EPHS-Chapter 170 Dropping

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“Quack Ga Ge……”

Above the Demonic Beast forest, a huge flying bird had grabbed a Demonic Beast that looked like a rhino and sang happily as it was about to fly back to its lair.

Sizzle… A bucket-thin Giant Python suddenly shot out from the forest below, biting the huge flying bird’s abdomen in one bite.

With a cry of pain and despair, the flying bird and the prey it captured were pulled into the forest and became food for the Giant Python…

“This is it…”

Falling from the sky and floating above the forest, Tenraku looked at the surroundings and muttered to himself.

There are many fierce Demonic Beasts in the Demonic Beast forest. There are even Great Satan-level monsters living in the depths of this forest. 

Most Demonic Beasts that are active in this area are at the level of the High-Class Devil, which makes this a perfect place to train Riser.

A slender light was shot from Tenraku’s fingertips as he waved his hand, and a nearby hill not far away from this location was immediately cut off by the light, exposing a large piece of smooth flat ground, and then a mini palace flew out of Tenraku’s body. 

The mini palace grew rapidly and soon turned into a real palace and was placed firmly on the flat ground——

It is the Saints and Demons Hall!

The main body of Saints and Demons Hall, Skíðblaðnir, is one of the mysterious magic ships manufactured by the Ivaldi family. 

This mysterious and magical ship will continue to evolve by absorbing the power of its owner. As Tenraku’s strength increases, the main body of the Saints and Demons Hall also changes and it is getting bigger and bigger.

There are many rooms in the palace, and it is quite convenient as a mobile castle that can be taken and placed at any place and at any time. In the next few days, this will be the place where Tenraku and others would stay to train Riser.

By the way, the woman Katerea has also been imprisoned in the Saints and Demons Hall. She was being trained by three Fallen Angel girls every day and night. She would soon complete her transformation and be reborn in the near future…

“What do you want to do to me, let me out! Let me out of here!” Riser was still yelling from inside the Barrier Ball and he had not stopped yelling along the way.

“Riser, your body and mind have been exhausted and you have become like this, you must retrain yourself.”

“Enjoy yourself here, but let me give you some free advice, don’t die.”

Tenraku spoke with a cold smile on his face before he gestured at Tosca, and the knowing girl instantly disarmed her Sacred Gear’s ability, and Riser, who could not break free from the Barrier Ball immediately yelled and fell into the forest below.

“Onii-chan, Older brother will be fine here, right?”

The Demonic Beast Forest is full of dangers, as seeing her Older Brother Riser’s current condition, Ravel couldn’t help but look worried and she asked Tenraku.

“Don’t worry, no matter how much he had regressed, he will always be a descendant of the Phoenix and he won’t die so easily.”

“If the situation becomes really dangerous then I’ll help him out,” Tenraku spoke as he comforted the girl while stroking the girl’s forehead.

“Let’s go, we will also train here for the time being.”



“It hurts…” Riser got up from the bushes and spoke with an embarrassed expression on his fave.

“Kamiya Tenraku!!!”

Thinking of what had happened earlier, Riser couldn’t help but become angry at the person who is the sole reason for his current situation.

How dare he treat him in this way, that bastard, who the hell does he think he is?!


Riser was still thinking about how he would get his revenge on Tenraku when he suddenly saw a dark figure rushing towards him, and then—

His entire arm was bitten off by that dark figure!


There was a low beast roar as Riser finally saw the beast clearly, and it was a Demon Leopard with black scales all over his body that bit off his arm. 

And Riser doesn’t know when but dozens of Demon Leopards of the same size have sprouted out of the jungle and they have already surrounded him from all sides.

“Damned animals, even you dare insult me!” Riser shouted angrily as he released all the hatred accumulated in his heart and at the same time, the Magic Power rushed out of his body as his bitten arm was instantly healed.

“Go to hell you beasts!”

There was nowhere else to vent his sorrow and anger before and now that Riser had found someone or in this case a group of beasts then he will not let them go. 

He shot out a group of hot flames which suddenly exploded in his surroundings and several Demon Leopards that could not dodge the flames were directly blown into flying ashes.

“Do you see it, you lowly Beasts, this is the end that awaits anyone who provokes me, Riser Phenex!”


Riser flew into the air with his fire wings spread out from his back, and he looked at the dead and wounded Demon Leopards. Riser laughed when he saw this scene only to feel that the long-standing suffocation in his heart was finally being relieved by a lot.

Their companions were killed, and the remaining Demon Leopards roared at Riser while showing their teeth and they looked at him with bloodshot eyes. With the sound of hula, a pair of huge fleshy wings spread out from their backs.

After stopping his laughter, Riser suddenly has a bad feeling in his heart as he looked at the fierce Leopards rushing towards him.



“Open the door, quickly open the door!” As the night fell, Riser finally came to the Saints and Demons Hall with a panicked expression on his face and he banged the door vigorously.

First, he was torn and killed by a group of crazy Demon Leopards, after that, when he managed to shake off the Demon Leopards, he was accidentally swallowed by a Giant Python. 

After finally escaping from the stomach of the Giant Python, he was chased around by a group of fierce Demonic Beast…

Riser didn’t know how many times he had cursed Tenraku in his heart and out loud as he was the one who had threw him in the forest. If he could, he would never want to come here as he was chased around by the Demonic Beasts for a whole day. 

To be continued…

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