EPHS-Chapter 192 Reason

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“You made Koneko Chan so upset, Kuroka, you really are an unqualified Onee-San (Elder Sister),” Tenraku said as he held Toujou Koneko who was unconscious.

“Huh, you don’t need to care about my business,” Kuroka snorted coldly and didn’t give him a good look as he wasn’t Koneko. 

“Hehe, who made you into this, tell me, I can just take care of it,” Tenraku said.

“Tell me, why did you kill the devil who took you and Koneko Chan in the first place? I’m also a little curious about this,” Tenraku asked with interest, but Kuroka looked at him like an idiot and ignored him. 

“Do you think I will tell you anything just because you are curious, are you an idiot or pretending to be one?” Kuroka sneered.

“So you are not going to tell me, have you forgotten that Koneko Chan is still in my hands?” Tenraku threatened, “If you can’t satisfy my curiosity, then I can only do indescribable things to Koneko Chan.” Speaking crudely, Tenraku also smelled the scent of the girl in his arms with a drunken expression on his face.

“Isn’t Shirone with you guys?!” Kuroka couldn’t help but be shocked as she couldn’t stay calm anymore. What is this guy doing, threatening her with Shirone? Is there a mistake?

“Yes, Koneko Chan and we are in the same group. She is also one of my family and companion,” Tenraku nodded, but then he showed a wicked smile. “But so what?” He asked.

“Kuroka, you are a bad woman, but you are not the only bad person in this world, it just so happens that I am too! You should understand that people like us are unscrupulous in order to achieve our own goals,” Tenraku said.

“So, tell me the reason you killed that Devil, otherwise I can only attack Koneko Chan,” He threatened.

“Tsk tsk, Koneko Chan has lost consciousness now, even if I did something to her, she won’t know it!” Seeing the evil look on Tenraku’s face, Kuroka and even Ni and Li were shocked.

OMG, Tenraku Sama is so mean!

“Do you think I will be fooled?” Kuroka sneered coldly, she wouldn’t be fooled so easily.

“Hā…a self-righteous woman, then I will let you take a look.” Tenraku, not bothering to explain himself, stroked Koneko Chan’s face in his arms and kissed the girl’s lips.

Kuroka was stunned when she saw this scene. She never thought that Tenraku could actually do it!

Isn’t Shirone his partner? Isn’t Shirone his family? This damn bastard, this damn liar!

Seeing that Tenraku had made an inch of progress and seemed to want to untie Shirone’s clothes, Kuroka suddenly woke up and shouted angrily: “Stop!!!”

Tenraku raised his head and a smile appeared on his face. “Why, do you believe it now?” he asked.

“You Bastard!” Kuroka exclaimed as she gritted her teeth with bitter hatred. She swore constantly in her heart that she will make this bastard pay one day.

“HāHāHā…That’s really, thanks for the compliment!” Tenraku replied with a smirk. “So, hurry up and satisfy my curiosity, or I will continue,” He threatened.

Kuroka had to surrender in order to protect Koneko’s dignity. “That guy discovered Koneko and my talents, and the reason he took us in was just to use our abilities,” She said.

“That makes sense, you think there are so many kind-hearted people in this world. If you are of no value, why should people take you in? Just like I never take wild cats and dogs on the roadside,” Tenraku nodded, his words were quite authentic.

Kuroka’s mouth twitched. Although she was very upset, she felt that this guy made a lot of sense!

“That’s fine, but that bastard still covets my body and wanted to use me!” Kuroko continue to speak with a resentful look in her eyes as she thought of the bad memories.

“So you killed him in anger?” Tenraku looked surprised.

“Ah, I hate the kind of bastard who thinks he is the master and can do whatever he wants with his Peerage and the servants, so I killed him!” Kuroka said, “Although it was the first time to kill, it felt unexpectedly good. Even now I think of him lying under my feet begging for mercy, but my heart beats faster, Hē Hē Hē…”

Kuroka laughed with a cheerful expression on her face, but it was a bloodthirsty and cold laugh that made people shudder.

“You need to rely on your own Peerage. It appears that the Devil who took you in has failed. But why don’t you explain it to Koneko Chan, she will surely understand you.” Tenraku said, nodding and speaking in a confused tone.

“What, I just don’t want Shirone to know my shameful past, is there a problem with that?” Kuroka’s eyes darted away, but she quickly regained her composure and spoke coldly. “Of course it’s fine, but-“

“Do you take me for a fool?” Tenraku spoke in a sarcastic tone when he saw the foolish expression on Kuroka’s face. He then moved his hand towards Koneko again.

“Damn it!” Kuroka exclaimed, panicked. “Stop it! Stop it!!!”

Kuroka couldn’t believe that her lie had been so easily exposed. 

“I’m not in the mood to listen to your fabricated excuses. This is your last chance. I won’t ask again for the truth…”Tenraku flicked her finger with a cold smile on her face, causing a long slit to open in Koneko’s clothes.

“You asshole, you’ll pay for this!” Kuroka grits her teeth and looked furious, but knew she couldn’t do anything. She also knew that Shirone would be tainted by this person if she didn’t tell the truth.

After taking a deep breath, Kuroka revealed, “That person was a complete pervert. He didn’t want me, he wanted Shirone.”

“Shirone was just a child, but that perverted person wanted to do terrible things to her!”

“I couldn’t forgive him. Anyone who hurts Shirone is damned, damneddd!” As she spoke, Kuroka’s face twisted in anger and her body exuded darkness and coldness.

“Oh…so the reason you killed your master and defected was to protect Koneko and not because of some uncontrollable desire to run away?” Tenraku smiled authentically and asked.

“Hmph, those are just lies that the person’s family spread to cover up their ugliness!” Kuroka replied coldly.

“I didn’t expect that to be the truth. To be honest, I’m surprised,” Tenraku said. “Why don’t you tell Koneko? If you tell her, she will understand that you didn’t betray her and everything you did was to protect her.”

Kuroka scowled at Tenraku’s persistence. “Shirone is a kind and gentle child. I may not be good at expressing myself, but I know this better than anyone. If she found out, she would blame herself and think that it was because of her that aloof this happened.”

“So, in order to protect your younger sister, you chose to fall into darkness. And to protect Koneko from feeling guilty, you chose to bear everything alone?” Tenraku exclaimed, “My, My, you are truly great, you’re even moving me!”

Kuroka glared at Tenraku’s exaggerated expression and said, “Are you satisfied now?!”

“Yes, I’m satisfied. What a very interesting story,” Tenraku said. 

“I’ve told you everything, but please help me keep this secret. I don’t want Shirone to know this too.” At this point, Kuroka could only ask Tenraku to keep the secret, but Tenraku grinned and said, “Oh, it’s too late for that.”

Kuroka was shocked and quickly looked into Tenraku’s arms, only to see that Shirone had woken up and was looking at her with tears in her eyes.

To be continued…

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