EPHS-Chapter 215 The End of Diodora

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Hong Long!

With a violent crash against the stone wall of the grand hall, Diodora coughed up blood, his eyes filled with hysterical madness.

Ignoring everything, Diodora unleashed the power of Ophis devouring his own body, even willing to be consumed himself. Shouting, he lunged at Tenraku once again.

“Kamiya Tenraku!”




“I don’t believe it!”




He kept attacking, only to be repelled each time.

Once… Twice… Thrice… Eventually, Diodora lost count of how many times it had happened.

Although he was filled with anger and determination, although he was insanely desperate and relentless, the gruesome reality told him…

He couldn’t win, no matter how hard he fought!

That deep sense of powerlessness, that icy feeling of despair, finally broke Diodora!


Covered in blood, he screamed towards the sky, then weakly fell to his knees.

He had sacrificed so much for revenge, but what injustice is this, what injustice in this world!

Why! Why!! Why!!!

Tenraku wore a devilish, cold smile on his face as he watched Diodora, who had completely collapsed and lost his will to fight. He grabbed Diodora by the neck and lifted him up.

“Now, do you understand, Diodora, the gap between us is as vast as the sky and earth…”

Though it was cruel, Diodora had made Tenraku an enemy, and Tenraku wouldn’t show any mercy to his enemies!

“You monster… You monster…”

Diodora struggled weakly and was consumed by hatred or resentment but at this moment, nothing else mattered to him and he only felt deep fear towards Tenraku.

This monster!!!

“I’m not the monster, you are the monster! You are ugly, weak, and twisted, and now you would be despised by the whole Underworld…”

Shaking his head, Tenraku threw Diodora aside.

Hong Long

A sound echoed as Diodora screamed and crashed into the shattered stone wall, buried in the rubble.

What a boring revenge it was, even though he had held some expectations for Diodora.

Removing his armor, Tenraku ascended to the high platform and sat down.

“Master, this guy is completely broken now.”

Raynare said wickedly as she dragged Diodora, who was looking like a dying dog at this moment, out of the ruins.

“Hah… I’m giving him to you. I’m too lazy to bother.” Tenraku casually waved his hand as he yawned.

What a pitiful guy, Raynare licked her lips with bloodlust as she conjured a spear of light.

“Please… spare me, Kamiya Tenraku. I will never dare to oppose you again. Spare me…”

Diodora pleaded desperately as he felt his life being threatened.

All the talk of revenge, of power, was all bullshit. In this moment of life and death, Diodora finally understood.

He just wanted to survive!

“I have already handed you over to Raynare. You better beg her.” Shrugging his shoulders, Tenraku spoke with a helpless expression on his face while Diodora, clutching at a lifeline, quickly turned to Raynare.

“Spare me, Fallen Angel. Whatever you want, I can give it to you. Please spare me.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Coughing up blood incessantly, Diodora pleaded, abandoning his dignity.

It was his last shred of dignity, and Diodora felt as if his soul was screaming. But to stay alive, he could only flatter and beg before the Fallen Angel standing before him.

How pathetic it was!

Raynare wore a gentle smile on her face as she stepped on Diodora’s deformed face and pressed down with force and spoke: “Very well, I’ll spare you.”

Despite suffering from endless humiliation, Diodora felt a surge of excitement rise in his heart upon hearing Raynare’s words, it was as if he had survived a disaster.

“Thank you… ugh…”

Just as he was about to thank Raynare, in the next moment, he looked at the spear of light that pierced through his heart, and his face filled with disbelief.

“You fool! Did you really think you could survive after opposing my master? Just go and die!” The gentle smile on Raynare’s face turned sinister and cruel as a pitch-black curse flame burst from her hand, instantly engulfing Diodora along with the spear of light.


In a tragic scream, amidst endless agony and regret, Diodora turned to ashes, bringing an end to his miserable life.

“Master, how did I do?” Flying up to the high platform, Raynare embraced Tenraku’s neck and asked.

“You gave him hope, and then you gave him despair. Raynare, you truly are a wicked woman.” Tenraku replied as he caressed Raynare’s face.

“Hehehe… Isn’t that what our master loves about me?” Giggling playfully, Raynare then sealed Tenraku’s lips with a kiss.

The two depraved individuals lost themselves in their indulgence, until after a while, Tenraku patted Raynare’s perky buttocks.

“Let’s continue this later, we still have guests waiting for us at home.”

A glint of curiosity flashed in Raynare’s eyes when she heard Tenraku’s words, but she didn’t ask any further. She obediently released Tenraku and stood by his side.

“Are they not coming out even after all this time?”


Suddenly, a magic formation unfolded in the air, and a figure appeared.

It was a handsome man dressed in noble attire, with pointed ears resembling those of an elf. He exuded a cold and unruly aura.

“I am Creuserey Asmodeus, the one who inherits the blood of the true Asmodeus!” With inherent arrogance, the self-proclaimed Creuserey Asmodeus coldly stared at Tenraku as he spoke.

“So, you are a prominent figure from the old Great Satans faction. Diodora has already joined your ranks, hasn’t he? Why didn’t you stop us earlier?” Tenraku had already detected their presence earlier and it was because of this that he had entrusted Diodora to Raynare for disposal just to see their reaction.

He had initially thought that they would intervene, but their indifference when Diodora turned to ashes surprised him.

“Hmph, useless waste like him deserves to die. As blood relatives of the False King of Demons, Beelzebub, how could we truly accept him? We merely used him.” A trace of disdain flickered in Creuserey’s eyes as he spoke in a light tone.

Nodding his head, Tenraku felt some sympathy for Diodora. Betrayed by his own allies, he had ended up being used. What a tragic individual. Perhaps he should thank Tenraku after all, as he had at least put an end to Diodora’s miserable life.

“Then, why did you come to me instead of causing trouble for the current Great Satans?” Although Tenraku considered himself someone significant, he didn’t have any connection with the old Great Satans faction so he was curious as to why one of them sought him out.

“Kamiya Tenraku, I came to rescue Katerea Leviathan. She is our true comrade.”

“So, you wanted to save Katerea… but is it really just because of your comrade’s sake?”

Understanding the other party’s objective, Tenraku wore a smirk on his face.

“Hmph, Katerea Leviathan is the one I admire. I will definitely rescue her from your clutches!”

“I see…”

A look of realization crossed Tenraku’s face as he thought to himself that this person was indeed a pursuer of Katerea.

However, my friend, you are a little late. The Katerea you admired has long been devoured by me, not even bones remain!

Nevertheless, as he observed the other’s cold and proud demeanor, the mischievous soul within Tenraku began to stir with a wicked fascination…

To be continued…


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