EPHS-Chapter 145 Depressed

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As Grayfia’s voice fell, it seemed that the air nearby had frozen.

She actually said that he was not qualified–

Even Tenraku was slightly angry!

At the same time, an invisible field spread out with Tenraku as the center.

Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View!

This time, Tenraku is not using the power of Evil Eye in a normal state, but he directly used Evil Eye’s Forbidden Move——

Time Domain!

Tenraku is no longer limited by vision and he can control everything within this domain!

Although the consumption of Spirit Power is a bit huge, the effect is quite good. As long as it is within the domain, anyone below the strength of Great Satan level would hardly have any resistance, even the opponents at the Great Satan Level will be severely Impacted.


“Is it a Sacred Gear’s ability, and it’s a Balance Breaker?” Looking at Time Domain, Grayfia’s body exuded a layer of silver light and she was not affected at all!


“It’s still too weak!”

Obviously, she was still standing opposite to Tenraku, but Grayfia’s ironic voice sounded from behind Tenraku.

He just felt that someone had clicked his heart, and another Grayfia appeared behind Tenraku!

Tenraku doesn’t have to look back to know that the opponent’s fingertips are brewing with a powerful Magic. Although it is only a clone of Grayfia, if she attacked him at such close range then even he will be seriously injured!

“Ahhhh… Miss Grayfia, I give up.” Raising his hand to surrender and dissipating the Time Domain, although he is a little bit unwilling but Tenraku has to admit that he is not the Strongest Queen’s opponent.

If he chooses to fight with his opponent then he would be the one to lose!

After dissipating her Magic, Grayfia’s Clone walked out from behind Tenraku and merged with the real body.

Without saying much, Grayfia turned around and walked away while carrying the ingredients.

“Miss Grayfia, I am really curious about your secrets, when will you tell me?” Tenraku smiled as he asked after catching up with Grayfia.

Although this woman has a cold attitude towards him, Tenraku also feels that she is not his enemy. If she really wanted to be against him then he wouldn’t have been able to resist at all.

“Let’s talk about it when you can beat me,” Grayfia replied without looking back.

“Beat you…” Tenraku narrowed his eyes with a shocked expression on his face when he heard Grafia’s words.

Grayfia is proficient in all kinds of powerful Magic and she has extremely rich combat experience. Even in the ranks of Great Satan level, she would be at a Top-Level.

In other words, to defeat the Strongest Queen, Tenraku would at least need the strength that surpasses the power of Great Satans——

He needs to become a legendary transcendent!

There have been very few people who have been able to reach that level since ancient times. Even characters like Azazel and Michael have not yet reached that level, let alone others.

However, Tenraku is different.

With [[Sacred Gear Plunder]], he can continue to grow his power as long as he keeps plundering Sacred Gear. According to Tenraku’s estimation, he can reach that level as long as he plunders a few more Longinus-Tools that Destroy God!

Although it is quite challenging to really achieve this goal, Tenraku is confident that that day will not be far away!

The next day–

“Sirzechs-Sama, we’ll go to school first.” With all the girls getting ready to go, Tenraku said to Sirzechs.

“Please be careful on the way, Tenraku-kun, everyone.” Sirzechs nodded and said as he looked at Rias on the side and said:

“Rias, do well in the public class, we will come together when we receive Otou-Sama.”

“Why, Onii-Sama is really something,” Rias complained and felt a little embarrassed but the matter is over and she could only bite the bullet.

Rias can easily cope with countless admirers, but she is feeling nervous and shy because her family wants to participate in her own Public Class. The Princess of Gremory is as cute as ever in these unexpected aspects!

After bidding farewell to Sirzechs and Grayfia, Tenraku and Rias walked towards the school with the other girls as usual.

Although today is the day of the Public Class, apart from Rias, for Tenraku and others, it is no different from usual.

However, just before arriving at the school, two unexpected figures stood in front of Tenraku and the girls——

This figure is the Governor-General of Fallen Angels, Azazel and the White Dragon Sovereign is also with him!

“Yo boy, we meet again.”

“So it’s Azazel, good day ……” Azazel greeted Tenraku with a smile on his face and Tenraku responded.

While Rias and the other women were on the verge of a state of danger, Raynare beside Tenraku smiled grimly and then condensed a Light Spear and stabbed it towards Azazel.

“Hello, Raynare, you probably already know the truth, right?” A hand grasped the attacking Light Spear as Azazel spoke with a speechless look on his face.

Tenraku is the black hand that is playing with Raynare behind the scenes, Raynare should break up with that brat after knowing the truth, so how come she still came to attack him?

This is completely different from the scene he was looking forward to!

“HēHēHē… so what if I know the truth?”

“I have been thoroughly possessed and brainwashed by my Master and can no longer lose him, but I still need someone to bear my anger and hatred.”

“Azazel-Sama, it is an undeniable fact that you have abandoned me, so please continue to be the object of venting my anger in the future!” Raynare replied with a distorted smile on her face.

The corners of his eyes throbbed as Azazel suddenly have a depressed expression on his face.

He turned into the object for Raynare to vent her anger, he is not even as good as the original object of revenge!


“Azazel, your methods have finally come back to bite you in the ass!” Vali laughed on the side as he spoke.

Looking at the clever Azazel’s deflated appearance, there is nothing more happier for him than this!

“Hey, Vali, which side are you on?!” With a strong grip, Raynare’s Light Spear was crushed. Azazel was angry and gloomy, but Vali smiled happily without caring about his anger.

“Raynare, come back,” Tenraku spoke with a happy smile on his face.

Originally, Raynara was planning to gather another Light Spear to stab Azazel to death, but her Master’s order must not be violated and Raynare came back to Tenraku’s side.

“Azazel, White Dragon Sovereign, why are you here?” Unlike Tenraku and the others, Rias stood up with a vigilant expression on her face and asked the obvious question.

Both Azazel and White Dragon Sovereign are extremely dangerous figures in the opposing camp, and Rias can’t help but feel a little cautious when they suddenly appear in her territory.

“Relax, Little princess from Gremory’s family, we have no intention of making trouble.”

“Didn’t Sirzechs tell you that there will be a summit meeting of the three major forces in your school later, and we are just here to say hello and we will leave soon.”  Raising his hand, Azazel gestured to Rias to be not nervous. Although Raynare’s matter had made him quite depressed, he hadn’t forgotten the business yet either.

“Red Dragon Emperor, you and I will have a battle eventually, let’s see who is the strongest then.”

“I am looking forward to it, White Dragon Sovereign.” Tenraku and Vali looked at each other with unruly and confident smiles on their faces.

Although they admitted that the other was strong, neither of them thought they would lose!

Without further ado, Azazel and Vali waved their hands and turned to leave, while the Rias and the other girls finally relaxed.

“Tenraku, even if it’s White Dragon Sovereign, you’ll definitely win, right?”

Rias looked at Tenraku with expectation and trust in her beautiful eyes, but more than that, she was concerned.

Tenraku replied while stroking the girl’s forehead:

“Yes, I will definitely win!”

To be continued…

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