EPHS-Chapter 112 Cost of Losing

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“Asia, no need to hold back, speak up if you want to, let them know your Belief.”

Tenraku smiled while stroking the girl’s forehead.

Looking at Tenraku blankly, the struggle and pain in Asia’s eyes gradually disappeared, and then it turned into firmness and devotion, she nodded and then looked at Xenovia, and said:

“My Belief is Tenraku-San, and Tenraku-san is my True Lord, he is my God!”

The girl’s voice seemed to reverberate continuously in the room and Raynare blocked the exit with an evil smile on her face, while Yubelluna and the other girls also spread out tacitly to surround Xenovia and Irina in the middle.

Rias next to him reluctantly covered her forehead, and a pair of beautiful eyes glowed with cold light.

Unexpectedly, things have suddenly become like this, so they can no longer let the two Holy Sword Wielders leave easily!

“What a joke, you actually Belief a Devil!”

Finally coming back to her senses, Xenovia had a shocked and angry look on her face.

To think that someone would consider a Devil as their Belief, is she crazy or- is this world going crazy?

Not only Xenovia, but even Irina on one side covered her mouth with an unbelievable expression on her face.

A Saintess has regarded Tenraku as her True Lord and Belief.  what the heck is this?

“What’s wrong with that? Asia just chose what she thinks is the right path for her.”

“God is God because people Believe in Him, even if I am a Devil, I can become a God if someone Believes in me.”

“Don’t you think so, Miss Xenovia?”

While placating Asia, Tenraku laughed teasingly.

“You’re blaspheming God!”

Xenovia raged as she was truly pissed off.

A Devil is trying to become God, are you kidding me?

“Well, blasphemy or not, let’s not talk about that.”

“Miss Xenovia, you now know something that you shouldn’t know, so think about what you should do next.”

Tenraku’s words startled Xenovia, who realized that she and Irina were surrounded by them!

A Devil wanted to become God. If this news is spread, whether it is Church or other God’s believer, they will definitely attack him. She and Irina now know something they shouldn’t know, obviously, the other party didn’t plan to let them go!

Thinking of this, Xenovia’s expression couldn’t help but darken…

“Woo…Tenraku, are you going to kill us?”

Seeing that something was wrong, Irina said with a fearful face.

The tomboy from the past has also become weird. Tenraku was feeling amused as he walks up to Irina and touches the little girl’s head——

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for the sake of our friendship, I would just put you in a small black room.”

“Tenraku, I don’t want to be locked in a small black room!”

“Then stop talking.”

“Would you let us go if I stop talking!”

“How long are you going to fool us? !”

Tenraku and Irina argued vigorously, while Xenovia had an angry look on her face.

The Holy Sword of Destruction—— Excalibur*Destruction was already in her hand, and the girl stared sharply at Tenraku.

Today’s affair is probably not going to end well, but she has already dedicated her loyalty to the Lord and she will never give in to evil!

With a shrug, Tenraku also returned to Asia and Rias’s side.

“Tenraku, what are you going to do with them?”

Rias frowned and asked.

Although Rias didn’t want to have a conflict with Church, if Xenovia and Irina were allowed to leave then the consequences would be unimaginable, and Rias could still tell what is more important to her.

As a last resort ……

The only way to do that is to silence them!

Tenraku signaled to tell Rias not to worry, and then he said, in the face of the stunned looks of the women.

“Xenovia, Irina, you know the secret that you should not know, and if you want to leave here today -“

“Then fight me!”

“Fight you?”

“Ah, as long as you beat me, you can leave here. We won’t stop you.”

“Then what if we lose?”

Not knowing what the other party wanted, Xenovia was alert and suspicious, while Irina asked cautiously.

Under the gaze of the two women, Tenraku smiled brightly–

“If you lose, you will also be my Devotee!”

In the open space behind the old school building, Xenovia and Irina stood together and confronted Tenraku, while the Rias and the other girls spread out barriers to prevent others from approaching here.

“Tenraku, can we leave as long as we win?”

Where there should have been the slightest hint of nervousness, Irina instead leaped to her feet with a look of eagerness.

“Ah, if only you guys can do it.”

“Xenovia, there is nothing wrong with that, right?”

Tenraku looked at Xenovia on one side and asked.

“Hmph, you even gave us a chance to fight you, I can’t ask for more!”

“Let me say something first. Irina and I are both the best Holy Sword Users. Don’t blame us if you die!”

Xenovia replied with a cold smile on her face.

If all the Devils and Fallen Angels attacked them together then they might not be able to do anything but it was foolish for the other party to offer to fight them alone!

“Oye, Oye, don’t look like you’re going to win that easily.”

“If you lose, you will have to abandon your God and Belief in me.”

Looking at the two women who looked as if they had already won, Tenraku was a little speechless.

“That’s Impossible!”

“If I lose to you, I will apologize with death, I will never abandon my Belief for the Lord and I will never give my Belief to a Devil!”

Xenovia replied without hesitation with a cold expression on her face.

Irina also looked at the side like she hadn’t heard it. Maybe she would cheat even if she really lost.

Feeling a little bit helpless, it seems a bit difficult to make the two girls give up on their Beliefs.

However, Tenraku was not in a hurry, their fate was already doomed the moment they knew his secrets!

“Forget it, let’s have a good fight now, after all, everything depends on winning and losing!”

“Irina, you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, right?”

Tenraku laughed as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Hmm, I’ve been honing my Swordsmanship every single day to beat you!”

Nodding, Irina looked expectant, and at the same time, she pulled down the Holy Sword Excalibur*Mimic that was tied to her arm, and the form twisted and turned into a sharp sword.

“It’s useless to say more, Kamiya Tenraku, let’s get started!”

Xenovia also pulled out the Holy Sword Excalibur*Destruction and spoke.

In order to facilitate the battle, the two women have already removed their cloaks, and now they are both in tight combat uniforms.

Their combat uniforms showed off their exquisite curves, the place that should be convex is convex, the place that should be warped is warped, the feeling of compactness on their burst gives people a great temptation.

Although Tenraku has never been the kind of person who can’t take a step back or hold himself back when he sees a beautiful woman, but his heart can’t help but rise to the idea of trying it out sometime ……

“Let’s get started then ……”

The corners of his mouth raised into an arc as Tenraku also instantly launched the ability of [Demonic Sword Creation], and at once a black Demonic Sword appeared in his hand.

The eyes of the two sides met and their fighting spirit exploded, and then they flew towards the other side at the same time under the gaze of Rias and the other girls…

To be continued…

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