EPHS-Chapter 228 Akeno and Suzaku

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In the room of the shrine, the clothes of the two were scattered around, and the lingering chaotic atmosphere in the air spoke of what had happened here.

Akeno lazily nestled in Tenraku’s embrace, unable to summon even the slightest bit of strength to move.

After going through so much, they had finally taken this final step!

“Akeno, you finally belong to me completely…”

“I’ve already belonged to Tenraku for a long time…”

Feeling the warmth and love between them, the two kissed again.

After a long while…

“Akeno, stop restricting yourself. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

“So, live on courageously. Your Mother would want you to.” Stroking the girl’s beautiful hair, Tenraku spoke softly.

“Tenraku, you’re so cunning, always saying things like that.” Tears welled up in Akeno’s eyes again as she continued, “I will try my best to accept everything, face everything, and never run away again.”

“But if Tenraku dares to leave me, to abandon me, I will definitely break down this time and show you!”

Looking at the girl’s serious expression, Tenraku was both annoyed and amused.

“Silly Akeno, are you threatening me?”

“Ah, how could I threaten Tenraku! I’m just a willful and weak woman. Since Tenraku wants me to become stronger, then take responsibility for me!”

“Ah, this is truly the most unjust thing in the world. I brought it upon myself.”

“Why? Is Tenraku unwilling?”

“No no no, I am more than willing. I will never, ever leave Akeno or abandon her!”

Seeing Akeno finally show a satisfied expression, Tenraku secretly breathed a sigh of relief. If he had dared to resist just now, who knows, Akeno might have gone berserk and attacked him!

However, Tenraku was genuinely happy for Akeno, who had bravely faced her past and unlocked her Heart Knot.

“Um, Akeno, want to go again?” Seeing the beautiful girl in his arms, someone began to feel restless once more.

“I… I can’t anymore. Don’t mess around.” The expression on Akeno’s face changed as she replied in a flustered manner.

“Cough, trust me, Akeno, you can do it!”


Unable to resist any longer, Tenraku let out a low growl and transformed into a wolf once again. Soon, the room echoed with Akeno’s painful yet pleasurable “Screams”…

After a long while, Tenraku carried Akeno out of the room and couldn’t help but feel awkward as he looked at her resentful gaze. Even when it was their first time, he had been so “ferocious.” He truly was a scoundrel.

But well, it couldn’t be blamed on him. After all, Akeno was too tempting!

Just like Raynare and Kalawarner, Akeno, with her Fallen Angel Bloodline, was a genuine enchantress. She could effortlessly master many mystical skills, causing Tenraku to be unable to resist wanting more and more.

Using the “Smile of the Holy Mother” to heal Akeno’s “injuries” and resting for a while, the girl finally regained some strength in her body.

“Akeno, take me to the Himejima Family. You should know about the way there, right?”

“The Himejima Family? Tenraku, what do you want to do?”

“Did you forget that already? I was bullied by your uncle back then. Now that Akeno has resolved her Heart Knot, it’s about time for me to settle the score for the humiliation I suffered!”

Looking at the resentful expression on Tenraku’s face, Akeno couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Tenraku really knew how to hold a grudge, remembering something that happened so long ago.

Although the Himejima Family was incredibly powerful, Tenraku had no worries about that with his current strength. Besides, it was time for them to settle the score with the Himejima Family once and for all. With these thoughts in mind, Akeno also agreed to Tenraku’s plan.

Expanding his Scarlet Dragon Wings, Tenraku took Akeno and soared into the sky, and they quickly arrived above the Himejima Family’s Main Residence.

The Himejima Family was one of the prestigious families in the country, along with the Hyakki, Shinra, Kushihashi, and Doumon families, they were collectively known as the Five Great Clans.

They had been secretly guarding and controlling the country as practitioners among humans, serving the deities in their battle against foreign-shaped beings.

Descending from the sky, Tenraku and Akeno landed in front of the main gate of the Himejima Family’s Main Residence, immediately attracting the attention of two Himejima Family guards.

“My Lord?”

“No, who are you?!”

Seeing Akeno beside Tenraku, the two guards seemed to have misunderstood something, but they quickly realized their mistake and shouted in a vigilant tone.

“Akeno, should I move or will you do it?” Tenraku smiled and looked at Akeno as he asked this question.

They were here to seek revenge, so there was no need for friendly explanations.

Rolling her eyes at Tenraku, Akeno raised her delicate hand and conjured a ball of Thunderlight in an instant.

Crackling sounds filled the air as the Thunderlight ball transformed into two ferocious beasts and pounced toward the two guards with a roar.


Although the two guards were practitioners, their strength was at most equivalent to that of a Middle-Class Devil in terms of Devil levels. They were directly hit by Akeno’s Thunderlight attack and screamed as they were thrown backward.

Tenraku couldn’t help but nod in approval. Akeno had fully accepted the power of Thunderlight within her, which was much stronger than pure Thunder and Lightning.

Hand in hand, Tenraku and Akeno prepared to enter, but their steps were suddenly halted by a barrier that appeared out of nowhere.

It was expected that such an important place as the Himejima Family’s Main Residence would have protective barriers surrounding it.


Snapping his fingers, Tenraku activated the ability of “Demonic Sword Creation.” A gray vortex appeared in the sky, followed by a gigantic Demonic Sword descending on the barrier.


With a loud noise, the barrier protecting the Himejima Family’s Main Residence flickered with chaotic light and cracks appeared on it like shattered glass. Then it dissipated along with the massive Demonic Sword.

“The barrier is gone!”

“Who dares to attack the Himejima Family!”

“Someone, quickly, get someone here!”

Rustling sounds filled the air as a group of people rushed out from inside, glaring at Tenraku and Akeno with anger.

To Tenraku’s surprise, the one leading the group was a young woman in her twenties. She had long, glossy black hair that resembled Akeno’s, and their appearances were strikingly similar!

“Akeno, it’s you!” The initially cold-looking woman couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Akeno.

“Suzaku Nee-San, long time no see.” With a wry smile on her face, Akeno stepped forward and bowed to the woman.

Tenraku’s eyes flickered with curiosity as he saw this scene. Akeno had mentioned her talented cousin before, who inherited the name “Suzaku” and became the current family lord of the Himejima Family. He didn’t expect her to be here!

“Akeno, is she the fallen angel’s offspring?”

“Wasn’t she erased? Why is she still alive?”

“Damn fallen angel, has she come back for revenge on us?”

Other members of the Himejima Family were shocked when they heard Akeno’s name, and their gazes toward her were filled with disgust.

Although Akeno had resolved her heart knot, being called the fallen angel’s offspring still made her pale.

Narrowing his eyes, Tenraku stood in front of Akeno.

“If any of you dare to insult my Akeno again, I won’t mind killing all of you here!”

Tenraku spoke while wearing a cold and cruel smile on his face.

Terrifying killing intent emanated from Tenraku’s body, causing those who had just insulted Akeno as the fallen angel’s offspring to retreat in fear. Some attempted to act tough, but they found themselves unable to utter a single word.

“Who are you?” Feeling shaken, the woman addressed as Suzaku’s elder sister stared at Tenraku with utmost seriousness.


“I am Kamiya Tenraku, Akeno’s husband.”

To be continued…

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