EPHS-Chapter 194 Rias and Sona

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The day of the decisive battle between Rias and Sona finally arrived after three days passed quickly.

“Sairaorg, Miss Seekvaira, you guys are here too,” Tenraku spoke while holding a black cat, as he greeted Sairaorg and Seekvaira who had just arrived. 

“HāHāHā… That is natural, this is the duel between the two Underworld princesses, I can’t be absent,” Sairaorg replied with a hearty smile. 

Seekvaira also pushed her glasses up and said, “Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, I am also looking forward to their games.” 

The two of them then took their respective Peerages and sat down beside Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the girls. 

As the two Young Kings in the new generation of Devils, Sona and Rias were also the prized princesses of the Gremory family and the House of Sitri and they are also the next in charge of the family. 

They combined beauty, wisdom, strength, and dignity. Both Rias and Sona were quite equal in their status in the Underworld with high popularity.

Despite the game not having begun, the Colosseum is filled with guests in attendance. The crowd is made up of various nobles and celebrities from the Underworld.

At the same time, on the elevated platform of the venue, the old man Odin stroked his beard and smiled, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you did a good job in this game, Sirzechs.”

“Thank you, Odin-san. Both teams are ready and the game will begin now,” Sirzechs replied, in a good mood. He then looked at Grayfia beside him and said, “Grayfia, let’s start.”

“Hai, Sirzechs!” Grayfia replied before she walked to the front of the stage and surveyed the entire venue before saying, “Everyone, I am [Queen] Grayfia, serving as the referee of the Gremory family and House of Sitri Rating Game in the name of Great Satans Lucifer-Sama.”

Through the use of Magic Power, Grayfia’s voice could be heard throughout the venue. A huge three-dimensional projection appeared in the sky below the venue, featuring the battle-ready Rias and Sona along with their Peerage.

“I will witness the confrontation between the two in the name of my lord Sirzechs Lucifer,” Grayfia said.

“The location of this battle is the mall near Kuoh Academy, where Rias-Sama and Sona-Sama are located. Both teams’ main formations are located on the east side of the second floor for Rias-Sama and on the first floor to the west of the building for Sona-Sama,” she continued.

“For this game, there are special regulations attached. The information has been sent to all teams. Please confirm. The Phenex Tears as a recovery item will be assigned to each team. And…” Grayfia went on to explain the various restrictions and rules for the competition.

Finally, under everyone’s expectations, the decisive battle began. “Now, I announce that the Rating Game has begun!” Grayfia’s voice fell, and huge cheers erupted from the entire venue.

“Is it finally going to start… Everyone, are you clear about your roles in this battle?” Rias asked her Peerages, trying to control her excitement.

“Leave it to us with confidence, Rias Kaichou (Club President),” They replied.

“We will definitely win!” Irina and Xenovia added and they all showed excited expressions on their faces except for Gasper who looked nervous.

“Asia, stay behind and protect yourself. And heal anyone who gets injured,” Rias said, showing her confidence in her Peerages as she stroked Asia’s forehead.

“Hai, I will definitely cheer Rias Onee-san (Elder Sister)!” Asia said, nodding vigorously as she held a pair of pink fists.

Although she can’t fight, she will also work hard in her own way and must help everyone!

Taking a deep breath, a sharp light flashed in Rias’s eyes as she spoke: “So, let’s get started!”

At the same time, on the other side, Sona slowly opened her eyes and said, “Let’s go.

“Hai, Sona-Sama!” Her Peerages replied.

“Irina, don’t overplay it later,” Xenovia said to Irina.

“Huh, Xenovia is the one who is already excited,” Irina replied.

Both of them were wearing black tight-fitting combat uniforms and carrying Holy Swords as they walked through the mall. This was the first time they participated in a rating game, and their emotions were high. Although the opponents this time were tricky, they were confident in their own strength!

Soon, the other two figures appeared in the mall, walking towards Irina and Xenovia. They were [Knight] Meguri Tomoe and [Rook] Yura Tsubasa from Sona’s Peerage!

“Oh… is this our opponent,” Meguri Tomoe said.

“Your luck is really bad, Xun-san, Yura-san,” Irina and Xenovia said, showing cold hunter-like smiles on their faces.

On the roof of the mall, Rias and Akeno were facing off against the three women, Sona, Shinra Tsubaki, and Hanakai Momo.

“It’s really like you, Rias, to give up your own base and come here,” Sona said as she pushed her glasses up and smiled.

“Isn’t Sona the same? We both know what the other would do,” Rias replied, also smiling.

It was precisely because the two of them knew each other so well, that’s why they chose this location unanimously. This was the stage where they would fight the battle!

“Rias, I have two Peerages, my [Queen] and my [Bishop] on my side. You only brought your [Queen] with you, your situation isn’t looking so optimistic,” Sona said as her gaze fall on Akeno next to Rias.

“That’s true, but when my other Peerages get rid of their opponents and rush over, it is you whose situation won’t look optimistic,” Rias replied, nodding. She didn’t deny Sona’s words, but she wasn’t worried at all.

“In other words, which side wins faster is the side that wins the Rating Game…” Rias said.


“Koneko-chan, I, I will protect you!” Gasper said while walking ahead tremblingly, looking around nervously for fear that someone would suddenly jump out at him from a place he didn’t expect.

Seeing Gasper’s appearance, Koneko was speechless for a while, thinking that he should protect himself first.

After searching for a long time, they finally found their opponents, [Pawn] Nimura Ruruko and [Bishop] Kusaka Reya from the president’s camp.

“Gasper-Kun, here and here…” Nimura Ruruko and Kusaka Reya said, standing behind the corner and smiling and waving to Gasper in front of them, and then disappeared.

Although it felt like the other party had a plan, they finally found out their enemy and they couldn’t just let them run away. Gasper and Koneko hurriedly pursued them.

But just as he ran into the corner, Gasper let out a sad cry…

To be continued…

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