EPHS-Chapter 175 Dreams

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“Sorry for the long wait, the Great Satans are waiting for you.” The door of the meeting hall was pushed open, and then a group of waiters walked in and spoke.

The formal ceremony is finally about to begin!

“Don’t be nervous, Asia, just follow me.” Seeing that Asia was a little nervous next to him, Tenraku held the girl’s hand and soothed.

“I will, Tenraku-San.” As if receiving great encouragement, Asia smiled sweetly and showed a reassuring look.

All the Young Devils and their Peerages stopped talking and followed the waiters to another wider meeting hall next to them.

The atmosphere is a bit solemn, and there are already many older Devils sitting on the high platform of the hall, all of whom are in power in the Underworld today.

In the center of the high platform, there are only four figures, exactly–

 Great Satan- Sirzechs· Lucifer!

Great Satan- Serafall Leviathan!

Great Satan——Falbium Asmodeus!

Great Satan- Ajuka Beezlebub!

Inheriting the title of the first generation of Great Satans and standing at the top of all the Devils as the symbol of the Underworld. Many Young Devils were already overwhelmed with excitement as they looked at those four figures.

Tenraku in the crowd naturally looked at the four Great Satans on the stage. Sirzechs and Serafall were known to him and they can even be called acquaintances, while the other two Great Satans, Falbium and Ajuka, he saw them for the first time.

Not to mention Falbium, Ajuka is one of the transcendent existence like Sirzechs!

“Young Devils, it’s really hard for you all to be here, but this is a special meeting to take a good look at you who will take up the responsibility for the next generation.” An elderly male Devil said in a solemn voice while holding his arms behind his back.

“However, it seems that they fought as soon as they met…” This time, it was another male Devil with a beard who spoke in an ironic tone.

Tenraku felt a lot of eyes gathering on himself, Seekvaira, and Zephyrdor, but he shrugged and didn’t say anything and he also didn’t care about what everyone here thought.

Although that Devil had mentioned their fight in a sentence but he didn’t mention anyone by name and he didn’t criticize anyone, and then the Great Satans and a lot of big people only just talked about it. 

They just talked about how everyone should be responsible and honest and that they don’t have to fight amongst each other all day long. They said that they must study hard every day and that the future of the Underworld depends on them.

In short, it was almost the same as the school principal’s speech. Tenraku was already getting drowsy and he almost fell asleep.

“Well, I’m sorry to have been nagging you for so long. But we have pinned all our dreams and hopes on you, but I hope you remember that you are all treasures of the Underworld. “

It seemed that the Speech was finally over and Sirzechs’ words made many people’s hearts excited.

“Finally, I want to hear about your respective dreams for the future, I wonder if it’s okay?” 

As soon as Sirzechs’ voice fell, the entire venue was filled with many whispering, and then Sairaorg was the first to stand up and speak:

“My dream is to become a Great Satan!”

Sairaorg’s words caused a burst of exclamation in the venue, and even the big figures couldn’t help but look at the Young Devil with different expressions on their faces.

Not to mention whether he can do it or not, just being able to speak this kind of ambition in front of everyone is invaluable.

“I want to be the next in charge of the Gremory Family and strive to win every Rating Game.”

“Moreover, I have another person who I definitely want to defeat even if I can’t, and I want to prove myself to him!”

Rias also stood up and said her dream.

The first one was quite satisfactory, but the latter one made everyone a little curious. They don’t know who this Gremory princess wants to defeat and prove herself to.

Akeno, Yubelluna, and the other girls know it and Tenraku touched his nose with a helpless expression on his face.

It was obvious to Tenrakku that Rias was talking about him, she is still thinking about these kinds of things, as expected of the proud and defiant Rias.

But he likes it!

Next, the other Young Devils also stated their goals and dreams. Some wanted to be the Family Lord, some wanted to become Demon King’s, and some wanted to eliminate the Angels, Fallen Angel,s and let the Devils dominate the world. 

In short, it was a bragging conference.

In the end, almost everyone here had spoken about their dreams, and only Sona and Tenraku were left.

Tenraku was not really interested in this kind of thing. His ambitions and dreams only need to be done silently to realize them, but they don’t need to be told to these people. So, from the beginning, he just wants to muddle through.

Seeing that Tenraku didn’t want to speak, Sona stood up with a helpless expression on her face before she took a deep breath, and said:

“My dream is to establish a School in Underworld that teaches Rating Game related knowledge!” Sona told her dream, but many people frowned when they heard her.

“Speaking of schools related to Rating Game, they have already been established, right?” A big man on the high seat asked with a suspicious expression on his face.

“They are the schools that only the Superior Devils and a small part of the Privileged Devils are allowed to attend, what I want to build is a school where both Low-Class Devil and Reincarnated Devil can go to school without any barriers.” Sona faintly replied while glancing at every Devil present in the hall.

Already thinking of the next scene, Tenraku couldn’t help covering his forehead.

Sure enough, in the next moment–

“Hā Hā Hā Hā Hā!!!”

Except for a few Great Satans, almost all of the Devils on top laughed.

“That is impossible!”

“This is really a Masterpiece Joke!”

“I see, this is the so-called dreaming young girl!”

“Although it is good for young people to have dreams, but for the Next Head of House Sitri to have such a careless dream and to have spoken of them in front of everyone. Fortunately, it is only a meeting place before their debut.”

All the big figures made no secret of their mockery of Sona, and even the expressions in the eyes of many Young Devils became a little strange.

To be continued…

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