EPHS-Chapter 126 Numerous Part 2

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Boom!  Hōng Hōng Hōng!!

In the sky, Rias and the other girls have launched a stormy attack on Kokabiel.

Thunderlight, Sword Qi, Magic… The entire sky has been exploded into one piece. Had it not been for the Yubelluna and the girls to maintain the barrier, just the aftermath of the battle would unthinkable consequences to Kuoh Town!

Rias constantly releases violent Magic Powers of Power Of Destruction. Even High-Class Devil will be shocked when faced with such an attack, but Kokabiel has easily blocked them again and again~!

Akeno drew the golden thunder and shot it down towards Kokabiel in the sky, but surrounded by ten black wings, the mighty Fallen Angel was still unscathed!

Toujou Koneko and Yura Tsubasa punched frantically. The shadow of their fists was mixed with thunderous explosions, but only a few feathers were shot down!

Sona released a violent water current to spit out the enemy, but when the water wave rolled down, Kokabiel appeared again in the same place!

Raynare and the other two girls frantically fired a light sphere, but Kokabiel shot a light sphere ten times the size to smash them!


Sitting slumped on the ground, Gasper’s mouth was open and bloodless.

He also wants to help everyone, he also wanted to fight together, but his Evil Eye has no effect on Kokabiel.

This is no longer a simple gap in strength, but a dimensional gap!

The strongest of the women is undoubtedly Rias, who shared Longinus-Tools that Destroy God by Tenraku, she possesses the strength of High-Class Devil, but as a cadre of the Fallen Angel, the man who fought with the God and the Great Satans and survived, Kokabiel possesses the power similar to Great Satans!

Perhaps he can only be regarded as the bottom-most existence among the Great Satans-level powerhouses, but he is also a real Great Satans-level powerhouse and he is far from what the current Rias and the other girls can contend against!


“Too weak! Too weak! Too weak!”

Kokabiel laughed, and condensed two-light spheres, he fought wildly with Xenovia and Irina, who were holding their respective Holy Swords, and shot out two blades of light with their backhands while the two women were losing strength.



The two teaching buildings were directly smashed to pieces by the light blade, and Xenovia and Irina also cried out and were buried in the ruins…

The battle was extremely fierce, and there were constantly screaming girls who fell to the ground and couldn’t fight anymore. Only Rias, Akeno, Sona, Shinra Tsubaki, and Raynare could barely hold on!

“Too much, this is too much, Senior Rias and President Sona…”

While watching the battle outside, the girls in Kendo Club pressed their lips tightly.

Although they were shocked by the exaggerated god fantasy battle, but the girls’ hearts were filled with uncontrollable anger.

That nasty monster is too much!

“Nimura-san, you’re too badly injured, give up.”

Looking at Nimura Ruruko, who was seriously injured but still trying to get up, Tenraku said while healing the girl’s injuries.

“I can still fight…I can still fight…”

She tried to stand up again and again but she fell again and again. Even though Tenraku healed the girl’s injuries, she could not continue to fight after her Magic Power was exhausted.

“Tenraku-sama, I’m so …”

Giving up the attempt, the girl’s eyes flowed with tears of reluctance.

Obviously, she had put in so much effort and sweat, but in front of powerful enemies, she could not even persist for a few minutes.

Despite knowing that the other party was a cadre of Fallen Angel, despite knowing that she and the others would not be a match, but-

She felt so reluctant!

“Wipe away your tears, Nimura-san, you’re Sona Sitri’s Peerage.”

“Keep this unwillingness in your heart, and then become stronger!”

Tenraku said as he stroked the girl’s forehead.

For the current girls, it is too early for them to face Great Satans-level opponents. The confidence that has been built up has been crushed by the absolute gap between their strength, and those with a weaker mind may become depressed from then on.

However, Tenraku didn’t see any weak people here!

As long as they keep this unwillingness in their hearts, they will continue to break through themselves and become stronger and stronger in the future!

Sure enough, the weakness in the girl’s eyes gradually disappeared, replaced by unprecedented firmness.

“I understand, Tenraku-Sama!”

Wiping away her tears, Nimura nodded vigorously and no longer continued to fight stubbornly. Instead, she worked with Tenraku and Asia to heal her companion.

The fire was soaring, the electricity was blazing and Rias and Sona were still fighting Kokabiel.

“Die, Rias Gremory, Sona Sitri!”

A trace of coldness floated at the corner of his mouth as Kokabiel condensed a huge light sphere of several feet and shot it at Rias and Sona.

As long as the two women die, that Lucifer and Leviathan will definitely go crazy, and then he can smoothly start the Second War between Gods and Demons!

“Club President!”


Rias and Sona, who are the main attackers, consumed a lot of Magic Power in the previous battle. The two women who were on the strong side could no longer escape Kokabiel’s attack. 

On the other side, Akeno and Shinra Tsubaki’s expressions changed drastically. They shouted and rushed in front of them to block these attacks.

Shinra Tsubaki activated her Sacred Gear’s ability, and suddenly a vertical mirror blocked the flying light sphere, and Akeno desperately urged the Magic Power in her body to launch a defensive Magic for her and Rias.

As for Raynare, if her owner was in danger then she would have rushed to his side to block the attack with her body but she didn’t care about these women, they flew far away with a wicked laugh as she didn’t want to let herself in danger.



Like the sound of glass breaking, the vertical mirror and the defense Magic collapsed instantly, and the four women Rias, Akeno, Sona, and Shinra Tsubaki also screamed and flew out.

The light sphere thrown by Kokabiel contains extremely terrifying energy. If it continues like this then the four girls will also be in danger but Tenraku below is not in a hurry and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised.

In the next moment–

The light sphere that was pursuing the four girls suddenly stopped, and then doubled in size, and reflected back to Kokabiel under Kokabiel’s stunned expression!

[Mirror of Recollection-Mirror Alice], the Sacred Gear owned by Shinra Tsubaki can summon a sacred mirror to protect the owner, and once the mirror is destroyed, the attack will be returned to the opponent in multiples!


The brilliance was dazzling, and the loud noise blasted into the sky. Kokabiel who had never expected this situation was directly hit by the light sphere and his figure was also submerged in the turbulent energy flow…

To be continued…

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