EPHS-Chapter 147 Archangel

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“Are you Tenraku-chan from the Phenex Family?” Looking at Tenraku, Serafall looked curious, and she had obviously heard about Tenraku.

“Serafall-Sama, this is the first time that we have met, I am Kamiya Tenraku, the Fourth Son of the Phenex family.” The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as Tenraku introduced himself as seriously as possible.

Serafall nodded her head and then the Magic stick in her hand pointed at Tenraku and she spoke with a vigilant look on her face——

“You, you are not allowed to approach my Sona-Chan in the future!”

Everyone present at the scene was taken aback and they didn’t know what happened to Serafall.

“Serafall-Sama, did I do anything?”

“Whether you did anything or not, you are not allowed to approach Sona-Chan!”

“Levia-Tan’s instinct tells me that you are dangerous. If you get close to Sona-Chan then I will lose Sona-Chan. Sona-Chan is mine and I will never let anyone take her!”

“Onee-Sama (Elder Sister), what are you talking about!”

It turned out that this is the case. She really was a wayward Great Satan. Tenraku was speechless for a while, and Sona was even more embarrassed to stop Serafall.

“Sona-chan, don’t get close to him in the future, okay? Whatever Sona-Chan wants, Onee-San (Elder Sister) will get it for you.”

“Who I interact with is my own business, I don’t need Onee-Sama(Elder Sister) to take care of it!”

“Woo…Sona-Chan actually talked to Onee-San (Elder Sister) like this, Onee-San (Elder Sister) is so sad.”

“Don’t look like a victim, it’s because of your willfulness.”

“I don’t care, I don’t care, Sona-Chan belongs to Onee-San (Elder Sister), and I will never let you go!”

“Woo… Onee-Sama (Elder Sister) is like this again, I can’t stand it!”

Sona could bravely fight with a calm expression on her face even in the face of a powerful enemy like Kokabiel, but faced with her Onee-Sama (Elder Sister) who is so self-willed and spoils her, the always calm Sona turned around with tears in her eyes and ran away.

“Remember, you are not allowed to approach Sona-Chan. This is an order from Great Satan Levia-Tan.”

“Sona-Chan, wait for me…” Serafall warned Tenraku again with a fierce expression on her face and then she chased after Sona.

“Tenraku, don’t take it to heart, Serafall-Sama is not that kind of domineering Great Satan.”

“Forgive her, Tenraku-kun, that girl just likes to spoil her Younger Sister for fear of her being snatched away.”

Seemingly worried that Tenraku might get upset, both Rias and Sirzechs spoke up.

“I know……”

Tenraku chuckled and shook his head as he naturally wouldn’t take this kind of thing to his heart.

Speaking of which, he feels that Great Satans are very interesting…

In the evening, In Kamiya Family Residence——

“Otou-Sama, Uncle, won’t you stay a little longer?” After dinner, Tenraku and others are seeing off Duke Phenex and Duke Gremory as Tenrak spoke.

“There are important matters to be dealt with in the territory.”

“HāHāHā…… we will come back next time, Rias, Tenraku-Kun, you can get along well.”

It is already very rare for them to be able to spare a day to come to the Human World. The two Fathers said a few words, and then returned to the Underworld through a Teleportation Formation.

“Tenraku-Kun, I’ve bothered you for the past two days.”

“Is Sirzechs-Sama leaving as well?”

“Tomorrow is the meeting of the heads of the three major powers, so we have to go and make preparations on our side as well. As important witnesses, Tenraku-kun and Rias will also attend the meeting then, so please prepare for that as well.”

“Understood, Sirzechs-sama.”

Sirzechs and Grayfia also left after saying goodbye to everyone.

“Woo…It’s finally over.” Rias looked tired as she spoke and collapsed to the sofa.

Whether it’s her Older Brother or the two Father, her spirit has been declining for the past two days, and now she can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Tenraku, help me take a bath,” Rias yelled lazily without opening her eyes.

Shaking his head, Tenraku hugged Rias and lifted her up in a princess carry. Although they haven’t finished the last step, the two of them have almost done other things, and it’s commonplace for them to take a bath together.

“Asia, do you want to come with us?”

“Hai, Tenraku-san.”

“AraAra, Tenraku is so partial, I want to be together…”

The next day, Kendo Club——

“Okay, that’s it for today’s training, don’t stay at school, hurry up and go home.”

Clapping his hands, Tenraku said to the young girls who were practicing Swordsmanship.

 “Kaichou(Club President)-sama, is there something wrong?” Murayama and Katase wiped their sweat and asked.

 “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, all of you go back, no one is allowed to stay here.” Seeing the serious expression on Tenraku’s face, the girls didn’t dare to ask anymore, but they also had some guesses in their hearts.

It should be something related to Devil and Fallen Angel again…

After placing the props and organizing their own things, the girls said goodbyes to Tenraku and left one after another. Soon Kiryu Aika was left alone in the Kendo Club.

“Kiryu, what are you still doing here?” Tenraku asked as he saw the girl’s embarrassed look.

“Kaichou-Sama (Club President), when will our Date start?”

Not expecting this unscrupulous Ero-Mouth Girl to show such a look, Tenraku couldn’t help but be amused and knocked the young girl’s head –

“Wait until the weekend.”


With a flash of joy in her eyes, Kiryu Aika also grabbed her own school bag and prepared to leave, but stopped again where she reached the door.

“Kaichou-Sama (Club President), if you dare to stand me up, you will definitely not be spared!” Kiryu Aika raised her fist at Tenraku as she spoke and then she ran away with flushed cheeks.

Tenraku was amused by the fact that although she usually looks like a bold girl, she is still a simple girl in the end.

The three powers’ summit meeting was still some time away, and Tenraku planned to meet up with the Rias and the others and rest for a while.

However, at this moment, Akeno’s voice suddenly rang from the communicator…

“Akeno, what’s the matter, why did you suddenly called us over.”

In the shrine, Tenraku, Asia, Irina, and Xenovia looked at Akeno, who was sitting on the floor in a Miko (Priestess) dress.

“Actually, I got a Divine Call from someone, saying that he wanted to meet you.” Akeno smiled and spoke while standing up from the floor.

“Divine Call?” A different light flashed in Tenraku’s eyes, and Asia and other women also showed a surprised look.

Miko (Priestess) is the existence that serves Gods and they are also the spokesperson of Gods on the earth. 

Usually, when Gods has any instructions to give to their believer, they will use the [Divine Call] method to let their Miko (Priestess) communicate with themselves.

Although Akeno can only be regarded as a fake Miko (Priestess) who is guarding a shrine, and she also does not serve any Gods. 

If we get technical about it then she is serving a guy who is a Devil and wants to become a God, so he was surprised to hear that she actually got a [Divine Call].

“HēHēHē, it feels very interesting. He should almost be here.” Akeno stood beside everyone and spoke with a sweet smile on her face and in the next moment, a dazzling light burst into the room, and then a figure slowly appeared in front of everyone.

With a halo on his head, this person wore a gorgeous cloak, and there were twelve Golden wings behind him——

It’s a Big Angel!


“It turned out to be…”

Except for Tenraku and Akeno, Asia, Irina, and Xenovia were stunned!

A Divine and dazzling light appeared as the Angel showed a gentle smile under everyone’s gaze, and then said: “Hello, I’m the leader of Angels, Michael…”

To be continued…

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