EPHS-Chapter 180 Forced

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“Kamiya Tenraku, this gift is too expensive, I can’t accept it.” Sona took a deep breath to calm down the shock in her heart before speaking.

If it was a normal gift, it would have been fine, but what Tenraku was going to give her was [Light Wings of the White Dragon Sovereign – Divine Dividing], a high-spec Longinus, and it would be false to say that she was not impressed, but she would never accept it.

She didn’t like to owe people favors, and she didn’t like to owe such favors that she couldn’t return.

“You don’t have to refuse so quickly. I have already told you about my Sacred Gear’s ability last time. I have shared [Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor-Boosted Gear] with Rias, so I plan to share [Light Wings of the White Dragon Sovereign-Divine Dividing] shared with you.”

“Red Dragon Emperor and White Dragon Sovereign, Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, doesn’t it sound just right for two rivels who are destined to meet each other on the battlefield?”

“I cannot accept this.”

“You don’t need to care about any favors and you don’t need to feel any debt to me. I am sharing the power of White Dragon Sovereign with you. In return, you will help me in developing the capabilities of this Longinus. We are just mutually benefitting from each other.”

“I cannot accept this.”

“Really don’t think about it, my President-Sama? With this Sacred Gear, you will have the power to fight Rias, but it’s not fair that Rias unilaterally owns Longinus-Tools that Destroy God.”

“Are you really not going to think about it, President Sama? With this Sacred Gear, you will have the power to fight against Rias and it is also not fair for Rias to possess a Longinus.”

“I cannot accept this.”


No matter what Tenraku said, Sona always answered that she cannot accept it.

I don’t know what the White Dragon Sovereign in Sacred Gear is feeling at this time, but one can imagine that there is something wonderfully comical about such a picture. 

Yubelluna and Shinra Tsubaki also doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing this situation.

Although Tenraku was impressed by the girl’s ability to keep her heart in the face of the temptation of Longinus, he was more of a —


“I already said that I am going to give this to you. Do you really think you saying no would change my mind!” Tenraku also got angry when he saw that his words weren’t working on Sona, and he shot the Sacred Gear into Sona’s body without providing any explanation.


Unable to defend herself, Sona could not help but groan, and when she realized what had happened, she was suddenly annoyed and prepared to question Tenraku.

However, in the next moment, Sona only felt that a powerful force had suddenly burst out of her body, and the questions on her tongue turned into a painful scream.


One doesn’t need to question how powerful is the strength of two Heavenly Dragons is. 

Even  Rias experienced a lot of pain when she fused with the [Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor-Boosted Gear], not to mention the fact that someone had just slapped a Sacred Gear directly into Sona’s body so brutally. 

In such a case, the pain experienced by Sona is definitely a lot more than what Rias experienced at the beginning.

Tenraku also regretted seeing the girl’s painful look and he also regretted his impulsive actions, but Sona should be able to survive with her tenacity and will, right?




Shinra Tsubaki and the other girls from Sona’s peerage start to run forward when they saw Sona screaming in pain, but Yubelluna and Tenraku’s Peerage stopped them.

“Don’t worry, that’s just Tenraku-Sama sharing the power of his Sacred Gear to Sona-Sama, she will be fine soon.”

Shinra Tsubaki and the other girls also know that they were a little impulsive. Even if they run over now, they can’t help Sona, but they couldn’t help but look at their King and Master with nervous expressions on their faces.

Sona continued to scream in pain and the Sacred Gear’s fusion continued while the Aura continued to rise from Sona’s body.

As one of the Young Kings of the Underworld’s New Generation Devil, Sona has the strength of a High-Class Devil, she can even fight a Top-Class Devil in serious situations. 

But after the integration of [Light Wings of the White Dragon Sovereign-Divine Dividing], her powers continued to rise similar to Rias who had also experienced a meteorite rise in her strength after she fused with Red Dragon Emperor and similar to Rias, Sona also directly broke through this threshold.

The aura on her body continued to climb higher and higher, causing a violent gust of wind to surround the entire neighborhood. 

Tenraku launched the [Inherent Barrier] ability to cover the entire huge garden, which stopped the trend of anomalies from spreading out.

After a while, the fusion of Sacred Gear had reached the most important juncture, but Sona had turned pale and her whole body was shaky, and Tenraku couldn’t help but squeeze a cold sweat for her.


With a loud cry, a beam of energy centered on Sona shot up into the sky, followed by another whoop, and a pair of blue wings of light spread out behind the girl.

[Light Wings of the White Dragon Sovereign- Divine Dividing] has fully integrated into Sona’s body!

“Hā…Hā…” Sona slumped to the ground and gasped for breath.

She had never experienced such intense pain. Just now, she really thought she was going to die!


Shinra Tsubaki and the other girls rushed to help Sona, and Kusaka Reya and Hanakai Momo, who are Sona’s [Bishop], also quickly cast the Recovery Magic on Sona.

Looking at the wretched girl who was being taken care of by her Peerage, Tenraku felt a little guilty and he was ready to leave with that guilty conscience after giving a wink to  Yubelluna and his Peerage.

But before he could take a few steps…

“Stop, Kamiya Tenraku!”

Tenraku felt his body stiffen as soon as he heard that sound and he couldn’t help turning his head back mechanically and saw Sona push away her Peerage, and then walked towards him step by step with a cold look in her eyes.

Although the girl is still a little weak and shaky at this time, she looks super terrifying no matter her current situation!

“So-Sona, although I know it’s too late to say sorry, but…”

Tenraku still tried to explain himself but the girl didn’t give him a chance to explain as she just punched Tenraku in the abdomen.


With a muffled grunt, Tenraku hugged his stomach and grinned.

To be continued…

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