EPHS-Chapter 173 Party

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Three days later, Tenraku, Ravel, Yubelluna, and the girls boarded the sky train, representing that the Phenex Family has been invited to Demon King’s territory to attend the gathering of the New Generation of Young Devil of the Underworld.

On the way, they entered several long-distance jumping cubes in the air. A few hours later, the group arrived at the capital of the Great Satans Lucifer territory- Lucifaad.

The stations and platforms are very modern, and there are even human world things like vending machines, and you can see how prosperous this city ruled by the Great Satans is at a glance.



At a glance, Tenraku saw Rias and others who had been waiting here for a long time, and the girls walked towards Tenraku with joyful smiles on their faces.

Unanimously, Tenraku and Rias hugged each other before kissing each other’s lips.

“Sure enough, you taste most delicious.” After a long time, Tenraku broke apart and said with a smile on his face.

Rias blushed and pinched Tenraku’s waist, why did this guy have to say these kinds of things in front of everyone. Now, Akeno is going to tease her!

Although they only spent ten days apart from each other, everyone missed each other very much. Tenraku greeted Akeno, Asia, Irina, and Xenovia. Then it was the last Toujou Koneko’s turn:

“Koneko Chan, did you miss me? I thought about Koneko Chan every day.” Tenraku smiled as he spoke while stroking the girl’s head.

This kind of sentence was neither good nor bad and Koneko lowered her face shyly and did not answer.

“Koneko hasn’t agreed to join your Harem yet, don’t take the entire land when she hasn’t even given you an inch!” Rias said in an angry manner while protecting Koneko behind her.

“Hai Hai…” Raising his hand to surrender, Tenraku naturally knew that doing too much would backfire, so he stopped.

Although Koneko did not resist him just now but she still needs an opportunity to truly like him and Tenraku is confident that this opportunity should not be too far away!

“Good Day, Sister-In-Law-Sama, long time no see.” After greeting everyone, Ravel also walked over and greeted Rias.

“Long time no see, Ravel.” Rias also smiled as she greeted Ravel while stroking the girl’s forehead.

Rias also loves this little princess from the Phenex family very much and she politely and lovingly greeted her.

“Let’s go, the party is about to begin, let’s go greet Onii-Sama first.”

“Where’s Gasper, didn’t Gasper come here?”

“Gasper seems to be receiving special training from Azazel on Grigori’s side, so he wasn’t able to come over this time.”

“Sirzechs Sama, Grayfia Miss.”

In Demon King’s castle, Tenraku and the girls met Sirzechs and Grayfia who were welcoming guests.

“Tenraku-Kun, Rias.”

Leaving the servants to entertain the other guests, Sirzechs and Grayfia walked over to Rias and Tenraku.

Tenraku was dressed in a black dress, Rias also put on a prosperous long Red Dress, and Sirzechs also showed satisfaction on his face when he looked at the two people who looked the definition of a couple.

After greeting everyone for a while, Sirzechs said:

“The other Great Satans will not arrive until a little while later, Tenraku-Kun, why don’t you guys go and sit in the adjacent meeting room first, they are all young Devils of your age.”

“Yes, Sirzechs-Sama.”

Tenraku just came over to say hello and after saying goodbye, he turned and left.

“Tenraku-Kun is really an incredible person. The aura in his body has become stronger again. Not to mention those Young Devils, I am afraid it will not be long before us Great Satans will be surpassed by him.”

Sirzechs sighed and said as he looked at the backs of Tenraku and the girls. The silver eyes of Grayfia on the side flashed with a sharp light but she fell silent quickly without saying a word…

“Sona, Miss Tsubaki, and everyone.”

On the way to the next meeting hall, Tenraku happened to run into Sona and her peerage and he raised his hand to say hello.

The girls were all dressed up in ceremonial dresses, and they looked so beautiful that Tenraku couldn’t help but glance twice.

“Rias, Kamiya Tenraku.” Sona nodded and said back after taking a look at Tenraku and Rias.

“Sona, are you going to the meeting hall, let’s go together.”

“Well, before the official ceremony begins, all the Young Devils will be waiting in this room.”

“Are the other young Devils here as well?  I hope that nothing goes wrong.”

“Don’t get your hopes up for that, Rias.”

As they spoke, the group had arrived outside the meeting hall, but just as everyone was about to enter –

Hōng Lóng!!!!!

There was a bang and the whole door of the Meeting Room was blown off!

Sona couldn’t help but have her face turn black, something had happened just as she said, and the Tenraku next to her instantly unleased the [Inherent Barrier] to protect the girls.

“Everyone okay?”

“Cough Cough Cough… We are fine.”

The party was already in a mess. Tenraku and Rias were speechless for a while before they walked through the broken door into the hall, only to see that the tables, chairs, and various decorations had been destroyed, and in the center of the hall there were two camps of Devils, led by a man and a woman, facing each other.

“Do you want to die so much, Zephyrdor, even those Old Guys wouldn’t be able to say anything if I kill you!” The female Devil standing in the front spoke, and also issued a cold declaration of murder.

With a tall figure and a blue robe on her body, this majestic woman is Tenraku and other’s acquaintance and she is also the next in charge of Agares House, Seekvaira.

She seemed to be in a rather unhappy mood. The girl’s eyes were cold and sharp at this time, and even the Magic Power fluctuations that radiated from her body gave people a cold feeling.

“Kill me? How dare you say it, woman!”

“Rarely do I ask someone to have a ‘private chat’ in the room over there, House of Agares’ Miss defense is really tight, that’s why it’s so annoying.”

“Hey, Seekvaira, you are still a virgin, right? You don’t have a man, right? That’s why I kindly asked if you need one before the opening ceremony!”

“Hā Hā Hā Hā Hā……”

The male Devil who confronted Seekvaira was a guy with upright hair and tattoos all over his body. Even the group of Peerages behind him were dressed like non-mainstream bad guys. 

As his nasty voice fell, the group of Peerages behind also roared with laughter.

To be continued…

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