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Being compressed and condensed, an energy ball continuously expands and then re-grows in the air.

“Die, Kokabiel…”

Without showing the slightest mercy, Tenraku aimed the energy ball in Kokabiel’s direction and shot it down.

Kokabiel has been severely injured and even he would die if he takes such a powerful blow to his body!

However, at this moment–

Ka Ka Ka… Wee!


The barrier that enveloped the entire academy shattered like glass, and Yubelluna and the girls also wailed and fell from the air, only to see a silver-white stream of light falling down directly in front of Kokabiel’s body–


Constantly shrinking and dividing, the energy ball shot by Tenraku disappeared in the blink of an eye!

Under the night sky, the figure that suddenly entered into chaos finally appeared in front of everyone’s eye——

Rias and the other girls were shocked as they looked at the Silver-White battle armor with faintly blue light wings on the figure’s body.

“So he is…”

The atmosphere was terribly quiet for a while, Scarlet’s figure and the silver-white figure gazed at each other, the sharp gaze collided with a flower of electricity in the air.

“Red Dragon Emperor!”

“White Dragon Sovereign!”

Yes, that silver figure is the White Dragon Sovereign——Vali·Lucifer!

Is this his fateful opponent? Tenraku obviously felt Ddraig’s agitation and the blood in his whole body involuntarily boiled up.

“Vanishing*Dragon… Did that motherf*cker send you to get me?!”

A trace of panic flashed in his eyes as Kokabiel struggled to get up.

Looking at Kokabiel, the indifferent voice also sounded from the silver-white armor:

“It is really sad that Kokabiel, the famous Fallen Angel cadre has been reduced to such state.”


“A defeated dog has to look like a defeated dog!”

Vali stepped on Kokabiel’s chest with one foot after he spoke.


With a scream, Kokabiel’s whole body was stepped into the ground.

“You bastard…”

He was already severely injured, but now he was humiliated in such a way. Kokabiel raised his hand to catch Vali, but he fainted due to blood loss.

“Red Dragon Emperor, although this is your prey, but Azazel asked me to take him back to face the trial.”

No longer paying attention to Kokabiel, the clown, Vali instead looked at Tenraku in the air again.

“Do with him what you will, that is if you can take him from me, White Dragon Sovereign.”

The corners of his mouth were raised as Tenraku had a playful expression on his face under the armor.

There was a brief conversation, followed by a moment of silence, and then both of them burst into the sky at the same time!

“No, Tenraku…”

Guessing what they were going to do, Rias and the other girls on one side were shocked and wanted to stop them.

But it was already too late!


Turning into two red and white streams, Tenraku and Vali’s fists collided in the air!

“Boost! Boost!!! Boost!!! Boost!!! Boost!!! Boost!!!”

“Divide! Divide!!! Divide!!! Divide!!! Divide!!! Divide!!!”

The collision of red and white, the duel between dragon and dragon, the jade jewel on the armors of the two people flashed with chaos, and then-



Rias and the other girls were instantly swallowed and drowned by the violent air current…

It wasn’t until a long time that everything gradually calmed down, but the entire Kuoh Academy has disappeared without a trace!


The girls in the Kendo Club opened their lips wide and sat down on the ground one by one, although they were not hurt because of [Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror], but the scene just now had deeply shocked the souls of the girls.

So that is their Club President, just like a God!

“Cough cough cough…”

After the defensive Magic was dissipated, Rias and the other girls also got up from the ruins. Although they were also frightened by the surrounding scenes, they were looking for Tenraku very anxiously.



They finally located Tenraku in the middle of the ruins and the girls rushed over to his side.

They saw that Tenraku’s Scarlet Armor had become tattered and his entire right arm was exposed without any armor on it, and blood was dripping down on it…


Feeling shocked, Rias and the other women couldn’t help covering their lips, and Asia and Mihae burst into tears and hurriedly treated Tenraku.

“Tenraku, you were too impulsive just now…”

Rias said complicatedly.

If the two Heavenly Dragons really fight, let alone the school, I am afraid that the entire Kuoh Town will be destroyed by them!

“Sorry, Rias, but I just couldn’t help it.”


Tenraku laughed very openly after he apologized.

Just as he expected, that white guy is also super powerful.

He is really looking forward to the day when he fights that guy for real without holding back!

At the same time, on the other side–

“Vali, your opponent will be the strongest Red Dragon Emperor of all time, but only this time, don’t lose to them.”

“Don’t worry, Albion, I will never lose.”

After landing from the air, Vali retracted his light wings and threw the dying Kokabiel to the ground.

“How about it Vali, are you having fun?”

Holding the fishing rod and turning his head, Azazel looked at Vali Lucifer, whose tattered hand was still dripping with blood.

“Yes, I am very happy.”

“If that stage wasn’t so shabby and tattered then I might have actually fought him for real.”

Vali replied with a cheerful smile on his face.

“I knew it would be like this…”

“However, I just told you to bring Kokabiel back, so why are you bringing in extra guys?”

Azazel couldn’t help complaining as his gaze fell on another flying figure.

“Because it feels funny!”

“I will bring Kokabiel back to Underworld first, Azazel, just take your time and enjoy it, HāHāHāHāHā……”

After opening a Teleportation Formation, Vali kicked Kokabiel into it, and then waved his hand and also smiled broadly as he walked into the Teleportation Formation and disappeared without a trace.


Sighing, Azazel rubbed his forehead and could only stand up helplessly.

He will take care of that bastard Vali later, for now, he had to get rid of the one in front of him–

“Yo, Raynare, long time no see.”

Raising his hand and looking at Raynare on the side, Azazel could only say stiffly.

“Hē Hē Hē hehe…”

“Finally, I am so happy to see you again, Azazel-sama ……”

Raynare had a broken and creepy smile on her face as she looked at Azazel.

The corners of his eyes are beating, but Azazel is crying in his heart, secretly saying Raynare, Raynare, your smile makes this Governor-General feel very stressed…

To be continued…

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