EPHS-Chapter 137 Conditions

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Putting on a formal suit, Abe Kiyome walked over, and then sat down opposite to Tenraku and Rias in a graceful posture——

“Sorry for the wait, Rias-San.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s us who come here to disturb you.” The two spoke politely and then Abe Kiyome’s gaze fell on Tenraku.

“Is this Tenraku-Kun? I have heard about you too. The son of Miracle from the Phoenix family, Rias’s Fiance, and the Red Dragon Emperor. Even among my members, many people admire you.”

“I am Abe Kiyome, the daughter of the Magical Servent Abe Family, please take care of me.” Abe Kiyome extended a jade hand to Tenraku as her jewel-like eyes kept looking at him, seemingly interested in him.

“Pleased to meet you, Kiyome-San.” Tenraku nodded while holding the girl’s hand.

“Now then, please tell me what Rias-San and Tenraku-San have come here for.” The pleasantries ended, and Abe Kiyome put away her smile and spoke with a serious look on her face.

“I need Kiyome-San’s help for a number of reasons. Can I interview you as the envoys of Demonic Beings? It would be nice if you could tell a little more about the people you’re working on.” Rias said please after explaining the reason to Abe Kiyome in general.

“So that’s it…”

“I refuse.” Nodding with a dazed look on her face, the young girl refused without thinking about it.

“Hā… can’t you think about it, Kiyome-San?” Rias had a speechless look on her face as Kiyome rejected her so simply.

“Why do I have to tell the Devils about me? Although I am very grateful to you for accepting me into this school, it doesn’t mean I would speak about myself to you. Demonic Beings are the most important thing for us. How can we easily reveal information to you?”

Abe Kiyome replied without hesitation, she did not compromise even though she knew the identity of the person she was facing.

“I also know it’s a bit hard, but as a reward, how about a favor from me?” Not caring about the other party’s attitude, Rias continued to negotiate calmly.

“Ohhhhh…you are quite self-conscious, Rias-San.”

“Although one of your favors is really exciting, it will not be good for me to get involved with you because of it. I usually keep a distance from even the President-Sama of the House of Sitri.”

“After all, I am dealing with the Devils, and if I am not careful then my soul will be taken away.” Stroking her lips with a light smile, Abe Kiyome’s tone had a faint hint of teasing in it.

“Kiyome-San, is there no room for further discussion? I will definitely pay you a handsome reward.” The other side has already shown her their attitude and Rias also can not help but put on a helpless expression on her face to make a last effort.

“Well, it’s actually not impossible…”

“How about this, simple transactions are also very boring. How about this Rias-San, you and I and my Demonic Being’s will have a tennis duel and the winning side will listen to whatever the other side says?” Abe Kiyome proposed with a twinkle in her eye and a sly smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“It seems like fun, and I’m also a little confident in my tennis skills. If I win, I will ask Kiyome-San to accept an interview to help me finish my research paper, but what do you want if you win?”

Rias was also interested in Abe Kiyome’s proposal, but the other party obviously had an ulterior motive, and Rias would not be foolish enough to agree before finding out.

“Ara Ara, You have found out.”

“If I win, then let the Red Dragon Emperor be my servant.” Abe Kiyome said her purpose as she looked at Tenraku.

The whole room was quiet, and Tenraku who heard this was also amused. This girl even wanted to make him her servant or something. This big Miss really dared to think too big!

“Kiyome-san, you must be joking, right?” There was a smile on Rias’s face, but her body exuded a terrifying aura.

This girl wanted Tenraku as her servant. She couldn’t ignore such a bold and rude remark as if she hadn’t heard it!

“Don’t worry, I’m not so arrogant as to really want to take the legendary Red Dragon Emperor as a servant, I am just saying I want him as my servant for a day, just for a day, and I won’t do anything excessive.”

“The Red Dragon Emperor can also be regarded as a Demonic Being, and it’s the top one, so I am very interested in it.” Abe Kiyome explained with passion burning in her eyes.

This girl was really blunt but Rias still shook her head and said:

“No, we cannot agree to such a condition.” Just as Tenraku did not use Rias’ happiness as a bet for Rating Game, Rias would not use Tenraku as a bargaining chip for any competition.

It’s not a question of winning or losing!

“That’s a shame, if Rias-san can’t accept it then there’s nothing I can do from my side.” Abe Kiyome looked regretful as she spoke.

“Excuse us, Kiyome-San, we will leave now.” Since Rias was no longer able to negotiate then she didn’t plan to say anything more, so she was planning to leave with Tenraku.

However, it was at that moment –

“Wait a minute, Rias.”

Tenraku called out to Rias and then he looked at Abe Kiyome again.

“Kiyome-San, we agreed to your terms!”

“Tenraku, you…” Rias was stunned when she heard Tenraku’s words, but Abe Kiyome’s eyes lit up, and a winning smile appeared on her face.

“Tenraku-San, have you really considered it carefully? If you lose, you will be my servant for a day.”

Abe Kiyome reminded with a smile while covering her lips.

“Ah, if we lose, you can call me whatever you want. But if we win, please help Rias in completing her research report.” Tenraku also smiled and replied without backing down.

“Hē Hē Hē… Then it’s a deal!”

Seeing that Tenraku had reached an agreement with Abe Kiyome, Rias was both touched and somewhat chastised at heart.

“Tenraku, I will think of another way. You don’t need this…”

“Time is running out, isn’t it? To complete the report, you must get the help of Kiyome-San. If you don’t want me to be someone else’s servant, then try hard to win the competition.” Tenraku smiled carelessly while stroking Rias’s bright red hair.

Feeling warm currents flowing from her head, Rias sighed helplessly, and then the expression on her face became firm:

“I know!”

To be continued…

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