn’t help but wear a grave expression on his face as he looked at the enemies in front of him.

If they couldn’t allocate their forces properly, even if they managed to win, it would be a pyrrhic victory. Rias and Sona, along with their respective peerages, would fare better, but the other girls with relatively weaker abilities might not survive. And Tenraku couldn’t accept the loss of any one of them.

His mind racing, Tenraku quickly formulated a battle strategy.

“Rias, Sona, lead your peerages to deal with the demonic wolves Sköll and Hati!”


“Yubelluna, lead the peerages to face the five Gigantis Dragons. Don’t engage them directly, just hold them back for now. Mittelt and Kalawarner, you’ll join in as well!”


“Yes, my master…”

Tenraku issued the orders, and the girls responded in unison. Having Rias and Sona lead their peerages to deal with the demonic wolves Sköll and Hati might seem like a waste, but it was necessary to create an advantage in strength. They had to eliminate the enemy while ensuring the safety of every girl.

Though Yubelluna and the others were Tenraku’s top-notch peerages, it was still a bit challenging for them to face the mass-produced Gigantis Dragon, which were comparable to top-class devils.

While it might be difficult at first, holding them back wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, once Rias and Sona finished dealing with their opponents and came to support them, the tide of the battle would immediately turn.

As for the remaining formidable enemies, Loki and the demonic wolf Fenrir…

“I’ll take care of Loki and Fenrir. Rossweisse, Raynare, you’ll support me!”


“Yes, my master…”

Tenraku gave all the battle instructions, and the girls, following Tenraku’s lead, executed them without hesitation.

The clever girls understood that the key to this battle lay with Tenraku. As long as Tenraku emerged victorious, they would all achieve a resounding victory. But if Tenraku lost, even if they defeated their own opponents, they would be annihilated by Loki and Fenrir!

It was a destined brutal battle— either they would live together or die together.

However, all the girls trusted Tenraku completely.

“Hmph, boring struggle.”

“Attack! Tear them apart!”

Even with such a display of tremendous power, Loki couldn’t scare away a group of inexperienced novices. This annoyed Loki a bit. With a cold expression, Loki commanded his demonic beings.


Leaping nearly a hundred meters high, the demonic wolves Sköll and Hati lunged at the group while roaring. In the sky, the five Gigantis Dragons began their actions, spewing lightning and fire, each one emanating a fierce aura.

“Everyone, let’s go!” With a cold determination in her eyes, Rias and Sitri Sona led their respective peerages, intercepting the incoming demonic wolves in mid-air. At the same time, Yubelluna and the other girls took to the sky, clashing with the airborne Gigantis Dragons using Sword Qi and Magic.

Explosions resounded in the battle scene and occasional bolts of lightning and fireballs fell to the ground. Step by step, Tenraku approached Loki and Fenrir, with Rossweisse and Raynara closely following behind him on the left and right.

“Ddraig, Albion, go to Rias and Sona’s side.”

“Partner, aren’t you planning to use the power of the two Heavenly Dragons?”

“I plan to use several other Sacred Gear to deal with that big guy. Go now, Rias and the others need your power more than I do.”

“Now that you’ve made up your mind, Partner, let’s go over to Princess’s place.”

Ddraig and Albion were sent to support Rias and Sona, and Tenraku also began to take action.

Spirit Qi surged within his body as six blood-red Magatama appeared in Tenraku’s eyes. The Magatama slowly rotated around his pupils as a Samurai Giant enveloped Tenraku and stood up slowly.

Purple energy swirled around the Samurai Ginat, obscuring the sky. The Samurai Giant carried a purple light giant sword at its waist, and behind it floated a huge illusionary mirror.

It was none other than the Sacred Gears from Tenraku’s collection: [Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror], [Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi – Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds], and [Yasakani-no-Magatama – Eight Shaku Curved Jewel]!

The [Yasakani-no-Magatama – Eight Shaku Curved Jewel] could summon the projection of the legendary God Susanoo. The stronger the host, the more powerful the summoned projection would be.

When combined with the [Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror] and [Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi – Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds], these three Sacred Gear could unleash a power no less than the Longinus!

Except for Rias and a few other girls like Asia, the other girls were seeing Tenraku in this state for the first time, expressing various emotions like shock, fanaticism, or admiration.

Floating in the crystal on the giant’s forehead, with a single thought from Tenraku, the giant grabbed Rossweisse and Raynare and placed the two girls on his shoulders, one on each side.

“Rossweisse, Raynare, I will focus on dealing with the demonic wolf Fenrir. You help me hold off Loki.” Tenraku’s voice came from the giant’s mouth.

The demonic wolf Fenrir was a monster comparable to the Heavenly Dragons in their prime. Even Tenraku dared not be careless in front of him.

In addition, he became larger after transforming into a giant, which reduced his speed and agility. To prevent Loki’s sneak attacks, Tenraku still needed the assistance of the two girls.

“Ah… understood!” Rossweisse replied quickly after regaining her composure, this pure Valkyrie blushed and her heart pounded like a deer, lost in her own thoughts.

On the other hand, Raynare licked her lips with a fanatical and wicked expression on her face. The cursed flames of darkness ignited all over her body, and then condensed and transformed into a seductive armor of darkness. It was the Forbidden Move of the Sacred Gear [Black Evil Dragon King].

Moreover, with a whooshing sound, three pairs of pitch-black wings unfolded behind Raynare.

Under Tenraku’s guidance and continuous development of their Sacred Gears, Raynare, a woman corrupted by darkness, had evolved into a Six-Winged Fallen Angel!

Tenraku nodded in the crystal space but relying solely on Raynare to hold off Loki would still be challenging. Thinking of something, Tenraku snapped his fingers.

Water converged, and the figure of the Undine Queen emerged, holding [Aqua’s Divine Scepter] in her hand.

“Undine, assist Raynare and Rossweisse together with me.”

“Yes, master.”

Under Tenraku’s intention, a passage opened in the crystal space, and Undine Queen soared and landed on the Giant Samurai’s head.

Everything was ready, and the battle could begin!

A bloodthirsty smile appeared on the corner of Tenraku’s mouth as he looked at the enemies in front of him.

The God of Mischief Loki, the legendary demonic wolf Fenrir, let’s see who will tear others apart!

To be continued…


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