EPHS-Chapter 134 Choice

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“Tenraku-Sama, the Holy Sword Wielder has awakened.”

After he walked out of the room with Raynare, Yubelluna greeted Tenraku and said.

“Already awake? …… Then let’s go check it out.”

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised as he thought of something. Leaving Raynare and the girls to do their own thing, Tenraku walked into the room where Xenovia was settled~.


“Tenraku, -Xenovia, she…”

Seeming to be comforting Xenovia, Asia and Irina both stood up when they saw Tenraku walk in.

Nodding towards the two girls, Tenraku’s eyes fell on Xenovia.

At this time, Xenovia no longer looked like the Heroic Spirit of the past, and she was sitting on the bed with a numb look on her face, she didn’t show any reaction even after Tenraku walked in front of her.

Although the girl’s physical injuries have been healed, the mental damage caused by her Belief’s collapse cannot be recovered.

As a pious believer, the fact that the Lord has died has caused an unimaginable blow to Xenovia!

“Becoming so decrepit because you know your Belief’s Lord is dead, Xenovia, is that all you have?”

Instead of saying any comforting words like Asia and Irina, Tenraku said sarcastically from a high position.

The numb eyes finally flashed with a hint of fluctuation and Xenovia stood up with a face of anger and grabbed Tenraku’s clothes and said:

“What would a Devil know!”

“Everything I am is for the Lord, the Lord is dead and my life has no meaning!

Feeling angry and painful, the girl almost roared.

No one could understand how much pain she felt inside knowing the fact that the Lord had died!



Irina and Asia had worried looks on their faces, but Tenraku was unconcerned, and a smile surfaced on his face.

Since there is still anger and pain then it means there is still salvation!

“What a silly cute guy, is this how Church brainwashed you since you were little.”

“The Lord is indeed dead. This is an unchangeable fact. But even if he is dead, the world is still moving, and you are still alive.”

“So, Xenovia, what does it matter even if the Lord is dead?”

Tenraku said with a smile while stroking the girl’s face.

Although Tenraku’s voice was not loud, every single one of his words fell like a thunder strike in Xenovia’s heart.

“No…no…without the Lord’s guidance, we…we…”

Xenovia instinctively wanted to refute Tenraku’s words but she suddenly found that she couldn’t refute it!

Yes, it is clear that the Lord has died long ago, but the world is still moving, and they are still alive, so what is the difference between the Lord’s death and him not being dead?

Although she feels that what Tenraku said is reasonable but it is contrary to the education and warnings she has received since childhood.

Without the Lord, their lives would be meaningless, and without the Lord, the world would fall into primal chaos!


Feeling pained and conflicted, Xenovia grabbed her head and shouted.

Irina and Asia were ready to go forward to comfort her with a worried face, but they were stopped by a look from Tenraku.

If you want to bring her back to life then you must first let her destroy herself!

Letting Xenovia scream and go crazy is one way to do that. The girl gradually calmed down after a long time and after she had fully vented the frustration and helplessness in her heart. She was lying on the ground and panting and her face had a blank expression on them.

What should she do, what should she do?!

Seeing that the fire was about to come, Tenraku nodded and lifted the girl’s chin–

“Xenovia, if you really need the Lord so much, then let me be your new Lord, if you really need Belief so much, then let me be your new Belief!”

“I want to build a peaceful and radiance world, I want to build a world where everyone can be happy.”

“Xenovia, if your life needs meaning, then come help me, and work with me to save this world that has lost its Lord!”

Tenraku’s voice constantly reverberated in the room.

Asia clasped her hands together while looking at Tenraku’s pious face, while Irina next to her was blood-red, and her heart was secretly broken with someone’s shamelessness.

Tenraku, this villain, really dares to say something like this, he is obviously a big liar!

At this time, Xenovia also looked at Tenraku with a blank expression on her face.

But, in the blankness, she seemed to see a glimpse of radiance!

Like a drowning child, a lamb in a stray direction, any hint of radiance at this time will make them frantically chase after it and they would want to catch it!

“Think about it, Xenovia, I look forward to your choice.”

Tenraku smiled a little but he said nothing more, he turned around, and walked out of the room.

Everything that needs to be done has been done, and the next step is to wait for Xenovia to make her own choice. It would be best if she could obediently submit to him, if not, then he would have to resort to other means.

As his believer and tool, this is the destiny set by Tenraku for Xenovia, and no changes are allowed!

When she came back to her senses, Tenraku had already walked out of the room, and Xenovia suddenly felt a sense of loss, and that great sense of emptiness and confusion came over her again.

After taking a few deep breaths, Xenovia stood up, and then looked at Asia and Irina on the side——

“Irina, did you already know the fact that the Lord has died?”

“Well, Tenraku told me a long time ago.”


Irina replied slightly cautiously, while Xenovia showed a self-deprecating smile.

Obviously, the Lord had already died but the Church had been deceiving them all the time, Xenovia suddenly developed deep anger and disgust towards the Church to which she had been loyal.

Whether they are Angel or Pope, they are all liars!

“Asia Argento, is this why you chose to Belief Kamiya Tenraku?”

Xenovia asked as she looked at Asia again.

“Well, when I learned the truth about the Lord’s death, I was as painful and sad as Xenovia-san, I lost the direction and meaning of life, but it was Tenraku-San who saved me at that time.”

“He had inherited the Lord’s will, he is gentle, loving, and great. If anyone can save this world without the Lord then I think that person must be Tenraku-san!”

“So, Xenovia-san, you should join us too!”

Both Irina and Xenovia could see that there was no hypocrisy in Asia, everything she said was from her heart.

Irina was secretly surprised, what did the bad guy Tenraku do to brainwash a pious Saintess like this!

At the same time, Irina also secretly warned herself that she must not be brainwashed by the bad guy Tenraku, that absolutely cannot happen!

And Xenovia on one side also took a deep look at Asia, and then she had already made a decision in her heart——

“I know what to do…”

“Lord, please accept our confession and guide us to radiance…”

In the hall, under Rias and the other girl’s eyes, Xenovia and Asia knelt down in front of Tenraku and prayed to their lord.

“You are welcome to join us, Xenovia.”

Tenraku smiled brightly while touching Xenovia’s face.

This is really good. With this, he now has one more tool and believer…

To be continued…

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