EPHS-Chapter 196 Two Heavenly Dragon’s Rematch

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Hōng Lóng!!!

Another loud noise echoed as Rias and Sona separated from each other. The two have been rivals for a long time, having risen to the top together and understanding each other’s abilities and strategies well. If they continued to fight, it would be impossible to determine a winner even after three days and nights.

“Rias, you haven’t used the power of the Red Dragon Emperor yet. You’ve already lost one of your Peerages,” Sona said, pausing her attack.

“Sona, you are the one who received the power of the White Dragon Sovereign from Tenraku, right?” Rias said, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“Hmph, that damned Sona, she had promised me that she wouldn’t take Tenraku’s power away from me!” Rias thought, her frustration growing.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Rias,” Sona replied, turning her face away from Rias. Rias gritted her teeth for a moment, still feeling irritated.

Sona, pretending to be ignorant, made Rias even more frustrated.

“Well, I’ll deal with it later, I’ll let Sona see the power of the Red Dragon Emperor now!” Rias thought, knowing that the situation with Akeno was not good and there was no time to waste. 

Without hesitation, Rias unleashed the power of her Longinus-Tools that Destroy God, and a beam of scarlet light shot into the sky. Her aura continued to increase as a suit of scarlet, gorgeous battle armor materialized around her.

“Is this the power of the Red Dragon Emperor? It’s truly impressive,” Sona said, impressed by Rias’s display of power.

“Then I’ll show you mine too,” Sona said with a slight smirk forming on her lips. She also unleashed her power, the power of the White Dragon Sovereign, causing blue light wings to spread out behind her and a silver beam of light to pierce the sky. Sona’s body was then covered inch by inch in gorgeous silver armor.

The faces of the two girls were obscured by their armor, but their waists and legs were exposed, showcasing their grace and beauty. The combination of strength and elegance was on full display as they stood in their armor.

“Chi, Red Dragon Emperor, White Dragon Sovereign!” The onlookers exclaimed, amazed by the transformations of Rias and Sona. Even Odin, the old man on the high platform, looked surprised.

“Sirzechs, are those two girls using the power of the two Heavenly Dragons? I thought the Longinus, which sealed the Heavenly Dragons, had been taken by that kid from the Phenex family,” Odin said, questioning the situation.

Looking at Sirzechs, Odin couldn’t help but ask, “Is that one of Tenraku’s abilities? Sharing the power of his Sacred Gear with others? I didn’t know that was possible.”

Sirzechs nodded and replied, “Yes, I also didn’t know about it until recently.”

Odin nodded and turned his attention back to the battle, becoming more intrigued by the girls’ fight.

“Yo, little princess, I’m here to help you,” A voice said from Rias’s jade jewel.

“Ddraig?” Rias exclaimed in surprise.

“How could such an interesting battle be without us? That fellow Albion is here too,” Ddraig said, and Albion’s voice echoed in agreement.

“Come on, little princess, don’t lose to them,” Ddraig said, excited about the opportunity to participate in the battle.

Though Ddraig enjoyed fighting Albion in Tenraku’s spiritual sea every day, he also missed the feeling of fighting through a host. Seeing Rias and Sona fighting, he couldn’t resist joining in with Albion.

“Of course!” Rias exclaimed, her eyes shining with confidence. With Ddraig’s help, her confidence soared.

“It’s our first time meeting, Sona Sitri, nice to meet you,” Albion’s voice came from Sona’s silver armor’s jade jewel, and Sona was surprised by the increase in Albion’s power.

“White Dragon Sovereign—Albion?!” Sona exclaimed, her mouth curving into a wide smile. This battle was becoming even more exciting!

With intense gazes, Rias and Sona could feel each other’s fighting spirit. This was not just their battle, but also a battle between the Red Dragon Emperor and the White Dragon Sovereign, it is a battle between the two Heavenly Dragons!

Without another word, the two girls transformed into their armor and shot into the sky as streams of scarlet and silver.

With the blessing of the two Heavenly Dragons, they no longer need to worry about the output of Magic Power, they just need to let go and fight!

“Boost! Boost! Boost!!!”

“Divide! Divide! Divide!!!”

Rias and Sona shouted in unison, as tens of thousands of Magic phalanxes filled the sky unleashing overwhelming flames and raging violent water.

The sea of fire and water, each occupying half of the sky, collided against each other with a ferocity that cannot be matched.


The entire alternate space trembled violently and it was as if the primal chaos had exploded. Countless fireballs flew in all directions like meteors, and the violent and turbulent water flow also fell to the ground, sweeping and devouring everything.

The escalated battle was dazzling, and there were shouts of awe from the onlookers outside the alternate space.

“This is the love and killing between good friends,” Someone thought maliciously, watching the two girls, Rias and Sona, fight fiercely in the projection.

They were both true pride of hell, and the battle between Rias and Sona was much more beautiful than the battle between Tenraku and Vali. All kinds of shining magic emerged endlessly, leaving the onlookers dazzled.

In addition to the battle between the kings, the battle between the Peerages was also fierce.

Koneko, who had unleashed her own strength and transformed into NekomataForm, had a significant increase in strength and was holding her own against the president’s Peerages.

Xenovia fought against Yura Tsubasa, and Irina fought against Meguri Tomoe. As envoys of the Holy Sword, Xenovia and Irina were stronger and victory was an inevitability.

Akeno, who was fighting against Shinra Tsubaki and Hanakai Momo, was not faring as well. Akeno and Shinra Tsubaki, both being [Queen], had the same strength, but Akeno was at a disadvantage as her opponent had a [Bishop] to assist.

However, as long as they can hold out until their partners arrive, that would be considered a victory.

“Ashen Thunder!” Akeno shouted, reaching her fingers towards the sky and summoning several bolts of thunder and lightning to strike down.

Shinra Tsubaki quickly retreated, while Hanakai Momo on one side summoned her artificial Sacred Gear, “Garden of Moments – Applause Wall!” This Sacred Gear was able to deploy a solid barrier, although it was not as powerful as Tosca’s “Inherent Barrier”, it was still able to block Akeno’s Thunder and Lightning attack.

“Cut!” Akeno exclaimed, her attack proving ineffective, and her expression turning a little ugly as she prepared to continue her attack, but Shinra Tsubaki’s voice suddenly sounded from behind:

“Himejima Akeno, where are you looking!”

Shinra Tsubaki lunged forward with a sharp, cold light in her eyes, and her long knife stabbed toward Akeno’s back quickly.

Startled, Akeno instinctively turned to dodge, but it was too late.

Hiss… A sharp piercing sound was heard, followed by a spray of bright red drops of blood in the air…

To be continued…

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