EPHS-Chapter 110 Church Duo

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Boom… Hōng Hōng Hōng…

Early in the morning, a loud sound came from the direction of the training ground, it should be Mira, Xuelan, and the other girls who are already doing morning exercises.

Slowly opening his eyes, Tenraku was a little bit speechless. Last night, he was crazy late with Mihae and Yubelluna and missed the morning exercise. How many times has this happened?

“Hā…Oh Hāyo, Master.”

Raynare also sat up while yawing, she stretched her waist to show her ample figure in front of Tenraku’s eyes.

Although Tenraku doesn’t know how many times he has enjoyed it but he has to admit that this evil Fallen Angel still gives him endless temptations.

As if thinking of something, Raynare smiled and then got down and swallowed Tenraku’s Vitals in one bite.

The expression on Tenraku’s face froze as he only felt a current rushing into his body and the last trace of sleepiness was also washed away.

Instead of stopping Raynare’s action, Tenraku looked out the window and fell into deep thought-

Is he getting degenerate lately…..

Although it feels a bit bad to be so degenerate, but after thinking about it, isn’t he so desperately thinking about becoming stronger because of this degenerate life?

The corners of his mouth were raised and his thoughts became clear, Tenraku also closed his eyes and enjoyed himself……

After a long time, when Tenraku and Raynare walked out of the room, Mira and the other girls had already returned from morning exercises, and Maliu and Burent had already cooked breakfast for everyone.

Rias and Akeno also walked out of their respective rooms. Except for the hardworking Koneko Chan, who joined the group in the morning exercise every day, the two women are also the type of people who love to sleep.

After washing up and having breakfast, Tenraku and the girls also changed into their school uniforms and walked out of the house.

A new day has begun……

“Ah… please grant favors to the lost people.”

“Good people, please give us compassion on behalf of our heavenly Father.”

Tenraku, Rias, and the girls walked towards the school together, but they ran into two girls wrapped in capes and begging on the street.

It’s not easy for beggars these days, although many people are looking at them but no one is giving them a hand, they probably considered them scammers.

Tenraku remembered that he still has some money in his pocket so he took it out and gave it to the beggars, this should be enough for them to eat breakfast.

“Ooo …… good people, thank you. “

“May the Lord grant you mercy, Amen.”

Feeling grateful and happy, the beggars seem to be exhausted as they collapsed on the side of the road after getting some money.

However, after discovering something, Tenraku, who had already walked a certain distance, suddenly stopped.

Under the suspicious and puzzled eyes of Rias and the other women, Tenraku stepped back and then uncovered the hood on a beggar’s head, and the expression on his face changed.

“Hā…… this voice, I knew it.”

“Long time no see, Irina!”

Although her look was very different from the boyish appearance that she held as a child, her face became cute and her hair grew longer but Tenraku still instantly recognized the identity of the girl——

Shidou Irina!

Blinking her eyes, Irina looked at Tenraku dumbly, then a look of endless surprise appeared on her face as well.

“Tenraku, it’s really Tenraku!”

Flinging herself onto Tenraku, Irina cheered with unbridled excitement.

“Irina, you haven’t changed a bit after all these years. Girls need to be more reserved.”

“I’m just so happy to see you again, Tenraku!”

Although Tenraku knew that Irina was about to appear after hearing about Excalibur, he didn’t expect the two to meet again in this way.

Unlike the tomboy before, Irina is now a really beautiful girl, but her character seems to have not changed at all…

Tenraku and Irina are very happy to meet each other here, but Xenovia, who is nearby, seems to have spotted something and she spoke with a sharp and wary look:

“Irina, how long do you plan to indulge yourself in front of Devils and Fallen Angels, wake up quickly!”

Xenovia stared at the Rias and Raynare on one side and spoke in a low voice.

After returning to her senses, Irina also looked at Rias and the other girls and she instantly discovered the obvious Devil and Fallen Angel aura on the women.

“Tenraku, it’s dangerous, hide behind me!”

Irina showed a wary look on her face as she stepped in front of Tenraku.

“Don’t worry, they are all my companions.”

Tenraku was so amused that he even let himself hide behind Irina and he patted Irina on the shoulder and said.

“Companions, they are Devils and Fallen Angels?”

Doubting if she had misheard, Irina looked at Tenraku with an incredulous expression on her face.

It’s already weird that Devils and Fallen Angels are walking together. Why is Tenraku also related to these evil existences?

“Oh, actually, I never told Irina that I am also a Devil.”

Tenraku replied with a bright smile on his face.

I am also a Devil… I am also a Devil… I am also a Devil…

Tenraku’s voice seemed to echo in her ears, and Irina couldn’t help but widen her eyes:


“Woo… delicious, Irina, the food here is so delicious!”

“Yeah, I have no more desires, it’s like I have arrived in the kingdom of heaven!”

In the roadside restaurant, the starving Irina and Xenovia were wolfing down all kinds of food.

“Ara Ara, Tenraku, now can you explain to us what’s going on?”

Sitting opposite to Irina and Xenovia, Akeno was lying on Tenraku’s shoulder with an evil look on her face, and the other girls also cast inquiring glances at Tenraku.

“Her name is Shidou Irina. She was my neighbor when I was a child, and we are Childhood Friends.”

With nothing to hide, Tenraku briefly explains his relationship with Irina to the women.

“Oh…Is she really just a childhood friend?”

Narrowing her eyes, Akeno looked on with a scrutinizing smile on her face.

From Irina’s attitude towards Tenraku, she doesn’t seem to be just a simple childhood Friend!

“Woo…Finally full…”

“How could this be… I was robbed of reason by hunger and accepted a Devil’s favor. I have really sinned deeply.”

After eating and drinking, Irina patted her bracing belly with a contented expression on her face, while Xenovia was holding her head and confessing deeply.

“Irina, do you want to continue?”

Seeing the appearance of the two women, Tenraku smiled and said, while Irina who heard the sound stood up, and then rushed towards Tenraku:

“Liar, liar! Tenraku is a big liar!”

The young girl’s pair of pink fists kept falling on Tenraku’s body, Yubelluna and the other girls from his Peerage looked towards her with a cold expression on their faces and they wanted to stop her, but they were stopped by a look from Tenraku.

After Irina vented her anger, Tenraku grabbed Irina’s hands and said:

“Irina, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“I am a hybrid between Human and Devil, and I am also the Fourth Son of the Phenex Family.”

“But Devil or human, I am your rival and I am also your friend!”

“I am me, I am Kamiya Tenraku!”

“Now, Irina, do you want to say something?”

Gazing into the young girl’s eyes, Tenraku’s domineering voice kept echoing in the air.

Irina stared at Tenraku blankly, at the familiar but increasingly handsome cheeks, at the deep but sincere eyes, and tears gradually appeared in the girl’s eyes.

Unable to bear it anymore, Irina hugged Tenraku at once–

“Tenraku is still Tenraku, it’s great, it’s really great…”

To be continued…

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