EPHS-Chapter 114 Suspicion Of Belief

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Xenovia regained consciousness as her eyes snapped open.

She and Irina had been defeated by the Devil, but the other party didn’t seem to have killed her.

Looking around vigilantly, Xenovia found herself locked in a dimly lit room.

On one side of the room, there was a white-haired girl with her back facing her and she seemed to be looking at something–

It was her own sword!

“Don’t move!”

With a flash of sharpness in her eyes, Xenovia gently stood up, then leaped out like a cheetah and grabbed the white-haired girl’s neck from behind and coldly spoke.

However, to Xenovia’s surprise, the other side did not panic at all, but sarcastically raised the corners of her mouth.

“Barrier Expand.”

A powerful barrier unfolded from the girl’s body, and Xenovia, who was caught off guard, was sent flying, her body hit the ground with a loud thud, and blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

“Sacred Gear!”

Gritting her teeth, Xenovia spoke with a gloomy expression on her face.

“My name is Tosca, I am Tenraku-Sama’s [Bishop].”

“Now, don’t move.”

Turning around, Tosca grabbed the Holy Sword of Destruction in her hand and pointed it at Xenovia’s neck with a cold smile on her face.

“Hmph, trying to threaten me with Holy Sword, but this is not a power that a mere Devil can covet.”

Crawling to her feet, Xenovia wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and said sarcastically.

“Covet its power? Why would I covet its powers, it is worthless, my companions have lost their lives for this kind of thing!”

Tosca replied with a cold expression on her face.

The other party seemed to be very disgusted with Holy Sword and it was not a deliberate disguise and Xenovia couldn’t help but raise her brows:

“What do you mean?”

“Holy Sword Project, have you heard of it?”

“You are the survivor of that Holy Sword project!”

Finally understanding what was going on, Xenovia also revealed a shocked look on her face.

If the other party is a survivor of that Holy Sword Project, then everything makes sense!

“Ah, the one and only, Lord Holy Sword Wielder.”

With a cold laugh, Tosca said sarcastically.

“Tosca, you were once a member of our Church, right?”

“I can understand your hatred of the Holy Sword project. It was a disgusting thing even for us, but the people involved in that project have been punished by the Church, and the leader Valper Galilei has also been exiled with the mark of heresy. You should not betray us and join Devil because of that.”

Taking a deep breath, Xenovia put away her hostility.

If the girl in front of her is really a survivor of the Holy Sword project, then the Church owes her and her companions a deep debt, and Xenovia did not want to make an enemy of her even as a last resort.

“Oh… then what do you think I should do, Lord Holy Sword Wielder?”

Narrowing her eyes, Tosca had a rather interesting look on her face.

Naturally, Xenovia could hear the other party’s ironic tone, but she didn’t care and continued:

“Tosca, you can return the Holy Sword to me now, and we will rescue Irina together.”

“After the mission is completed, we will return to the Church together. I will explain everything to the Pope, and then we will make amends for you and your companions.”

Xenovia offered what she thought was a reasonable suggestion, that Church had indeed done too much to Tosca and her companions, and that she would like to make up for it if she could.

“Then what? Continue to be used by you like a dog until I lose value and then be abandoned by you?”

The sarcasm on Tosca’s face intensified as she coldly laughed.

“We would never do that, Tosca, I assure you!”

“I don’t deny that there is some darkness even in Church, but didn’t our Lord exist to banish it?”

“Everything you have suffered is the Lord’s trial for you. As long as you firmly believe in our Lord, one day you will be redeemed.”

Xenovia promised, but Tosca laughed while clutching her belly, she laughed so much that tears were already coming out of her eyes.

“Hē Hē Hē hahahahahaha…”

“The Lord’s trial for me? The Lord will come to redeem me?”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

With an icy expression, an endless hatred erupted in Tosca’s eyes as she spoke:

“My companions and I believed in Him so much and were willing to give everything for Him, but He didn’t show up when we were deceived! He didn’t show up when we were being used! He didn’t show up when we were lying on our lab beds screaming in pain! He didn’t show up when we were huddled in our rooms shivering and waiting to get rescued!”

“Yes, it was all his trial for us, and we kept believing that he would come to redeem us, but-“

“We didn’t wait for salvation, we only waited for despair!”

Tosca roared out at the top of her lungs with a hatred that suffocated even Xenovia.

Involuntarily retreating a few steps, Xenovia moved her lips to say something, but she found herself speechless.

Yes, they believed in the Lord, but the Lord did not come to save them and neither did he sent someone to save them.

For the first time in her life, Xenovia had doubts about the Lord she Belief ……

Without bothering about Xenovia’s reaction, Tosca caressed her face and all the cold hatred disappeared and was replaced by the look of endless tenderness –

“When I was in darkness, it was Tenraku-Sama who saved me from it.”

“He cared for me, he taught me, he loves me, and he let me regain the hope and courage to live, so–“

“Tenraku-Sama is my Master, my God, my everything!”

With her hands clasped together, Tosca’s eyes burst out with extreme fascination and fervour.

Xenovia couldn’t help but stare, as Tosca’s expression was not unfamiliar to her, as the believers in the Church also had the same expression when they talked about their Lord.

No way, this young girl, she has been completely bewitched by that Devil!

“Lord Holy Sword Wielder, do you want to go out?”

Stopping her infatuation with Tenraku, Tosca suddenly said.

“You are willing to let me go?”

Xenovia frowned as she didn’t believe in such a good thing.

“Take it, as long as you finish reading this [Holy Scripture], I will let you go.”

With a weird smile floating at the corner of her mouth, Tosca tossed a copy of [Gods and Demons Scripture] to Xenovia.

“No way!”

“I only Belief in my Lord, and I will never read this Evil God’s Demon Scripture!”

Xenovia replied coldly as she tossed the [God and Demon Scripture] aside.

“I’m just conveying what Tenraku-Sama said to me. Just read it and you can go.”

“But even if you don’t want to do this for your own sake, you should think about that companion of yours, right?”

“Next, please enjoy yourself here, Lord Holy Sword Wielder, if you finish reading Lord Tenraku’s [Holy Scripture] then you can call us anytime, Hē Hē Hē hehe…”

Laughing repeatedly, Tosca walked out of the room with the Holy Sword of destruction. Although Xenovia wanted to stop the girl, the barrier unfolded and threw her back again.

Hōng Hōng Hōng… Xenovia desperately tried to break the door, but the entire room was also enveloped by a powerful barrier and no matter how hard she tried, it didn’t have any effect.

“Damn it!”

Smashing her fish against the wall, Xenovia cursed with a gloomy expression on her face.

Although she didn’t care about her own life or death, she was very worried about Irina’s safety.

“Irina, you must be all right…”

With endless worries in her heart, Xenovia prayed to her Lord that nothing must happen to Irina.

However, what Zenovia didn’t know was that it was in the room next door–

“No, no, Tenraku, we can’t…”

Pieces of clothing were strewn all around the floor, and two bodies were tumbling wildly around each other.

One of them is Tenraku, and the other is–

Shidou Irina!

To be continued…

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