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“Ahhhhh Ahhhh Ahhh Ahh Ah!!!!!”

Matsuda and Motohama were directly hit by the laser, and the two screamed as if they had received an electric shock. At the same time, a trace of black curse emerged from their bodies and dissipated without a trace.

With his mouth wide open, Hyoudou Issei was completely dumbfounded. His Oppai that grew out of nowhere shot out light like a laser gun!

Dreaming, he must be dreaming, right?!!

“Motohama, Matsuda, are you all right?” After regaining his senses, Issei hurried over to inspect Matsuda and Motohama.

Although these two guys went on the perverted road of no return and they even tried to pull him into the group but how can he leave his former buddies and close friends in this manner especially when he was the one who attacked them, he really didn’t mean to hurt them.

“Woo… my head hurts, what happened?”

“Issei, Matsuda, why are we here…”

Although they were screaming with miserable expressions on their faces, the two of them were not hurt by this accident. Matsuda and Motohama stood up while shaking their heads and it was as if their consciousness had been shocked.

“Motohama, Matsuda, you didn’t lose your memories, right? Tell me what you still remember.”

“Oh, let me think about it, we…”

Issei looked at Motohama and Matsuda nervously, for fear that these two guys would play amnesia plot on him, but the two guys who finally recovered some also recalled their actions, and their expressions changed in an instant-



“We… we…”

Thinking and remembering all the things they had done, Motohama and Matsuda looked at each other with a blank expression on their faces, and then—


The two guys vomited while leaning on the side.

Why were they pursuing such ‘True Love’? When they thought about all the things they had done, Motohama and Matsuda almost wanted to kill themselves. They even felt disgusted with their bodies!

“Motohama, I am going to kill you!”

“Matsuda, pay me back for my innocence!”


After vomiting in confusion, the two of them rushed towards each other and began to punch each other like crazy.

This is just like the Motohama and Matsuda Issei know and he also didn’t expect the two of them to be back to normal after being hit by the light. 

Hyoudou Issei didn’t bother to care about the two guys who fought because they took away each other’s innocence and instead he checked his own situation.

It seemed that his chest had returned to its original shape after the light was emitted, which made Hyoudou Issei give out a long sigh of relief.

Although he likes Oppai very much and even regards Oppai as his lifelong pursuit, Oppai should only appear on sacred and beautiful girls. Doesn’t it become way too perverted if they grow on him?

Thinking of everything that had happened, Issei only felt a mess–

“Ah… what the hell is going on?!!!”

Underworld, Fallen Angel Headquarters, Grigori——

In the dark underground prison, a Silver-Haired man was lying motionless on a cold iron bed.

This man is Vali!


“How is Vali?”

“Vali-Sama is awake, but…”

“Open the barrier, I’ll go in and take a look.”


The voices of Azazel and the guards guarding the prison were heard from outside, and then the barrier covering the prison opened as Azazel walked in from outside.

“Yo, Vali, how does the prison feel, it’s not bad, right?” Azazel smiled and greeted Vali while raising his hand but Vali was still lying motionless on the iron bed without answering.

“Hey, Vali, can you hear me?”

“Give me some reaction, I’m Azazel, Azazel, I came to see you.”


The chattering continued and Vali initially didn’t want to pay attention to this guy, but he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Azazel, are you here to laugh at me?” Vali said coldly while sitting up.

“Yah Yah Yah, you finally showed a reaction.”

“That’s right, I’m here to laugh at you.”

“You are really miserable. Not only did you lose in the fateful battle of the Two Heavenly Dragons, but your Longinus was taken away, and even the Khaos Brigade who was about to take you in has abandoned you.”

“Vali, Vali, what do you want me to say about you, you’re really a miserable guy.” Azazel was really not at all polite as he spoke with a gleeful expression on his face while constantly poking Vali’s scars.

Although Vali knew that this guy was deliberately trying to get a rise out of him but he still couldn’t help but clenched his fists, almost sinking his fingers into the flesh.

Whether it is losing a duel or being abandoned by Khaos Brigade, it is a shame to him, an absolute shame!

“Well, it seems that you also understand your situation. Let’s talk about what to do with you now.” As soon as his tone changed, Vali’s eyes sharpened after hearing Azazel’s words.

“Vali, your identity as a descendant of the old Great Satan Lucifer has been exposed, and you also joined the terrorist organization Khaos Brigade. After the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils negotiated, you are now sentenced to a permanent prison.”

“In other words, you will spend your life in prison!” Azazel’s voice echoed in the prison, and Vali sneered when he heard it—

“I can’t believe you didn’t just execute me? I can escape anytime I want from a prison-like this.”

“Although your identity is a bit sensitive, it is also a serious crime to take refuge in Khaos Brigade, but it has not caused any damage, so there is no need to sentence you to capital punishment.”

“Even though your Sacred Gear has been taken away, we still trust your abilities, so we will impose some powerful barriers outside your prison. If you can still run away in this way then that would be your ability.”

“Well, that’s about it, I’ll have the guards outside keep a good eye on you, enjoy your prison life before you can escape.” Azazel turned and left the prison while waving his hand.

Seeing Azazel’s leaving back, the coldness on Vali’s body gradually dissipated, and a trace of complexity rose in his heart——

“Azazel, you must be disappointed in me…”

No one could hear that heartfelt voice, but even this complexity was quickly buried by Vali, and his gaze returned to harsh and cold eyes again.

Just wait Kamiya Tenraku, our duel is not over yet!

Human World, Kamiya Family Residence——

“What’s wrong, Tenraku?” Rias said with a silly expression on her face when Tenraku suddenly stopped.

“Nothing, go ahead…” With a chuckle, Tenraku once again blocked the girl’s lips, and a new round of attacks begin…

To be continued…

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